Sunday, February 27, 2011


This has been a super amazing February. One for the books! Let’s make a list with a lot of exclamation points:

* We bought a house!

* My rib injury is healing up and I can run and even climb!

+ I won my age group in a road race!   

* My mom and brother came for a visit and some quality family time. They are the best!

* I visited my best friend Inga in Phoenix!

* Maritza came to Portland for work and we went running and climbing and drank wine and ate donuts!

* I’ve started running once a week with Emily before attending her yoga class!

* My mother-in-law Melanie is continuing her incredible recovery and is finally up and walking!!

* Last but not least, February was the month of running with a ridiculous number of my favorite people. I am usually a solo runner but this month I had some amazing running partners. Check out the pictures. Not pictured: the exquisitely fast and fantastic Emily.

MY BROTHER! Jon historically hated all sports, but is now running as cross training for roller derby (he’s head ref for the Silicon Valley Roller Girls). I’d NEVER run with him. When he was here we ran twice- 2 and 3 miles.

Run with Jon 2 2 2011

Inga! She’s a new runner too. In addition to doing the 2 mile fun run at Lost Dutchman, we went out for a run/walk the next day too. I haven’t run with Inga in years! I’m so proud of her.


Zach! Of course. Always my #1 running buddy. (I got a lot of use out of this jacket lately because it’s been freezing)

jen and zach 2 24 2011

Deana! We just did this awesome trail run on Saturday. It was 25 degrees and snowy. She’s always up for a run, I love it.

Deana and me trail run 2 27 2011

Maritza!! She was here for work last week and we went for a nice 5 mile run along the waterfront. Zach ran with us and took a bunch of great photos. She was my first running buddy and will always have a special place in my heart. ♥


Unfortunately I haven’t run with Alisa lately, but that is definitely going to change as we will soon be neighbors!! I also need to run with Amy and Lisa and Sarah- they do a Sunday run but I never get up early enough to join. I did however just commit to playing beer-league softball with that crew this spring. Sounds fun. I played in junior high and high school but haven’t picked up a bat or glove since!

In summary, life is good. I’m running, I’m climbing, I’m busy, and I’m happy. This month reminded me that my life is full of wonderful people and I am very blessed.


Here are a bunch more fun pics of Maritza’s visit last week. We took her climbing for the first time and she did great. It was my first time back in a month too. We had a blast!



IMG_5161 IMG_5169 IMG_5179 IMG_5180 IMG_5184 IMG_5198 IMG_5204 IMG_5211 IMG_5214 


Thanks for reading. :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lost Dutchman 8k Race Report and Arizona Pics

I returned last night from an amazing little trip to Phoenix. I planned this trip a couple months ago to visit my best friend Inga. I looked online to see if there were any fun races to do that weekend and found the Lost Dutchman Marathon. I registered for the marathon but my training was sidelined by a strained rib muscle. I switched to the 8k trail run with no problem at the expo.

My friend Inga and my Aunt Carol both registered for the 2 mile fun run. They are both occasional/aspiring runners and were excited for the challenge. We all headed out to Apache Junction bright and early. It was cloudy and cool which was perfect for the race. I jogged up to the starting area and used the porto potty. The 10k and 2 mile fun run were also starting around the same time (Half Marathon and Marathon started earlier) so I was trying to figure out where to line up. I asked someone and they informed me that the 8k trail run was changed- the trail had been washed out by heavy rains the day before and the run would now just be held on the road with the other races. Lame!! I was really looking forward to running through the desert. Also, I was NOT looking forward to a full-out road racing effort. What are ya gonna do?

The 8k and 10k runners lined up together and the gun went off right at 8:00. The race was chipped timed but it wasn’t a big field so I was only a couple seconds behind the starting line.

I didn’t have any strategy for this race. I was hoping to running sub 8:00 pace on the trail, but didn’t know how fast I could run on the flat road. My 10k pace is around 7:35 but I’m certainly not in that kind of shape. Basically I just ran my ass of the whole time. I felt OK but had that knot in my stomach that I get when I am running at the red line. I also had a tiny side cramp at one point and was just generally working hard.

At the 8k turn around I counted the women in front of me and was surprised to see I was 6th. On the way back I could see the 3 ladies ahead of me but didn’t have the gas to pass them. I didn’t get passed by any girls though so that was good. I saw the finish line ahead of me and gave it all I had. Inga and Carol cheered me as I crossed the finish line!


1- 7:30
2- 7:53
3- 7:57
4- 7:41
5- 7:32 (.98 miles = 7:43 pace)

Official Results: 38:31 (7:45 pace)

6/288 Female

1/32 Age Group (30-34)

A volunteer gave me a medal (a surprise for an 8k!). I grabbed a drink and tried not to throw up. Inga and Carol and I wandered around the finisher’s area and had some food. They were displaying the results already on screens and I was SO excited to see that I was first in my AG! We stuck around a while and I got a really nice medal. We went out for breakfast at this great place in Gilbert and just had a really fun time.

The rest of the weekend was so fun. The sun finally came out and Inga and I had tons of fun visiting and doing fun stuff around Phoenix. I flew home and was greeted by Maritza who is in town for the week for work!! I’m so spoiled.

Lots of other updates coming soon about the house, running, and climbing, but will make a separate post for that. Thanks so much for reading everyone!! :)

 DSCN2682 DSCN2683 DSCN2697   DSCN2726




DSCN2743 DSCN2749 DSCN2778


DSCN2787 DSCN2801 DSCN2816

Friday, February 11, 2011

Sale Pending

The whole process only took about two weeks- so quick it feels like we cheated. My head is spinning! But we both felt really good about this. It’s a big decision but we’re ready.

I will post lots of pics soon, when the current owner is out. For now, here are two of outside from the listing site (clearly in summer!) and one of the kitchen I took.

We are in LOVE with this house.