Monday, February 20, 2012

Busy Girl

A lot has been happening in my belly lately. I’m 18 weeks pregnant and baby is huge! In fact, baby is big enough to clearly tell on an ultrasound…

Ultrasound 2 13 2012

That we are having a little girl:


She was moving all around during the ultrasound!

Stretching out:


Sucking her thumb:


Smiling?! (probably just yawning):


So cute! We are so excited. I had a “feeling” it was a girl, but not a super strong feeling or anything. And hey, I had a 50% chance of being right.

I will still get a full anatomy scan in a couple weeks when they measure all baby’s parts to make sure she is growing ok. But the sonographer told me she perused everything and that it all looks great, so there should be no surprises. Good news!

My belly is getting big!! Here I am last Friday:


Taking baby girl for a swim:

17w6d swim

Weekly profile shot:

 18weeks O 

Compare that 18 week picture to this old one taken at 13 weeks:

13weeks O

I feel like my belly got a lot bigger in the last week or so. I don’t know if I look obviously pregnant and not just chubby to people that don’t know me, I haven’t had anyone comment on it out in public or anything. But my friends have definitely commented this weekend when they saw me. Emily just said “Wow.” and Deana said “Look at you! You’re so pregnant!” ha! Love it.

I am almost halfway through this pregnancy and I feel right on track with everything. I’m feeling great and am so grateful for this healthy and happy experience.  

One last picture- for Valentine’s Day, Zach bought a onesie for me/baby that says “I love my mom and dad.” Cute!

We immediately put it on our fat cat (who happened to have a birthday on February 14th as well. Happy 11th birthday big man!).

Turns out he’s more of a “12 months,” this “3 months” outfit was a bit snug:

Kitty 2 14 12 

Thank you for reading. Next post will be another running update! Have a great week everyone!


Cate said...

Congratulations!! Obviously I'm biased, but I think little girls are the best :)

Aron said...

I am so excited for your baby girl! I can see your baby bump too <3 you are growing a perfect baby.

Still obsessed with the cat pic - love it!

Kelly said...

A girl! How exciting! I keep telling my little man that he needs a sister some day. Poor boy has already been made to wear headbands and my hair're going to have so much fun! You can paint those little toes to match yours! Cute!

Carolina John said...

Congratulations! Having little girls is the best (I have two), they are so much easier as babies and toddlers than little boys are.

You look amazing too! I'm sure Zach is appreciating the pregnancy boobs. Yowza!

Lauren @ Sassy Molassy said...

OMG, if I hadn't been at work, I would be laughing out loud right now. THat onesie on your cat is HI-LARIOUS! You look so cute. Glad everything is growing along!

Ewen said...

Yep, you're definitely looking pregnant now. Still trying to work out how they can tell it's a girl from those ultrasound photos ;)

Susan - Nurse on the Run said...

Yay for little girls! (Well...only one, right?) Little does she know she'll be a triathlete before she's even born with all this swimming and running! (Biking, maybe?)