Saturday, October 07, 2006

Long Run Week 4

17.5 miles/2:35:20/8:53 average pace

First of all, I got lost. Hence, the extra half mile. I planned my route carefully on gmap pedometer, I even printed out the route to review AND wrote a little cheat sheet of directions so I wouldn't forget the few turns I had to make. So, you ask, how could I have possibly got lost? Well, on my directions cheat-sheet I wrote a "R" where I should have wrote a "L." :( But it worked out allright, I happened to be at about 8.75 miles when I realized I was off course, so I just turned around and re-traced my steps. No problemo. The moral of the story is that I should learn right from left. And I should also actually charge my cell phone if I plan on carrying it with me.

Ok, that aside... it was a great run!!! I couldn't believe how easy the pace felt the entire time. The entire course was pretty hilly- long gradual hills- which generally climbed the first half and declined on the way back. My first 9 miles took 1:22:16 (9:08 average pace- I killed those hills!) and the next 8.5 miles took 1:13:04 (8:36 average pace). Also, the distance/time flew by. I was so focused on going the right way (HA) that the miles just ticked by.

I also didn't listen to my iPod at all... I was running along a main road most of the time and needed to listen for cars and cyclists (mostly cyclists since I was in the bike lane). So yet again I spent like an hour loading it up last night with the latest Phidipidations podcast and some music, only to ignore it the entire time. Oh well, it will give me something to listen to this week.

Oh, and I ate 4 Clif Blocks total - 3 lemon lime (gross) and 1 black cherry (grosser). Drank 2 bottles of water.

So, TOTAL miles for Week 4: 47.5

I've offically deviated from the schedule. I'm such a rebel! :P



Anonymous said...

Great job Jen! Good pace and a dirty cliff shot block! Milo!!

Marathon Maritza said...

So who's this rebel poster? Don't they know that only E and I are allowed to run amuck in the comments section???

Just kidding.

Great run! I'm telling need to get on the Gu train: chocolate, espresso and vanilla are yummy.


Jen said...

That's just Zach, talking nonsense. He doesn't even read the blog.

Obviously, since I didn't write about the Clif Block I dropped, then ate. Hey, it's slightly embarassing! That was supposed to be between us. You betrayed me, man!!

PS I'm bringing an espresso Gu on our run tomorrow morning!! :)