Saturday, September 30, 2006

weekly, monthly and shoes

TOTAL miles for week 3: 43!

TOTAL miles for September: 146

TOTAL miles on my Shoessss: 266

projected mileage for the next 2 weeks: 98 (holy shit)

=get new shoes in 2 weeks!

then again in time to break new ones in for the marathon. Great, because shoes are so cheap!

Long Run Week 3

Saturday 16.0 miles/2:27:14/9:12 average pace

Golden Gate Park loop with Zach + Great Highway/Sunset solo

The park loop was 8 miles, which took 1:14:54 (9:22 average pace)

Then Zach split off (that's super far for him! About 8.5 miles total actually.), and I did the last 8 miles on the coast, which is flat, then a little sorta-hilly street loop at the end.

The second 8 miles took 1:12:20 (9:03 average pace)

Although, Zach and I were crusing pretty good at the end of his loop, so if I add that in, the last 11 miles took 1:38:43 (8:58 average pace). That's the distance I've been doing mid-week, and it's taken me about 6 minutes longer both times. I guess that's good, because the mid-week runs are tougher going in, and are harder to recover from too. So best to not push it in the middle of a tough week! I'm really happy with today's run overall. :)

Also! My last mile was 8:06 :)

Friday, September 29, 2006

Run Rabbit Run

Friday 4.0 miles/37:53/9:29 average pace

Ok, the Pink Floyd playlist was a little creepy this morning. It was dark, foggy, and cold, and hearing

Hey you, out there in the cold,
getting lonely, getting old,
can you feel me?

was more than a little eerie.

But then the sun came up, and I was ok. The run felt really good, my legs aren't currently sore at all. :) Long run tomorrow in Golden Gate Park with Zach!!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

11 miles of Pink Floyd

Wednesday 11.0 miles/1:44:14/9:29 average pace

Once again I didn't look at my watch the entire time (except to check the distance, but I ignored my time) so that I would just run a pace that felt easy. So I just zoned out to my music (which isn't too hard with Pink Floyd!) and ran. I caught up to Zach who was running with the group, and we ran our last mile fast together. He was actually running that fast the whole way! I think our last mile was about 8:20.

My time was only 33 seconds faster than last week. Pretty dang consistant! Especially since that 30-some seconds is completely attributable to running the last bit fast w/ Zach. :)

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Easy Tuesday

Tuesday 4.0 miles/37:47/9:27 average pace

Not too much to say about that run, it was easy. My lower legs (calves especially) were pretty sore, so I did the ice bucket thing after my run. Feeling ok today.

I made a very exciting observation on my run yesterday- the high school football field and track has been getting a major makeover this summer, and I saw that they are nearly done. They are building huge bleachers and laying a real rubber track! I am sooo excited! I've run on their old dirt track in the past, but this is going to rock. Also, maybe I can run on the bleachers too, like Runner Susan! Sounds hard. Maybe I won't. :P

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

2 Medium runs = 1 Hard run

Monday 8.0 miles/1:09:40/8:43 average pace

I ran the first 4 miles alone right after work. I was pushing the pace from the beginning, and was feeling it. It was really hot out too, which didn't help. My splits were:


average pace: 8:36

Then, I looped back home and Zach joined me for another 4. I started at the exact pace I was running, but Zach reminded me he wasn't warmed up at all so I slowed down for him. ;) We also stopped at the drinking fountain twice in the park. When we hit the 3 mile mark (my 7 mile mark), we began our strides. I explained to Zach how to do them, and told him I was only going to do 3 since I was already pretty tired. He sounded intimidated, then promptly zoomed out of sight. I ran as hard as I could to catch up, and he took off again. I ended up doing 4 strides to his 3, and he still had to wait up for me at the end. Damn his long legs! Who does he think he is? Our splits were:

8:00 (included strides)

average 8:50

When we got home, I checked the mail and saw my long-anticipated medal had finally arrived! :) (see previous post)

Monday, September 25, 2006

...and that's the rest of the story

I recieved my Age Group medal from the Avenue of the Giants marathon, which I ran May 7th. The race directors had some issues, which I completely understand. They actually sent me emails keeping me updated.

Although it's been over a decade, I'm still pretty happy to put this thing around my neck. :)

It's a really pretty medal and my name is on the back along with my "3rd Place AG 25-29" info. Yes I am wearing it all evening.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Pfitz Schedule Week 3

Here's the next rung on the ladder o' success.

(I'm all about the dorky analogies)

Monday: 8 GA (+ S)
Tuesday: 4 easy (hey, I don't get this day off anymore!)
Wednesday: 11 ML
Thursday: off (whoohoo!)
Friday: 4 easy
Saturday: 16 L
Sunday: off

Total scheduled: 43

I'm starting to fight the sunrise/sunset as the days get shorter, but I can handle it. I'll do more runs with Zach and the group, etc, as well as make the most of my days off (travel, whatever).

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Long Run Week 2

Saturday 15.0 miles/2:19:16/9:17 average pace

I had a great run today in sunny weather on a tough course. I seemed to forget about this out-and-back's hills... but I started to remember at about the 4 mile mark. That's when the path begins a 2 mile gradual climb, then continues on a random short stretch of single track that actuall has switchbacks. Then a few more rolling hills to the turn around. Whew! The path travels through some pretty dense forest, so I didn't have a reliable signal. Luckily there are distance markers every half mile, so I just relied on those.

I ran the entire distance at the exact same average pace as last week, but I think I was more even-paced on last week's flat course than today's hilly one. I ran the first 6 miles at an average pace of 9:29. The next three miles (ncluded the trail section and the hills to the turnaround) were at an average pace of 9:39. The final six miles were at an average pace of 8:54. Specifically, my last mile was 8:24. :)

TOTAL miles for the week: 39

Friday, September 22, 2006

Easy Friday Fiver

Friday 5.0 miles/47:32/9:31 average pace

The hardest part of this run was getting up early.

My legs are feeling good and I'm optimistic about my 15 miler tomorrow. I guess I'm also a little nervous, since it seems like my first REAL long run. Last week's 13 was a piece of cake. (hehe) But for some reason the extra 2 miles makes a difference. It might have something to do with the 2 hour mark... anything 2 or under is "easy" and 2+ is hard. It's all in my head though, so I will just remain optimistic. :)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Mid-week medium-longness

Wednesday 11.0 miles/1:44:47/9:32 average pace

These mid week long runs are a staple in the Pfitz training program, so I better get used to it. Actually, I thought it went really well. I kept the pace real easy, and did not look at my watch to ensure that (if I start tracking my splits, I become compelled to run faster). The run really did feel easy throughout. :) I did pick up the pace in the final miles, which is something Pfitz recomends for Long and Medium Long runs. His theory is to start easy and increase the speed at the end- this will help you finish strong in the marathon. I sort of made an effort to do this last night, although the hardest part for me is running slowly at first. I tend to start faster, then there's really no where to go from there.

Anyway, here's the result of my effort:

First 6 miles: 58:34 (9:46 average pace)
Last 5 miles: 46:13 (9:15 average pace)

Or something like that, I worked it out last night, and that's what I recall. :)

Today is a rest day again!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Monday 8.0 miles/1:10:41/8:50 average pace

Pfitz called for "8 + 4 LT" for the day, and that is what I done did. Goal LT pace: 7:50-8:00

2 miles warm up in 20:10 (10:05 average pace)

4 miles in 31:36 (7:54 average pace) PERFECT!

2 miles cool down in 18:55 (9:28 average pace)

I was definitely working hard during the tempo portion of the run. I tried to keep in control and keep my posture in check (that is, I tried to not flail around like an idiot). My lower back was pretty sore after, perhaps it was the good posture? Also my lower legs were pretty sore, so I iced them which should help. I'm glad today is a rest day!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Pfitz Week 2

Here is the schedule for this week. Like last week, I aspire to complete it as written. I'll save the wussing-out for the tough weeks ahead.

Monday: 8 (4 LT)
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 11 ML
Thursday: off
Friday: 5 easy
Saturday: 15 long

Total scheduled: 39


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Long Run Week One

Saturday 13.0 miles/2:00:47/9:17 average pace

Done and done. :) I felt pretty good besides running out of water, but I recovered quickly when I was done. I felt like I was pushing a little. I'm really hungry now!

TOTAL miles for this week: 35 miles

Friday, September 15, 2006

Easy Five on Friday

Friday 5.0 miles/47:14/9:27 average pace

Another run checked off the schedule, and it was no problem. It was hella windy in Lancaster, CA, but I pushed through the headwinds and flew in the tail winds, and it evened out to an even, comfortable effort. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's 13 miles, especially since Zach is running 6+ of it with me. :)

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hot, hot, hot

Wednesday 9.0 miles/1:24::44/9:25 average pace

Reeeeeally hot run in Santa Clarita. It was over 90 at the start, and even hotter by the end. I did my run around noon because I knew the temp would only rise through the day, plus I didn't see myself having 9 miles worth of energy later in the day after travelling and stuff. Anyway, it worked out allright! There are lots of nice bike paths in Santa Clarita, so I just found one and ran. Luckily after a couple of miles I came upon a 2 mile stretch that was shaded, so I actually doubled back and ran that section twice rather than die in the sun. I drank a ton of water and took walking breaks when I drank, so I felt decent throughout. I was pretty surprised my pace wasn't much slower, especially with all the walking. I drank a bunch more water and ate lunch right after, and ended up feeling pretty good for the rest of the day.

I'm very happy to report that I am not even sore today at all! I was quite sore on Tuesday, after Monday's 8 Miles + Strides, and honestly that worried me. I thought it was a bad sign that I was very sore after a medium-lenght run... and I doubted my ability to complete the week (let alone the entire 12-week schedule!) So, this really boosts my confidence. :) I am going to take the training one run at a time, which is some good advice I read from fellow Pfitz-followers. So, on that note, my next run is an easy 5 tomorrow morning. Piece of cake. :)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Monday check!

Monday 8.0 miles/1:13:57/9:15 average pace

I didn't look at my watch the entire time, besides to judge my distance (where I should turn around). The pace felt comfortable, but parts of the route were a little hilly, so I was working hard at times. At one point I estimated my pace to be around 9:15-9:20, which I confirmed by looking at my splits later. Cool!

My average pace for the first 7 miles (1:05:37 total time) was 9:22. Without looking at my watch, I maintained a super even pace. My splits were between 9:15-9:30, with three miles in a row at 9:18 exactly.

At the end of my run I did 5 X Strides. I reviewed my Pfitz book and other articles on the subject last night, and I'm pretty sure I'm doing them right. I count slowly to 30 (probably a bit over 30 seconds), accelerating over the first 10 secs, then holding it until the end. I'm running pretty hard but paying attention to my form, keeping it relaxed and in control. The intervals are short enough, and the recoveries long enough, that it isn't a cardiovascular workout, since it isn't supposed to be (Quote from an article in Running Times, strides are "For the legs, not the lungs"). Anyway, the last mile included all the strides and came in 8:20.

No running today, then I'm heading to Southern California for the rest of the week, where I'll do my scheduled runs in the inland smog/heat (or "Smeat" as I like to call it). :)

Pfitz Schedule Week 1

Here is the first week of the Pfitz 12/55 schedule!

(Note: I have shifted everything over one day so my long run is on Saturday and I have Sunday off, rather than LR Sunday and Monday off. The schedule is in tact though, with no other changes planned.)

Week 1 (First week of the Endurance Mesocycle, which lasts 4 weeks total)

Monday: 8 GA + S
Tuesday: off
Wednesday: 9 GA
Thursday: off
Friday: 5 easy
Saturday: 13 Long
Sunday: off

total: 35

Sunday, September 10, 2006

13.1 miles at Birthday Pace

Saturday 13.10 miles/2:00:00/9:10 average pace

There are several things about this run that make me very happy. First, I got to see Maritza in action, running her training group and cheering for all the participants. They have such a positive vibe going on there, you can't help but feel good around them! So many hard working women, training for a good cause. Very cool. So the run was at the Berkeley Marina, and it was really great to run somewhere new and interesting! The view of the city and the Golden Gate was awesome, although the stretch alongside the freeway was slightly less awesome. But all in all, a very cool route! It was going to be a 12-miler, but I made a couple of my usual diversions (NO, I did not get lost! How could you think that??) and decided to do 13.1.

Which brings me to the 2nd cool thing about this run- due to the distance, I've stumbled across the first annual Birthday Eve Half Marathon! And I won it!!! :P

Another neat thing is that my time was exactly 2 hours. Crazy!

And finally, as noted in the title of this post, the run ended up at an average pace of 9:10, as in 9/10: September 10th. Yes, Birthday Pace. Only I could achieve such a randomly spectacular feat! And it wasn't even on purpose!

Well, my Birthday week was a great one, and a success running-wise.
TOTAL miles for the week: 24.75 miles.

Tomorrow officially begins my 12 week training program for the California International Marathon! I'm going to use the Pfitzinger 12 week/55 miles per week (peak mileage) plan. It sounds like a sonofabitch, but I'll give it a shot. :)

Friday, September 08, 2006

T G I F (aka Birthday Eve Eve!)

Friday 5.25 miles/44:44/8:32 average pace

I dragged my sorry ass out of bed at dawn this morning, but as usual I was so glad I did! It was quiet and cool, and running felt great. I was pushing a little, but was satisfied with the pace compared to how it felt (first two miles @ 9:00, next three at 8:20, 8:15, 8:12, and sprinted the last bit). It was just a great run overall. :)

Tomorrow I think I'm heading up to crash the Train to End Stroke run hosted by Marathoner Extraordinaire and Best Friend a Girl Could Have, This will give me a fun, new place to do a long run without getting lost. :)

Oh, add to Maritza's list of accomplishments: Blog Queen. She fixed my links! Visit her blog using the convenient link on the right. :)

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Group Run Fun!

Wednesday 6.4 miles/1:02:24/9:45 average pace

The distance and pace were monitored by a loaner Polar unit, which was interesting. I had forgot my GPS watch anyway, so I was glad to borrow something from the Polar people. The heart rate monitor was pretty cool- I have never run with one before! It was interesting, but I don't see myself investing in one anytime soon. Anyway, the distance was pretty close to accurate, but not 100%. I felt like our pace was really strong at the beginning, maybe around 9:00? Then, we slowed down briefly and finally finished strong. So I don't necessarily believe the 9:45 average pace. But no big deal! It was a fun run and I felt good. :)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mountain Mileage, non-running

This doesn't count toward my running mileage, obviously, but it's awesome and deserves posting!

Saturday 6.25 miles/3:39:15/35:xx average pace

Hiking from Tioga road to the Ten Lakes basin, carrying a 25 lb (approx) backpack. Elevation gain 2100 feet.

Sunday 6.75 miles/4:00 ish/

Day hike to upper lakes and to a high ridge overlooking the Grand Canyon of the Tuolomne River. Spectacular!

Monday 6.35 miles/2:50 ish/25:xx average pace

Hiking out of the basin, big elevation loss, carrying that heavy ass pack. We were moving pretty fast, but those steep downhill sections are kinda shaky with the heavy pack!

It was a really amazing trip. Back to the running thing this week, then training begins next week! :)

Friday, September 01, 2006

Utah - high and dry

Friday 4.25 miles/39:xx/9:19 average pace

I was in Utah for work and ran around quaint lil' Brigham City. I think it's around 5000 ft elevation there, so not too bad, but the air was pretty dry too. This resulted in a bit of a throat/chest burning sensation :( It was pretty though!

TOTAL miles for the week: 20.5

I'm off to hunt bears in Yosemite! Wish me luck!