Saturday, October 14, 2006

Long Run Week 5

Saturday 18 miles/2:44:22/9:08 average pace

This morning we drove up to Tiburon, about an hour from here, and got our money's worth! (cost of gas and all that) It was beautiful, the run was tough, and the breakfast was scrumptrulescent (look it up). I did 2 loops around the Tiburon peninsula, which was just about 8.5 miles, then finished it up with a mile in the park. Zach ran with me the first loop, which was awesome and he did great.

first 9: 1:12:19 (9:15 average pace)

second 9: 1:21:03 (9:00 average pace)

It really was quite hilly. I read about the route in a book and online, and no one mentioned the hills! So they were a surprise. The first couple miles were flat, but from there it seemed like I ascended a LOT more than I descended. I kept waiting for the downhills, and suddenly I was back at the car. Like NO perceptible drop. Something otherworldly is going on up there... Anyway, I managed to run the final mile in the park in 8:09. :)


TOTAL miles for week 5: 51!


That's the first time I ran over 50 miles in one week! Sweeeet!!!!! I rock.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Great run. Wish I had your speed. And how about that negitive split!
I have done loop runs where it felt like I went uphill more then down, how does that work?
Congrats on your weekly mileage, I agree you rock!!

Milotis said...

Nice work! 51 miles!!! You are doing such a great job on Pfitz - remember when you thought it was going to be so hard and now you are half way through!