Thursday, August 14, 2008

Moving stories

We move in just about 2 weeks and things are slowly falling into place. I've been focusing on getting rid of our excess belongings by selling stuff on craigslist and donating lots of other things. Also pawning as much stuff as possible onto Maritza, hehe. I'm also tying up tons of loose ends like cancelling far-off dentist appointments, taking the car in for oil change, etc.. It's amazing how much stuff there is to do. Thank god I'm not working!! Speaking of that, nothing for sure on the job front yet. Zach has some good leads and a phone interview this week, and I'm still searching. Luckily, I have the severance still, plus unemployment which will help a little. Next step is packing. I am a hyper-organized individual and secretly enjoy all this. But, I do think that means I stress out more than the average person, since everything has to be "just so" with me. Stay calm, deep breaths, think positive.

Check out Zach's Santa Cruz Tri Race Report. He did AWESOME. Seriously, how did he get so fast?? 3rd place in his AG and a smokin' 5k time. Incredible.

My official race pictures are up at I can't post the link because the site is ultra-secure, but if you select the little camera icon on Vineman and Barb's Race and type in my bib #854 you can see the pics. I think they are pretty good! I would order some if my life weren't so hectic right now, they'd just get lost in the mess.

I continue to LOVE every minute of the Olympics! It's a thrill watching Phelps and the gymnastics have been very exciting. It's so easy to get caught up in just about anything with the dramatic NBC coverage. I'm totally the girl that tears up at the athlete bio pieces. :D I'm such a sucker.

I ran twice this week so far and swam once. Planning two more runs for a total of about 25 miles this week. We're going to San Diego Friday-Sunday and will do one run there, should be fun.

Tuesday am: run
7.0 miles/1:06:02/9:26 average pace
Stevens Creek Trail

Wednesday am: run
4.0 miles/35:33/8:54 average pace

Wednesday noon: swim
2500 yards/56:23

I will try to update more often and catch up on everyone's blogs. Thanks for being patient with me during my moving process!! I'll reward you with tons of Portland coverage when I arrive!! :)


Paul said...

Have a safe move! Must be exciting to start clean somewhere new!

Nitmos said...

I can't wait for the track/field events that kick off this weekend! Olympic fever baby!

*aron* said...

ohhh i LOVE to pack :) i always have the whole house packed like 3 weeks before we move then i cant get anything i need. i hate unpacking though!

awesome pics and have fun in sd!!!

Ewen said...

I bet you even have labels on all the boxes ;)

That 201 was a bargin. Mine is still going strong - wish it would break so I could upgrade.

We were lucky to get most of the women's 10k last night - for tears, check out these photos of Shalane.

Debbie said...

Wow you are moving!! How exciting!