Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Spooooky Tooooosday

Happy Halloween!!

Tuesday 11.0 miles/1:41:43/9:15 average pace

first 6 miles: 57:20 (9:33 average pace)

last 5 miles: 44:23 (8:53 average pace)

I really enjoyed my run this morning. It was really chilly, so I wore my tights for the first time this fall. I brought my iPod and listened to an audiobook- James and the Giant Peach. I actually started it on my long run Saturday, so I just finished it this morning. It was fantastic. :D

I'm now enjoying a yummy pumpkin cream cheese muffin and coffee! I made the muffins last night and brought them in to work. :) Tuesday Treat Day!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Beautiful Wonderful Intervals

Monday 8.0 miles/1:11:32/8:57 average pace

Warm up 2.0 miles 20:22 (10:11 average pace)

Interval I .5 mile 3:36 (7:12 pace)

...Recovery interval .15 mile 1:33 (10:20 pace)

Interval II .5 mile 3:30 (7:00 pace)

...Recovery interval .15 mile 1:33 (10:20 pace)

Interval III .5 mile 3:39 (7:18 pace)

...Recovery interval .15 mile 1:28 (9:47 pace)

Interval IV .5 mile 3:26 (6:52 pace)

...Recovery interval .15 mile 1:39 (11:00 pace)

Cool down 3.4 miles 30:46 (9:03 average pace)

Hoooray!!! The track was locked again, so I used the 1/2 mile dirt track, which I actually really like. I did 4 repeats of 1/2 mile, rather than the suggested 5 x 600 meters (ends up being about the same amount of time running my ass off). As I was calculating my goal time for the intervals, I remembered that 1/2 mile VO2 intervals are the famous Yasso 800s!

From what I understand, Bart Yasso suggests doing 800 meter intervals at your goal marathon pace, in minutes. So, for my 3:40:00 goal for the marathon, I would do the intervals in 3:40. He suggests building up to 10 repeats, and I"m only doing 4, but same idea. So 3:40 was my goal, which is a 7:20 pace. This is what I believe to be my VO2 max (not a coincidence, that's the point of Yasso's theory). Anyway, I ran much faster than that!!! :) And it felt GOOD. It was a completely different experience than my first Interval workout a couple weeks ago. I think the fact that it was morning vs. afternoon makes a big difference, I was feeling pretty fresh. Plus the intervals were just a little shorter (.5 mile vs. .75 mile) but I think that made a difference too. I was just feeling really good. :) I know this isn't enough reasoning to change my marathon goal, but I'm feeling really confident that I can run 3:40 in Sacramento. :) YAY!!!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Pfitz Week 8

Monday: 8 (VO2 intervals: 3 x 1000 meters at 5k pace)
Tuesday: 11 Medium Long
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 4 Easy + Strides
Friday: 10 Goal Pace
Saturday: 17 Long
Sunday: off

TOTAL miles scheduled: 50

Friday's 10 miles GP is my own addition. The schedule actually calls for a tune-up race of 8-15k. However, we are going out of town over the weekend, so I can't do a race. I thought of doing a "time trial" but that seems a little weird, and I doubt I'd really be able to push myself all that much on a random friday morning before work. I didn't want to totally wuss out and do an easy run, so I think a GP run is a happy medium. Also, I haven't actually done any deliberate Goal Pace running, since I ignored the planned pace in last weeks long run. And I thought I'd do 10 miles, because that will give me 50 miles total for the week, which just makes me feel good.

Long Run Week 7

Saturday 20.00 miles/3:05:54/9:16 average pace

I ran on the Los Gatos Creek trail in San Jose, which is where the Silicon Valley Marathon is being held today. I ran into (get it?) a guy named John near the beginning of the run and we ran about 8 miles together. He helped me start at a controlled pace and shortened the amount of time I had to run alone. I like making random friends while running. :) This guy happened to be 64 years old, but that doesn't seem to matter much when you're a runner. We had plenty to talk about (yes, we talked about his grandkids a little!). Anyway, we ran about a 10:00 pace for those 8 miles, then I picked it up for the rest. I started to feel pretty tired around 13-14 miles, but held on. It was pretty warm too so I refilled my water bottle a bunch of times to stay hydrated. I also ate my Clif Blocks along the way which helped a lot. I was really tired after, and after my huge breakfast (lunch) and a hot shower I took a long nap, and also slept about 10+ hours last night. It was great.

I wore my old shoes, and I'm glad because they didn't hurt my toe at all. Which is definitely a blister now, but it doesn't hurt. I think I'll keep those old shoes in the rotation and run the marathon in my new shoes, which will have like 175 miles on them on race day. I think they really need to be broken in, and I don't want to have to deal with breaking in ANOTHER pair before the race.

TOTAL miles for week 7: 55.25

!!!! Weekly mileage record !!!!

The spooky thing (another joke, get it? It's Halloween this week? So funny.) is that this WAS (past tense! eep!) my peak week. Which means it's all downhill from here. The race is only 5 weeks away. Weeeee!

Friday, October 27, 2006

Big Week Continued

Thursday 12.0 miles/1:52:11/9:21 average pace

First 6 miles (9:32 average pace) My lower legs felt really tight for the first 4 miles, then relaxed and felt ok the rest of the run.

Second 6 miles (9:10 average pace) Felt good, but my right big toe hurts. I think it's the new shoes. I don't think it's a blister, but it's hard to tell because the outside of my toe is pretty calloused. Isn't that lovely? But ya, it kind of feels like a blister.

Friday 5.25 miles/49:55/9:31 average pace

I ran again this morning, and my legs were again pretty tight. I felt like I hardly finished my last run and had to run again. I iced my shins (the ice-bucket set up rocks) after, and that seemed to help, my legs feel good right now. Of course, I'm sitting down.

I also wore my old shoes this morning to see if they rubbed my toe less. They didn't.

So far my peak week is going good! I have to say that I have not felt "burnt out" at all. I was expecting to by now. Of course it could still happen, but I only have 2 big weeks left, then I taper. (HOLY CRAP!!) I feel like my body is handling the mileage really well. I always thought I would get injured or totally burnt out, so I am really happy. I guess I am tougher than I thought! I think I've been taking pretty good care of myself as far as nutrition, hydration, rest, stretching, motivation, etc. I am really proud of myself! And now I can start getting excited for the race! :)

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Monday, Tuesday, Santa Monica

Monday 6.0 miles/51:21/8:33 average pace

General Aerobic run with Strides along Ocean Ave. and up San Vicinite Blvd. in Santa Monica.

Tuesday 12.0 miles/1:41:54/8:30 average pace

Tempo run along the boardwalk in Santa Monica. It was a really beautiful morning and a really fun place to run. :)

2.5 miles warm up: 24:08 (9:39 average pace)

7 miles Tempo: 54:46 (7:49 average pace)

2.5 miles cool down: 23:00 (9:12 average pace)

The tempo miles seemed a lot easier than previous weeks, but still hard. But it felt easier to slip into Tempo pace and hold it, and I didn't feel like I was pushing way to hard until the last mile. Which is fine because it was such a long tempo run! Yay! :)

Today is a rest day, YAY, so I might try to do a little weights work out or some thing, but realistically I will probably just lay on the couch. :)

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Pfitz Week 7

monday: 6 GA (+S)
tuesday: 12 (7 LT)
wednesday: off
thursday: 12 ML
friday: 5 Easy
saturday: 20 L
sunday: off

TOTAL miles scheduled: 55

I am going to LA monday and tuesday this week, so I'll do those 2 runs there. That will be nice since I won't have to worry about fitting it in before or after work hours.

This is my peak week! I'm totally ready.

6 weeks till marathon day!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Long Run Week 6

Saturday 15.0 miles/2:06:09/8:25 average pace

The plan for this run was 15 miles with 12 miles at Goal Marathon Pace, which I guess is roughly 8:25 (for a 3:40 marathon time). I was a little nervous because I knew it wouldn't be easy, and it wasn't. Plus I decided to do this run on a moderately hilly route since it's one of my favorite places to run. It's pretty warm out today too, so I made a point to stay hydrated since I was in the sun most of the time.

It went fan-freaking-tastic. :) Here's the breakdown:

(note: these little breakdowns really test my math skills and take forever to calculate. So I'm probably giving too much info, but dammit I have the numbers here and I'm going to share them.)

Miles 1-3 Warm Up: 27:58 (9:19 average pace)

Miles 3-15 (the 12 GP miles): 1:37:51 (8:09 average pace)

......Miles 3-10 (first 7 of the 12): 59:01 (8:26 average pace)

......Miles 10-15 (final 5): 38:50 (7:46 average pace)


I can't believe how well this went. I felt like I was working pretty hard during those first 7 Goal Pace miles, but that was because I was climbing hills the whole time (ok, off and on). There are some short steep hills that really got my heart pumping, so I'd back off and relax into the downhills that (occasionally) followed. The final 5 miles are all gradually downhill, and I flew. It felt a lot easier than those first 7 and I felt my heart rate and breathing were under control. Ok, I was pushing pretty hard in that last mile, it was getting pretty warm and I was out of water, plus I ran 7:25 for that last mile.

I ran 7:25 for that last mile.

Sorry, just thought I'd repeat that. :D Holy shit right?!?!

I know this means that I did the workout wrong, I mean it didn't say anything about Tempo pace, or f-ing 5k pace for that matter, but I don't really care. I'm beyond pleased. I may not have accomplished the goal as stated on the schedule, but I got a much-needed confidence boost and a damn good workout.

Now I'm going shopping.


TOTAL Miles for week 6: 48.2

Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday 10k

Friday 6.2 miles/1:01:32/9:56 average pace

Started out this fabulous Friday with a run with Maritza. We did 4.5 miles together in the early morning sun, then she decided she was just dying for a Starbucks ;) so I continued home and she arrived shortly thereafter. Once I was alone I figured I may as well do the strides that were on the schedule, so I did 6 of them over the last mile and a half and it felt good.

For your records, Miss Mary T, our 4.5 miles took 46:59 (10:26 average pace). If you assume you kept the same pace for the next two miles your time would be 1:07:49 for 6.5 miles. Nice job!

The final 1.7 miles with my strides (and a little hustle to get home and ready for work) took 14:33 (8:34).

I'm not feeling really sore or anything, which is good. I'm going to try to get to bed early tonight since I was up late last night and up early this morning (got maybe 6 hours of sleep). Then tomorrow I'll do 15 miles, with 12 at Goal Marathon Pace. I'm not going to obsess over hitting any exact pace, just warm up and then try to run the 12 miles below 8:30 ish.

Oh, and yes the Sharks destroyed the Red Wings last night 5-1. :)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another Medium-Long Run

Wednesday 12.0 miles/1:50:12/9:11 average pace

I can't believe I'm saying this, but this run felt easy. After yesterday's killer intervals workout, this long run felt easy because it was at a relaxed pace. I ran a pretty even pace the whole way, with the last mile around 8:35.

I was pretty nervous before the run because I was feeling a little soreness in my left knee. I injured my left knee pretty bad last year, and it completely screwed up my training and demolished my confidence, so I was pretty worried that would happen again. I iced my knee off and on at work all day, and it was feeling allright by the afternoon. It didn't bother me at all during the run. :) My shins are getting kinda sore, but I can handle that. I've got a bucket that I fill with ice water and sit with my lower legs in there, and that seems to help a lot. Ice is my friend.

I got new shoes last weekend and wore them for the first time yesterday, which should help my legs. Also I tried to run mostly on the dirt shoulder yesterday. I stretched really good this morning after my walk to work and am feeling great. Today is a rest day. We're going to a Sharks game tonight vs. the Red Wings.

go sharks!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

VO2 Intervals (Or, How I remembered why I like running distance)

Tuesday 10.0 miles/1:28:30/8:51 average pace

The intervals were a LOT more difficult than I predicted. The intervals are supposed to be about 5k pace, which I now remember hurts like a sonofabitch. I totally understand the benefit of pushing myself like that, it had to do some good, but dear lord it was hard. My legs were like lead after the first interval, I could hardly breathe, and my stomach was in a knot. How fun for me.

The schedule said 5 x 1000 meters, but since the pretty new track was locked up (I think we broke in last time), I had to do it on this other dirt track that looped the baseball fields at the high school. Since I couldn't use the track, I decided to do 3/4 mile repeats and just use my GPS. Also, I decided to do 4 instead of 5 since they would be longer intervals. In between I did 1/4 mile recovery jogs (ha ha, more like recovery bend-over-and-heaves. Just kidding... sort of.). I also ran a few miles before and after to get to the 10 miles I needed.

For my goal pace, I tried to use my actual 5k pace of about 7:15. However, I forgot that this was at a RACE, where I was excited and rested and surrounded by people running their guts out. I think 7:30 is more reasonable, which is what I ended up running.

Here's the breakdown:

2.75 mi warm up - 25:13 (9:09 pace)

.75 mi Interval I - 5:36 (7:30 pace)

.25 mi recovery interval - 2:18 (9:19 pace)

.75 mi Interval II - 5:09 (6:51 pace)

.25 mi recovery interval - 2:38 (10:45 pace)

.75 mi Interval III - 5:35 (7:29 pace)

.25 mi recovery interval - 2:44 (10:53 pace)

.50 mi Interval IV - 3:52 (7:46 pace)

3.75 mi cool down - 35:28 (9:28 pace)

I had to cut the last interval short due to a bad side cramp. Also I felt like I was going to die. The "cool down" was a little painful too. I think I was dehydrated or something because when I was finally home I felt really dizzy and woozy. After about a gallon of gatorade and some stretching I felt much better.

I have 4 more of these workouts left in the schedule, and I hope they get a little easier. I know I will really benefit from them, not only physically but also mentally. Pushing through that last interval, when every cell in your body is screaming for you to stop, is kinda like the final miles of the marathon.

The other benefit of these intervals is that they make Tempo pace seem easy, and goal marathon pace downright leisurely.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Easy Monday Run

Monday 5 miles/47:17/9:27 average pace

Nothing exciting about this run to report. The back of my right leg is a little sore- the achilles/calf area and also the hamstring/bum area. Nothing painfull, just a little sore.

I decided to do today's 10 miles all at once after work instead of splitting it up. So after the run tonight I'm going to ice my legs to prevent more soreness.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Pfitz Week 6

monday: 5 Easy
tuesday: 10 (with VO2 intervals: 5 x 1000 @ 5k pace)
wednesday: 12 Medium Long
thursday: off
friday: 6 Easy + Strides
saturday: 15 (with 12 at Goal Marathon Pace)
sunday: off

Total: 48

Lots of stuff going on up there, and it was a bitch to schedule. I think I am going to split the VO2 workout into two: a short easy run in the morning, then the speed intervals (and the recovery intervals, warm up and cool down miles that go with it) in the evening. I am pretty sure this is ok to do, since the intervals are the meat of the workout and the rest is in the interest of total volume... I think. Anyway, I'll do it in two runs. Wee.

I'm feeling really good so far. I am not sore or feeling any pain currently, even after last week's kick ass 51 mile week. :)It's getting a little harder to get any strength training in, and I'm finding it hard to eat enough some days, but I can work on that.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Long Run Week 5

Saturday 18 miles/2:44:22/9:08 average pace

This morning we drove up to Tiburon, about an hour from here, and got our money's worth! (cost of gas and all that) It was beautiful, the run was tough, and the breakfast was scrumptrulescent (look it up). I did 2 loops around the Tiburon peninsula, which was just about 8.5 miles, then finished it up with a mile in the park. Zach ran with me the first loop, which was awesome and he did great.

first 9: 1:12:19 (9:15 average pace)

second 9: 1:21:03 (9:00 average pace)

It really was quite hilly. I read about the route in a book and online, and no one mentioned the hills! So they were a surprise. The first couple miles were flat, but from there it seemed like I ascended a LOT more than I descended. I kept waiting for the downhills, and suddenly I was back at the car. Like NO perceptible drop. Something otherworldly is going on up there... Anyway, I managed to run the final mile in the park in 8:09. :)


TOTAL miles for week 5: 51!


That's the first time I ran over 50 miles in one week! Sweeeet!!!!! I rock.

Friday, October 13, 2006


This is a test, I want to add a photo to my profile and this should help...

Friday the 13th!

Friday 4.0 miles/40:45/10:11 average pace

Nothing spooky about this morning's run, except that Maritza actually showed up!

Kidding! I like to tease lil Mitzi, she can take it. :P

We had a great run around sunrise, which was pretty. It is so nice to have someone to run with, especially in the morning when it's so hard to get out of bed. We'll try to make our Friday run a regular thing. :)

Thursday pm: Recovery

Thursday 4.0 miles/36:52/9:14 average pace

An easy run after work with Zach. We ran up to check out the new track at Dublin High School, and it is complete! We ran a mile on it. :) I have honestly never really ran on such a nice track... it was cool. And perfect timing, because I have my first VO2 workout next week and now I can do it on the track!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday am: Tempo

Thursday 8.0 miles/1:04:41/8:05 average pace

1 mile warm up: 8:40

6 miles LT:
1: 8:03
2: 7:41
3: 7:49
4: 8:11
5: 7:52
6: 7:34

1 mile cool down: 8:45

Average pace of tempo portion: 7:53

Right on target again! And this morning's tempo run was the easiest so far. The proof of that is in the fact that I was able to run all 6 miles continiously without a break. In the previous tempo runs, I got a cramp or was just plain out of breath, so I'd stop between miles for a few seconds. I think I only did this one time in each workout, but still. Not this time! It sure helped that it was really cold out. But the whole run felt pretty easy which makes me really happy. :)

The schedule actually called for 11 miles total, with a 6 mile tempo run. But dammit I can't get up that early. So I'll do the other 3 miles tonight after work with Zach.

Making this a landmark- my first ever two-a-day. I'm officially insane.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday Twelve

Tuesday 12.0 miles/1:48:52/9:04 average pace

An easy long run on a lovely morning.

First 6 miles: 56:22 (9:24 average pace)

Last 6 miles: 52:30 (8:45 average pace)

(last mile: 8:19!)

Monday, October 09, 2006


Monday 5.0/45:39/9:08 average pace

Easy after work run.

I think I have the beginings of a race strategy. Stay with me here folks, this is pretty complex. Here it is- I'm going to start the race conservatively, then pick it up in the last several miles. Pretty crazy eh!?! I just came up with it. In previous races, I thought I'd start off totally fast and hope to God I could maintain it, and avoid fading away toward the end. Somehow, that didn't work! Wtf?

Ok, seriously I know this is the FIRST thing you learn about running a race. But somehow I managed to have the opposite strategy almost every time. So I'm going to go out a bit slow and then finish strong. I know I can do this, but it's going to take some serious dicispline to start slow.

Anyway, I just thought it was pretty funny how I had this big light bulb moment, and turns out it's the biggest cliche in sports. Totally obvious, yet I understand it for the first time.


Pfitz Week 5

monday: 5 E
tuesday: 12 ML
wednesday: off
thursday: 11 (6 LT)
friday: 5 E
saturday: 18 L

TOTAL miles scheduled: 51

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Long Run Week 4

17.5 miles/2:35:20/8:53 average pace

First of all, I got lost. Hence, the extra half mile. I planned my route carefully on gmap pedometer, I even printed out the route to review AND wrote a little cheat sheet of directions so I wouldn't forget the few turns I had to make. So, you ask, how could I have possibly got lost? Well, on my directions cheat-sheet I wrote a "R" where I should have wrote a "L." :( But it worked out allright, I happened to be at about 8.75 miles when I realized I was off course, so I just turned around and re-traced my steps. No problemo. The moral of the story is that I should learn right from left. And I should also actually charge my cell phone if I plan on carrying it with me.

Ok, that aside... it was a great run!!! I couldn't believe how easy the pace felt the entire time. The entire course was pretty hilly- long gradual hills- which generally climbed the first half and declined on the way back. My first 9 miles took 1:22:16 (9:08 average pace- I killed those hills!) and the next 8.5 miles took 1:13:04 (8:36 average pace). Also, the distance/time flew by. I was so focused on going the right way (HA) that the miles just ticked by.

I also didn't listen to my iPod at all... I was running along a main road most of the time and needed to listen for cars and cyclists (mostly cyclists since I was in the bike lane). So yet again I spent like an hour loading it up last night with the latest Phidipidations podcast and some music, only to ignore it the entire time. Oh well, it will give me something to listen to this week.

Oh, and I ate 4 Clif Blocks total - 3 lemon lime (gross) and 1 black cherry (grosser). Drank 2 bottles of water.

So, TOTAL miles for Week 4: 47.5

I've offically deviated from the schedule. I'm such a rebel! :P


Friday, October 06, 2006

The Friday Five

Friday 5.0 miles/48:48/9:46 average pace

Man was I tired this morning! Sleepy, sluggish, sapped. Weak, weary, worn-out. Drowsy, drained, done-in, depleted. Bushed, beat.

Ok it wasn't that bad, I was just having fun with my thesaurus.


Happy frrrrrrriday!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Autumn in Colorado

Wednesday 11.00 miles/1:42:42/9:20 average pace

I didn't take that picture above, but I could have. That's exactly how it looked- soooo pretty!! There was even a touch of snow on the distant mountains. My run went really well, I stayed with my strategy of not looking at my watch, and it worked again. Meaning, I kept my pace easy and just got the miles in. Something is working in this program, because 11 miles doesn't seem like a long run anymore! :)

Oh- and I didn't notice any effect of the elevation in Colorado (about 5300 feet). Which is funny, because I totally noticed it when I ran in Montana at 4000 feet. Maybe there are other factors at work there? Temperature, humidity, etc? Intersting.

I am feeling pretty good so far in my training. Coming up on the end of 4 weeks down, 8 to go. 1/3 of the way there!

I'm excited for the next several weeks. Starting this week I'll be running more mileage than ever before (previous peak mileage was 46, this week is going to be 47), which I will maintain for 6 weeks, peaking at 55. I am excited for the challenge, and I feel prepared for it. My goals are to stay postive, stay rested as possible, and eat healthy. I can do this!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Treadmill Tuesday

Tuesday 4.0 miles/38:27/9:37 average pace

God, I hate the treadmill.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Pfitz Week 4

Ooops, forgot to post this before. Here's the schedule for this week:

Monday: 10 (5 LT)
Tuesday: 4 easy
Wednesday: 11 Medium Long
Thursday: off
Friday: 5 easy
Saturday: 17 Long
Sunday: off


Yay, Monday's workout is excessive!

Monday 10.00 miles/1:25:22/8:32 average pace

So ya, just kicking back after a little INSANE running. Seriously! Come on, Pfitz. 10 miles w/ 5 @ LT. Oh sure! No problem. That's only like as hard as I ran in my most recent HALF MARATHON. That's only practically a 10k RACE with a few extra easy miles added on to make it interesting. Allright, I'm overreacting a little. Maybe I'm building it up so much because it actually went fine :) And I'm frickin impressed with myself.

I did 3 miles easy,
5 miles Tempo Pace in 39:05
7:45, 7:52, 7:58, 7:50, 7:40
(Average pace: 7:49 perfect!),
then 2 miles easy. Average pace for 5 easy miles: 9:15


I'm going to Colorado for a couple of days. I was trying to think of ways to make this week's running more difficult... then it dawned on me! By Gum!! I'll go to the mile-high city!!