Sunday, January 24, 2010

Moving forward

I think I'm slowly working my way out of this funk. I've kinda still been feeling a bit down, but I've had some really good days and am thinking more positively in general. The days are getting a bit longer and we had a couple sunny days, which really helps. I think the best medicine has been a combination of running (which is really great lately!), spending time talking with and hanging out with friends and family, and just generally staying busy. I'm also actively trying to think positive and look forward to things, so I've been having fun planning things like little vacations and races (to be announced in a future post). I haven't been doing much yoga lately, so I'll be adding that back in. Things are definitely looking up though. :)

It's been two weeks since I last updated my blog and I have tons of great runs to report. I'm building my mileage back up so some runs are just easy pace, but I've had some really fast runs too! I love that. I also love long runs and those are back too- 10 miles yesterday. I start training for Eugene in two weeks and I think I'll be in good shape heading into it.

I've also been doing a lot of cross training at the gym by taking advantage of all the classes- weight training, pilates, yoga, and Zumba (so fun!). I've been stretching regularly too after ever single run (I had started to really slack on that). I have not been swimming or biking since the Ironman, and honestly I don't think I will be any time soon. I'm starting to miss swimming a little I guess, and maybe when the weather gets nicer I will be more likely to go for a bike ride. But I'm taking the year off of triathlons so there is really no rush.

I've been really cleaning up my diet but am disappointed to not have lost any weight! Wtf? I am feeling better though and that is what matters. I'm at a healthy weight I suppose but would like to lose 3-5 lbs. Oh well. Nothing to obsess about.

Well, let's get to the good stuff! Here is two weeks worth of running and cross training and at the end there are a few pictures of our ski adventure last weekend.

Monday Jan 11
4.5 miles/36:00/8:00 average pace
Waterfront run with Zach. First half at 8:22 pace, second half at 7:38 pace

Tuesday Jan 12
Yoga @ gym

Wednesday Jan 13
Weights class @ gym and
7.0 miles/1:02:53/8:59 average pace
Lacamas Lake trail run. Legs tired from weights class.

Thursday Jan 14
Zumba :)

Friday Jan 15
3.0 miles/28:28/9:30 average pace
Great run with Alisa! This was a tempo type run for her and she did great. I think we matched up well for this run and I am glad to have a new running buddy (she's been a swimming/weights/spinning/Zumba buddy for months, but now she's officially a running buddy too).

Saturday Jan 16
9.0 miles/1:19:12/8:48 average pace
Columbia River Highway Trail out in Hood River. Very hilly!! I was so tired from the hills but I pushed really hard on the last mile, which is mostly downhill, and it came in at 7:06. :O

Sunday Jan 17
Snowboarding at Mt Hood Meadows (see pics below!)

total miles for the week: 23.5

Monday Jan 18
5.0 miles/44:24/8:53 average pace
Recovery run on Fanno Creek trail with Zach (we both had the day off) Tired legs from snowboarding

Tuesday Jan 19
Pilates @ gym and
7.0 miles/1:02:51/8:59 average pace
Longer recovery run

Wednesday Jan 20
REST! Boy I needed it.

Thursday Jan 21
Zumba and
4.5 miles/37:16/8:16 average pace
Strong solo run in the SUNSHINE! (well, setting sunshine, but still!)

Friday Jan 22
Weights class @ gym

Saturday Jan 23
10.0 miles/1:24:55/8:30 average pace
Marine Drive. Very awesome long run. I felt great the whole time. The first half I took it easy and ran a 8:50 average. I picked it up on the way back and ran 8:09 average- the last mile I pushed really hard and ran it in 7:13!

total miles for this week: 26.5

Finally, here are a few pictures from our ski trip last Sunday. I only could handle about 5 runs down the mountain, and some of those were on the bunny hill, but it was fun! I really wish I had new gear- my board, boots, and coat are all about 12 years old and totally out of style and worn out. I got a new coat this weekend (I've been needing one for this chilly winter weather anyway) but I'll stick with my old stuff until I prove that I"m actually going to GO skiing and can justify the cost. We'll see.

Thanks for reading! I'll try to update soon. :)

Ski bus in the parking lot:

Me on the bunny hill:

Looking up the mountain (Mt Hood is up there but it was way too foggy to see it):

Zach took this pic on the lift:

Zach self portrait:

Apres ski :)


Chloe said...

You'll get out of your funk :) it happens to everyone. Specially this time of the year (specially for me) due to the lack of sunshine and short days. But it's so awesome they way a great workout totally turns your mood around!

the gazelle said...

Can't wait to see you on some of our Sunday runs! Sounds like you've had a great couple of weeks, though. I am definitely getting back in to my routine, as well - it feel awesome!

As always, great pictures. :)

Michael said...

Great to see you back on the blog, Jen. Thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers over the past few weeks!

teacherwoman said...

I like the new look. You'll be out of this funk in no time. Love the pics.

Alisa said...

Glad you're getting out of the funk! I know the two semi sunny days we had this week really helped me. I'm glad I biked in the sun and ran in the rain but the run was SOGGY =)!

I had such a good time running with you, it was super fun. Definitely need to do more of it, it was motivational for me to go faster =).

If you ever want a swimming buddy, I'm there for ya =). I've been having pretty good swims lately.

kelsalynn said...

I can imagine you went from having a lot of adrenaline, both from training and the main event itself, so don't focus too much on the bummed out 'tude recently. Now that you're running more and doing lots of training, I'm sure you'll get right back into the swing of things (just different things!).

Great job on the runs and classes you've done! I'm getting back into working out in the evenings starting tomorrow WITH my husband. He was training for the PF Chang's half marathon but now that he's done, we can workout together again! I can't wait!

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, now that's what I call snow! I had hoped to see some in Wisconsin but not much luck, unfortunately.

Glad to hear you're coming out of your funk. I've attended a Zumba class in the past and had a blast. Snow sports, however, have always been such a challenge because I've never have right clothes to keep me warm enough or the skills. You are quite the versatile athlete!

Billy Burger said...

Zumba? Is that the little robot vacuum cleaner? Hehe...

Anyway, glad to hear you're climbing out of the funk. Running is/has and always will be the greatest form of therapy for me.

Now let's see some more trail/ultras on your list!

John said...

Zach's helmet is killer!

Hang in there, baby - Spring gets closer every day.

Carolina John said...

Glad you're starting to feel better girl! a good ski trip will do that. i would love to hit the slopes this year. maybe.

Amy said...

I love drinking after skiing. Nothing better. Well, drinking and laying on the beach is fun. And so is drinking and staying in....nevermind.

Loved the pics. And your runs sound awesome. Glad you're feeling better.

Ewen said...

You're doing well Jen! Keep practising those fast finishes and I predict a sub-22 5k for you some time soon :)

The snow on Mt Hood is amazing. Of course, my fav pic is 'Apres ski' :)

I think we need Zach to make a Youtube of one of your Zumba sessions - with his own music selection of course ;)

KK said...

LOL Amy.

I feel ya on the new snow gear. Why are all the sports we do so damn expensive?

I love your balance of cross training and building for running mileage. What is Zumba? I've been eyeing it on my Gym's schedule curiously for weeks now...

Glad your funk fog is lifting. Februray will be better-Jan always blows. Also re: weight. It is so frustrating to gain it, especially after a big event that you worked so hard for whereby the reasonable reward is to endlessly indulge (I always give myself carte blanche to eat whatever I want under the notion of "I earned it.") But feeling it is downright depressing and trying to lose it again is a never ending battle. ugh. anyway, if it makes you feel any better I haven't lost any of my holiday weight either. oh well, f*&% em.

Petraruns said...

Pleased to hear you're moving out of your funk - you can't keep a good woman down can you?

As for your travel plans - that sounds exciting? Trip to the UK factor in anywhere yet? Would love to see you!

Love the skiing pics - beer after skiing is one of the best things in the world..

Anonymous said...

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N.D. said...

I am definitely affected by the weather, so I hope you continue to get some good weather and get out of the funk!

John said...

Come back, Jen - we miss you!

Ewen said...

What John said :) Surely the snow has melted by now!

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