Friday, June 30, 2006

Finally Friday!

Friday 6.25 miles/58:46/9:25 average pace

A loverly morn for a run- cool and foggy. The pace felt pretty good but I guess I'm a little tired so it wasn't easy. But I did manage 4x strides at the end and that felt great. :)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Grrrroup run

Wednesday 6.00 miles/56:20/9:24 average pace

Not nearly as hot this week, plus Zach came! The run felt good and I managed to run the last mile "fast" @8:20- but it felt faster (harder?) than that.

Really tired today though, I wonder if it's from increasing my mileage lately? I'm going with that excuse.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tuesday Medium-Long run

Tuesday 8.25 miles/1:18:11/9:29 average pace

Well, I skipped my run on Monday (excuses offered: weather was hot and muggy, I felt sick, I was tired, etc.) so I had to make up the mileage somehow... and then I decided that this would be the perfect week to reintroduce the mid week longish run! So I wandered around the hood for an hour an 18 minutes! :) It was fun, the weather was cool and nice, and it felt easy. And best of all, I'm back on track for the week!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Weekend Warrior

Saturday 12.00 miles/1:48:xx/9:02 average pace

I drove into SF Saturday morning to escape the heat, and it was wonderful! It was the usual 60 degrees-ish the whole time and very comfortable. I ran in Golden Gate Park and along the coast so the scenery was nice and there were lots of people out. The park is pretty hilly in places, so my pace varied at times, but overall pretty quick. (Fastest mile @ 8:24 and slowest at 9:54) At the end of the run I charged up the big hill from the beach past the cliff house. :)

Sunday Zach and I went for a hike on the penninsula which was pretty tough. We hiked for just under 2 hours and probably covered like 5 miles or so. I feel pretty good today but I think soreness will set in soon...

TOTAL mileage for last week: 33.4 !!!

Plan for this week:

Monday: 5 easy
Tuesday: 5 intervals on TM
Wednesday: 6 group
Th: rest
Friday: 4 easy am
Saturday: 10 miles long run
Sunday: rest

total: 30 ish.

(next Monday: off or easy 2-3 miles, Tuesday: 10k race?)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Five on Friday!

Friday 5.0 miles/44:45/8:57 average pace

It was already really warm out, but allright for running. Felt like I was pushing the pace a little and was surprised that my only sub-9 mile was the final one @ 8:21.

Probably heading somewhere cool tomorrow for the long run- coast or something. It will be fun to do something different!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Treadmill Tuesday and 100-degree Wednesday

Tuesday 4.0 miles/35:51/8:58 average pace

Due to the high temperature, I decided to visit the ol' treadmill for the first time in a few months. To make it less boring, I did intervals. Here's the workout:

1 mile warm up @ 6.2 mph (9:40 pace)
.25 @ 7.5 mph (8:00 pace)/.25 recovery @ 6.2 mph
.25 @ 7.8 mph (7:42 pace)/.25 recovery
.25 @ 8.0 mph (7:30 pace)/.25 recovery

Wednesday 6.4 miles/1:00:51/9:30 average pace

Went to the Group Run for the first time in forever! :) It was really fun to run with a bunch of crazy people in literally 100 degree weather. It was hot, but actually not too bad since the route was mostly shaded. Maybe I'm already a little acclimated? Anyway, it was a good run and I'm actually following the schedule for the week! Today is a rest day. :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Monday miles

Monday 6.00 miles/55:xx/9:17 average pace

Despite the 85 degree-ish weather, I actually enjoyed this run! I am usually pretty tired and whiny when I run on Mondays, and I really expected that again this week , especially following the 12 miler! But, I did fine. Hooray!

Heading down to the awesome and super entertaining (sarcasm) treadmill tonight, since it is pretty dang hot out today. Might do intervals or something to make it less depressing. Although I might take my chances with the heat. Bah, both options suck. I realize I could have ran this morning in comfortable 60 degree weather, but then I'd have nothing to bitch about.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Long Run!

Saturday 12.00 miles/1:54:44/9:34

A lovely run on the hottest day of the year so far! But- I actually got my butt out of bed and got my run underway in the 7:00 hour, so the heat wasn't bad. Still, it was over 80 when I finished in the 10:00 hour! The distance felt great and my splits were super consistant. I also hydrated well- drank 2-3 bottles of water along the way and plenty of gatorade after.

Finished the week off with 29 miles TOTAL! :)

Plan for this week:

Mon: 5
Tues am: 4
Wed: 6 group!
Th: rest
Fri am: 5
Sat: 10
Sun: rest

total: 30 miles

Friday, June 16, 2006

Thursday and I'm feeling fine

Thursday 6.5 miles/1:01:44/9:30 average pace

So I took Wednesday off and rested, then was feeling much better by Thursday afternoon, so I ran. I did a longer one since I planned on taking today (Friday) off too. I feel good about my 10 miler tomorrow! I will get out there EARLY to beat the heat, I'll bring water and a snack, and I'll take it slow. :) Yay long run!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tuesday was good... but now I'm sore

Tuesday 6.25 miles/56:49/9:06 average pace

So this run felt great, I kept the pace easy and had fun. But today I am sore! I don't think I will push the 30 miles this week. In fact, I am not running today at all. I may do a short run in the morning to make up for it, but only 3 or so miles instead of the 6 I had planned. Oh well, I am definitely happy with my post-marathon progress! And at this rate, I will still get in several 30+ weeks before my half marathon. :)

Oh, and I did weights training on Monday and will do more tonight. ya muscles!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sprints in the surf

Saturday 8.00 miles/1:09:39/8:43 average pace

Speedy run in Santa Maria, where Zach and I stayed over the weekend. We continued on south to Ventura, where we played on the beach. I swung and I sprinted along the beach until I was soaked. Then I played in the fountain.

TOTAL miles for the week: 26.25 :)

Monday 4.25 miles/37:41/8:52 average pace

So after all that my legs were a little sore for Monday's run. Planned 6 but did just over 4. Will try to make it up at some point this week. I am hoping to get 30 miles in this week if my legs will take it.

Friday, June 09, 2006

Wednesday easy, Friday fast!

Wednesday 6.0 miles/57:xx/9:34 average pace

The weather has been cool this week (well, highs in the 70s)so the afternoon running has been lovely.

Friday 4.15 miles/35:52/8:39 average pace

And so has the morning running! So, the first mile was not fast @ 9:34, the second mile felt fast but only came in at 9:06, but by the third mile I was cranking at 8:06, and then I smoked mile 4 in 7:54! (plus 1:10 for the final .15) Felt great. :)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tuesday 5k

Tuesday 3.1 miles/29:09/9:24 average pace

Easy run in the afternoon.

SO... I have tenetively decided to run the San Francisco Half marathon on July 30! It will require some planning, since we are going on vacation around then, but it could definitely work. I am excited! SF races are the best especially because they are familiar to me (Nike marathon, SF Kaiser Permanente Half marathon). Also, in this event you can pick which Half of the marathon course you want to run. I'm definitely going for the second half since it starts later and is faster.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Weekend/Monday Recap

Saturday 8.00 miles/1:15:xx/9:25 average pace

My longest run since the marathon and it felt great! My only issue was the heat... I have GOT to get up earlier! (I believe I said the same thing early last summer)

TOTAL miles for the week: 24.25 Yay!

Monday 5.00 miles/44:52/8:59 average pace

It has cooled way down here, so this afternoon run wasn't hot at all. Hoping this weather sticks around all week!

No real plan this week, maybe try to run 5 days but not a long weekend run. Total 24-26 ish.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday light

Friday 3.25 miles/31:45/9:47 average pace

Easy run this morning (well, the getting out of bed part wasn't easy). Did 2x strides at the end which was my first actual fast running since the marathon! :)

Planning a trail run tomorrow morning for a total of 22 ish miles this week. Yeehaw!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Wednesday 6.50 miles/57:46/8:53 average pace

Hot, Hot, Hot. Really warm out there and that kind of sucked. Otherwise allright!

Total MAY Mileage: 89.45 miles, including one spectacular marathon and three weeks of recovery.