Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday am: Tempo

Thursday 8.0 miles/1:04:41/8:05 average pace

1 mile warm up: 8:40

6 miles LT:
1: 8:03
2: 7:41
3: 7:49
4: 8:11
5: 7:52
6: 7:34

1 mile cool down: 8:45

Average pace of tempo portion: 7:53

Right on target again! And this morning's tempo run was the easiest so far. The proof of that is in the fact that I was able to run all 6 miles continiously without a break. In the previous tempo runs, I got a cramp or was just plain out of breath, so I'd stop between miles for a few seconds. I think I only did this one time in each workout, but still. Not this time! It sure helped that it was really cold out. But the whole run felt pretty easy which makes me really happy. :)

The schedule actually called for 11 miles total, with a 6 mile tempo run. But dammit I can't get up that early. So I'll do the other 3 miles tonight after work with Zach.

Making this a landmark- my first ever two-a-day. I'm officially insane.

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Anonymous said...

Great job on the tempo run that is an impressive pace!