Sunday, October 29, 2006

Long Run Week 7

Saturday 20.00 miles/3:05:54/9:16 average pace

I ran on the Los Gatos Creek trail in San Jose, which is where the Silicon Valley Marathon is being held today. I ran into (get it?) a guy named John near the beginning of the run and we ran about 8 miles together. He helped me start at a controlled pace and shortened the amount of time I had to run alone. I like making random friends while running. :) This guy happened to be 64 years old, but that doesn't seem to matter much when you're a runner. We had plenty to talk about (yes, we talked about his grandkids a little!). Anyway, we ran about a 10:00 pace for those 8 miles, then I picked it up for the rest. I started to feel pretty tired around 13-14 miles, but held on. It was pretty warm too so I refilled my water bottle a bunch of times to stay hydrated. I also ate my Clif Blocks along the way which helped a lot. I was really tired after, and after my huge breakfast (lunch) and a hot shower I took a long nap, and also slept about 10+ hours last night. It was great.

I wore my old shoes, and I'm glad because they didn't hurt my toe at all. Which is definitely a blister now, but it doesn't hurt. I think I'll keep those old shoes in the rotation and run the marathon in my new shoes, which will have like 175 miles on them on race day. I think they really need to be broken in, and I don't want to have to deal with breaking in ANOTHER pair before the race.

TOTAL miles for week 7: 55.25

!!!! Weekly mileage record !!!!

The spooky thing (another joke, get it? It's Halloween this week? So funny.) is that this WAS (past tense! eep!) my peak week. Which means it's all downhill from here. The race is only 5 weeks away. Weeeee!


Marathon Maritza said...

Weeee! Great job!

Milotis said...

Remember in week one when you were worried this was going to be difficult - Fuck that! You rock!