Sunday, January 24, 2010

Moving forward

I think I'm slowly working my way out of this funk. I've kinda still been feeling a bit down, but I've had some really good days and am thinking more positively in general. The days are getting a bit longer and we had a couple sunny days, which really helps. I think the best medicine has been a combination of running (which is really great lately!), spending time talking with and hanging out with friends and family, and just generally staying busy. I'm also actively trying to think positive and look forward to things, so I've been having fun planning things like little vacations and races (to be announced in a future post). I haven't been doing much yoga lately, so I'll be adding that back in. Things are definitely looking up though. :)

It's been two weeks since I last updated my blog and I have tons of great runs to report. I'm building my mileage back up so some runs are just easy pace, but I've had some really fast runs too! I love that. I also love long runs and those are back too- 10 miles yesterday. I start training for Eugene in two weeks and I think I'll be in good shape heading into it.

I've also been doing a lot of cross training at the gym by taking advantage of all the classes- weight training, pilates, yoga, and Zumba (so fun!). I've been stretching regularly too after ever single run (I had started to really slack on that). I have not been swimming or biking since the Ironman, and honestly I don't think I will be any time soon. I'm starting to miss swimming a little I guess, and maybe when the weather gets nicer I will be more likely to go for a bike ride. But I'm taking the year off of triathlons so there is really no rush.

I've been really cleaning up my diet but am disappointed to not have lost any weight! Wtf? I am feeling better though and that is what matters. I'm at a healthy weight I suppose but would like to lose 3-5 lbs. Oh well. Nothing to obsess about.

Well, let's get to the good stuff! Here is two weeks worth of running and cross training and at the end there are a few pictures of our ski adventure last weekend.

Monday Jan 11
4.5 miles/36:00/8:00 average pace
Waterfront run with Zach. First half at 8:22 pace, second half at 7:38 pace

Tuesday Jan 12
Yoga @ gym

Wednesday Jan 13
Weights class @ gym and
7.0 miles/1:02:53/8:59 average pace
Lacamas Lake trail run. Legs tired from weights class.

Thursday Jan 14
Zumba :)

Friday Jan 15
3.0 miles/28:28/9:30 average pace
Great run with Alisa! This was a tempo type run for her and she did great. I think we matched up well for this run and I am glad to have a new running buddy (she's been a swimming/weights/spinning/Zumba buddy for months, but now she's officially a running buddy too).

Saturday Jan 16
9.0 miles/1:19:12/8:48 average pace
Columbia River Highway Trail out in Hood River. Very hilly!! I was so tired from the hills but I pushed really hard on the last mile, which is mostly downhill, and it came in at 7:06. :O

Sunday Jan 17
Snowboarding at Mt Hood Meadows (see pics below!)

total miles for the week: 23.5

Monday Jan 18
5.0 miles/44:24/8:53 average pace
Recovery run on Fanno Creek trail with Zach (we both had the day off) Tired legs from snowboarding

Tuesday Jan 19
Pilates @ gym and
7.0 miles/1:02:51/8:59 average pace
Longer recovery run

Wednesday Jan 20
REST! Boy I needed it.

Thursday Jan 21
Zumba and
4.5 miles/37:16/8:16 average pace
Strong solo run in the SUNSHINE! (well, setting sunshine, but still!)

Friday Jan 22
Weights class @ gym

Saturday Jan 23
10.0 miles/1:24:55/8:30 average pace
Marine Drive. Very awesome long run. I felt great the whole time. The first half I took it easy and ran a 8:50 average. I picked it up on the way back and ran 8:09 average- the last mile I pushed really hard and ran it in 7:13!

total miles for this week: 26.5

Finally, here are a few pictures from our ski trip last Sunday. I only could handle about 5 runs down the mountain, and some of those were on the bunny hill, but it was fun! I really wish I had new gear- my board, boots, and coat are all about 12 years old and totally out of style and worn out. I got a new coat this weekend (I've been needing one for this chilly winter weather anyway) but I'll stick with my old stuff until I prove that I"m actually going to GO skiing and can justify the cost. We'll see.

Thanks for reading! I'll try to update soon. :)

Ski bus in the parking lot:

Me on the bunny hill:

Looking up the mountain (Mt Hood is up there but it was way too foggy to see it):

Zach took this pic on the lift:

Zach self portrait:

Apres ski :)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A New Year

We're 10 days into the new year already and so far, so good. Well, mostly...

First, the good: I've been running quite a bit and am feeling great! I'll post my recent runs below. My legs feel strong and I feel some speed coming back. I also have officially registered for my next race- the Eugene Marathon on May 2nd. I start training in about a month and am going to use the new Pfitz 12/55 training plan. I'll be ramping up slowly and enjoying the easy schedule for now, but I'm really looking forward to training again!

Also, we've been spending lots of time with friends which is always fun. We hosted a game night on Friday and had a blast, and we went bowling and to a housewarming party last night. Then today we met up with our friends that are in town from Seattle. I've been to yoga with Emily, Zumba with Alisa, and running with Deana.

We've also cleaned up our diet a bit and I'm starting to feel better physically after the over-indulging streak in December. I only lost a half a pound this week but I feel better which is what matters.

The bad, well I've just been in a bit of a funk. I think it's the weather- I finally understand why people say Portland's weather gets to you. It's not the rain, although we've had plenty, it's the dark. With the super short days (sun was setting at 4:30 or so at the earliest) and heavy cloud cover, it feels like it never gets light out. It's bizarre and definitely a bit depressing. I just feel sort of "off." It sucks. I'm dealing with it though- spending time with friends is good medicine. We bitch about the weather, but mostly we laugh and talk and have a good time. I'm also spending as much time outside as possible so even if it's dim I am getting a little "daylight" rather than being indoors all the time. We had a couple lighter/brighter days this weekend which was nice. The days will be getting longer very rapidly so I'm looking forward to that. Hopefully this is just a phase and I'll shake it soon. Otherwise I'm just going to have to book some tickets to Phoenix and visit Inga again. :)

Well here's the recap of my last 2 weeks or so. It's kind of neat that you can really see me getting stronger! There are some photos after that from a little hike we did just east of Portland near the Sandy River last weekend. Finally, there is a photo slideshow movie Zach made of our amazing 2009- he posted it on his blog but considering he almost never updates that anymore I know a lot of people missed it!

Saturday Dec 26
6.0 miles/53:28/8:55 average pace
Super windy run out on Marine Drive. My longest run since the Ironman and it was very tough!

Sunday Dec 27
Hike on the coast. Pics in previous post.

(total miles for that week: 13.9- 5 weeks post IM)

Monday Dec 28
4.5 miles/37:52/8:25 average pace
Waterfront loop with Zach - strong pace and felt pretty good!

Wednesday Dec 30
4.0 miles/36:38/9:09 average pace
Easy solo run

Thursday Dec 31
4.5 miles/35:22/7:52 average pace
Waterfront loop solo- after a crazy busy day at work I was super charged for this run and ran super fast. I was so stressed when I started this run but felt like a million bucks after!

Saturday Jan 2
8.0 miles/1:12:37/9:05 average pace
Banks Vernonia trail, partially with Zach. My longest run post IM but wasn't feeling great.

(total miles for that week: 21)

Monday Jan 4
4.5 miles 38:40/8:36 average pace
Waterfront loop with Zach. Felt like I was working really hard for not my fastest pace.
Did a short weights workout at the gym after.

Tuesday Jan 5
Yoga @ gym

Wednesday Jan 6
5.0 miles/48:15/9:39 average pace
I ran up to Deana's and we did 3 miles together in hilly Northwest. Then I ran home and busted out a 7:35 last mile on the way- it's mostly downhill.
I also did a weights class at the gym in the morning since it was my day off work. In the evening I went to a 90 minute Bikram Yoga class with Emily and Anne... it was very weird but I enjoyed it. I will go back a couple times since I've paid for it but I doubt I'll get super into it.

Thursday Jan 7
Zumba with Alisa

Friday Jan 8
4.5 miles/39:57/8:53 average pace
Easy solo run

Saturday Jan 9
8.0 miles/1:08:07/8:31 average pace
Champoeg Park run with Zach. Felt great and very happy with the pace. We had a little bit of sunshine which made me happy. :)

(total miles for this week: 22)

Picture time:

Sandy River area:

2009 Recap Video made by Zach

Thanks for stopping by and listening to my complaints. Have a great week everyone. :)