Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Wet 5, Dry 5

Monday 5.0 miles/43:39/8:44 average pace

Supposed to be an easy 4, but Zach and I ran on a new trail by his office in the pouring rain, and it just felt good to run faster. And we tagged on an extra mile (all part of this week's revised schedule- see below).

Tuesday 5.0 miles/43:00 total/8:36 average pace

Tempo workout on TM:
mile 1 10:00 pace (6.0 mph) warm up

mile 2 8:00 pace (7.5 mph)
mile 3 7:50 pace (gradually incresed to 7.8 mph)
mile 4 7:40 pace (increased to 8.0 mph)

mile 5 9:30 pace (6.3 mph) cool down

Then I saw a huge pretty double rainbow as I headed back to the apartment! yay.

OK, so revised plan for the week:

(note: I'm really trying to stick to my training schedule as closely as possible, but life gets in the way occasionally. So, I"m doing my best here to maintain the basic structure of the week)

Mon 5 GA done
Tues 5 w/ 3 LT done
Wed 8 GA/Easy
THurs off
Fri 4 easy
Sat 16
Sun off

I'm also shooting for a couple good weights workouts and/or some yoga. :)

Saturday, February 25, 2006

LR Week 2 Hilly Trails

Saturday 17.00 miles/2:43:17/9:36 average pace

This felt GREAT. I can't even explain it! I was starting to feel tired around the 8 mile mark, but I caught a second wind that lasted till that last mile (which I think is all mental, where you know you are almost done so your body starts shutting down). Even the soreness in my lower right leg was nonexistant, and yesterday it was killing me just walking. And my legs feel great now too. All in all, Yay. The route was beautiful, tons of people. The water/clif blocks worked great again. Oh and I only turned my iPod on at the halfway mark! Then it died with about a mile to go. OH- and I ran non-stop until I refilled my water bottle after the 13 mile mark! A new personal non-stop record!


TOTAL miles for week 2 of training: 37.15. sweet!

Friday, February 24, 2006

TGIF's Recovery Run

Friday 4.0 miles/40:00/10:00 average pace

Treadmillllllllllllll. Feeling allright. Legs kinda stiff.

Didn't do weights OR yoga last night as planned, but did have 2 hour phone conversation with bestest friend in the world. :) :) :)

I'm excited for tomorrow's long run! 16 miles is the plan, but I think i'll see how far the trail goes, possibly one extra mile (but no more).

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Wednesday Twilight

Wednesday 6.0 miles/58:08/9:41 average pace

We went a little earlier than usual (didn't go to the group) so we actually ran partially in the day light! Well, twilight. Still!

Also, 25 minutes strenghth training on Tuesaday evening. Even worked the legs a little. They are feeling good!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

2 runs and a snowshoe

Monday 4.0 miles/38:08/9:32 average pace

Felt tired after a very active weekend, but I'm glad I went. My right lower leg was sore.

Tuesday 6.15 miles/54:08/8:49 average pace

The first mile was very slow as it was 6 something in the morning and about 30 degrees. After a mile of warming up at 10:12 pace, the remaining 5.15 miles were run at an average pace of 8:32. The route was hilly, to say the least. I also did a few strides for the first time ever, that was allright. I didn't feel like I was running all that fast in the strides, even though I was running at nearly a full effort. Maybe it was just a slow day.

In addition, Zach and I did a 2 mile showshoe up in Tahoe. Climbed up for a mile and headed back down (in about half the time). I could really feel the elevation when I was hiking straight up a steep section- we were at about 9000 ft + Oh, and it was about 15 degrees. I'm calling it "active recovery." :)

Saturday, February 18, 2006

LR Week 1- Snowy Mountains

Saturday 15.00 miles/2:22:45/9:31 average pace

The first long run of my training is in the books! It went quite well- no complaints. I felt strong throughout, but my feet and legs were definitely tired toward the end. I ate 3 clif shot bloks along the way and drank a bottle of water. I was nervous because my first 15 miler last year I bonked! But I had no issues today. I tried to hold the pace back and it felt very easy right through the last mile. Also, I ran over 10 miles without stopping or walking (mile 1.2 to just about 12). Feeling pretty good now, several hours later. Going snowshoeing tomorrow- that should be interesting! :D

TOTAL miles for WEEK 1 of training: 36.69

Friday, February 17, 2006

TGIF Treadmill

Friday 4.0 miles/40:00/10:00 average pace


Yesterday I did 30 minutes full-body weights. I know the amount of time isn't really important but it's the easiest way to quantify it here. I haven't been logging the weight training but I think I'll start. My goal is to do it 2-3 times per week. Also, I just ordered some yoga dvds and I think I'll try to do that 2-3 times per week as well. I think it would be a good stress reliever, plus it will help my flexibility and core strength which will definitely help my running.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Adventure Run

Wednesday 7.54 miles/1:09:51/9:16 average pace

I was only scheduled for 6, but we decided to try a new route- the 8 miler. Well, we got lost! But it was a fun adventure and a great run. Today is a rest day.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

First Week o' Training!

So far so good!

Monday 4.15 miles/40:33/9:46 average pace

Easy run with Zach at sunset. :)

Tuesday 6.00 miles total/52:34/8:46 average pace

3 miles GA, then 2 miles Lactate Threshold pace (goal 7:45-7:55 ish), then 1 mile GA

LT mile 1: 7:54
LT mile 2: 7:43

Average pace for other 4 miles: 9:14

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Getting lost is fun

Saturday 10.5 miles/1:37:41/9:18 average pace

I had a fun run this weekend, and had fun getting lost. I took a trail that I've seen before but I've never been spontanious enough to take. It took me up a big hill and around this pretty open space area, then down through a neighborhood and I found the trail again. It was very fun. I was really tired at the beginning of this run, and pretty tired at the end, but I was glad to be out there on such a beautiful day.

Total miles last week: 24.5 (perfectly fine for a recovery week)

So this week officially begins my 12-week training for Avenue of the Giants marathon. Here's what I'm scheduled for this week:

Mon 4 easy (tonight w/ Zach)
Tues 6 (2 @ Tempo Pace)
Wed 6 General Aerobic (group)
Thur rest
Fri 4 recovery
Sat 14 Long
Sun rest (tahoe!)

total: 34

Friday, February 10, 2006

long time no post!

Well, I had no reason to post Monday or Tuesday, as I took them off completely, as planned. My legs felt really good though! No residual sorenss at all. Actually, my left foot was a little sore, just like after the marathon. But I think that is due to my nearly-expired shoes. Felt better after a couple days.


Wednesday 5.85 miles/54:30/9:19 average pace

Lovely group run, legs felt good.

Thursday 8.15 miles/1:13:48/9:03 average pace

A really beautiful run on the Strand, the boardwalk of Redondo/Hermosa/Manhattan Beaches (near LA). It was sunny and warm and I loved seeing all the people out enjoying the beach. I ran to the end of two long piers and could see surfers (body-boarders?) right below me. It was very beautiful and fun. Today (Friday) I walked the Strand again for about an hour.

The ball of my right foot is sore but that could be due to the concrete surface I ran all 8+ miles on.

Planning 8-10? miles tomorrow, then my 12 week training program officially begins next week! :)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Official time


50th place in AG of 397.


Monday, February 06, 2006

Race Report

The race was excellent. I did much better than I expected, I even beat my "dream goal." Basically, I felt comfortable at a pace that was much faster than I expected, so I just tried to just maintain it. I was never really pushing, literally until the final mile which contained one of maybe 2 real uphill sections of the race. The reason I held back like that was that I was already well below my goal pace, so I knew I could adjust my goal... but within reason. I suppose I could have sped up but I risked crashing and burning. I felt good, I was more than happy with my predicted finishing time, so I just chilled out. I felt great right after the race, pretty much no soreness. Feeling great today too.

So, my goal was to run 8:05-8:15 pace (1:46-1:48 finishing time). 1:45:xx was my "dream goal." My PR is 1:49:40 from last July. My strategy was basically "It should feel easy until mile 8." I don't know where I got that or how to explain it, but it made sense to me.

The course was gorgeous and fast. I guess the toughest part was the windy and sunny out-and-back on the coast, mostly because this was also the scene of miles 18-26 of my first marathon last fall. So it was mentally tough to revisit. Luckily, as soon as we turned onto the beach and I was blinded by the sun (no sunglasses or hat), Zach appeared like an angel on the side and threw me his hat. Also, there seemed to be lots of water and gatorade stations on that section, and I walked through them all.


1 8:27 (gun time, includes the 20 seconds it took me to cross the start line)
2 7:40 well hello. I wasn't expecting to see you Mr.7...
3 7:54
4 7:59
5 7:52
6 7:38
7 7:50 on beach now. Hat rescue occurs.
8 7:54 aid stations abound!
9 8:14
10 7:59
11 8:03
12 8:28
13.1 8:53 (8:05 pace)

final time (unofficial) 1:44:54 (8:00 average pace)

The end! I'm very pleased. I am going to rest and recover this week even though I feel fine. I'm being extra cautious because I've injured myself by running on clearly un-recovered legs (and it was my last half marathon. eep!). Next week I start marathon training for Avenue of the Giants on My 7.


Friday, February 03, 2006

Race Goals

Allright, here it is...

Well, first let me say that I had quite the light-bulb moment yesterday about my mental preparation for the race. I suddenly recognized a pattern, which goes something like this:

In the couple of weeks before a race, I'm start feeling really good. Obviously this is due to adequate training and all that, and it's a good thing that I'm "peaking" at the right time.

So, I start day dreaming and fantasizing about my race and how good I'm going to do. I start getting faster and faster in these fantasies, I mean I'm really kicking some ass in my mind.

Then, a couple of days before the race (YESTERDAY) I get scared. My heart races. I'm no longer excited, I'm intimidated. I'm worried. I know I'm going to suck.

What happened? Well, I figured it out yesterday.

I PSYCHED MYSELF OUT!!! Simple as that!! I built myself up without even realizing it, and then became intimidated by these totally unrealistic expectations!! In my fantasy, I see the clock at 1:44:xx and I'm so happy! Well, news flash, sister! That's not going to happen. That wasn't my goal to begin with. That's not what I'm trained for. I completely lost sight of my actual goal.

The second part of this realization came from my old pal Bob Glover. His running book was the first one I bought, and I've kind of abandoned his real-world advice and bullshit data for the hard core Pfitz and Daniels type books. But Bob Glover is a smart guy, and I learned a lot from that book. So last night, I picked it up and opened it up randomly. The page I read is about warming up before a race. He says that in a longer race (half or full marathon) you don't need to run to warm up, just walk and stretch, and treat the first two miles of the race as a warm up.

I knew that! I had totally forgot about it though! That is totally my strategy, and I had totally forgot about it. It certainly wasn't part of my 2006 olympic mind-games where I run a 7:00 pace and come in first. Smack! How lucky that I happened to read that before my race. I'm definitely including this concept in my race strategy.

So, all in all, I learned that I need to stick with my original, realistic goal. I need to have fun! There will be lots more races to run that "dream" race, but I don't have to place those kinds of expectations on myself today. This weekend, I'm going to do my best and have fun.


Main Goal: Sub 1:47:00 (8:10 pace or better)

Acceptable Goal: Beat current PR of 1:49:37 (8:22 pace)

Dream Goal: Sub 1:46:00 (8:05 pace or better)

Five on Friday

Friday 5.0 miles/46:25/9:18 average pace

Easy run in the fog this morning. I threw in some walking breaks, since I have a hard time keeping my pace easy sometimes. At the end I did 3 strides, which I've never really tried before. I think it helped because my body recognizes that as HARD, and hopefully this weekend will recognize race pace as not-so-hard.

I'll post my race goals later. :) Happy Friday.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Gettin me some worms!

Wednesday 7.0 miles/1:01:33/8:48 average pace

I'm such an early bird this week! I had no problem getting up and running this morning, and in fact I had a great run! It was kind of cool that I was 4 miles into my run before the sun even came up.

I kept a very even pace the whole time, which I feel good about. I like to do that sometimes, since most of the time I start slow and speed waaay up. Today my first mile was 9:13, which is understandable (it was 6am after all), but the rest were right on pace 8:30-8:55 ish.

The best part is that it felt easy. There were some hilly parts in mile 4, so that felt harder, and the end felt harder as I tried to finish strong (but not tooo strong). My legs felt great and I feel great and I'm friggin psyched for my race this weekend.

Also, please note kick-ass January mileage. Thank you, thank you!

January Recap

January Monthly Mileage total:

(drumroll please...)

128.48 miles!

*guitar wail*