Sunday, June 24, 2012

Running for Two Part V

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Weeks 33-36

Here we are again! This update only covers the last 4 weeks, instead of the 6 week intervals I’ve used before- things are changing fast around here and who knows where I’ll be in another 2 weeks.

Still friggin running! So great. I was so unsure at the beginning of my pregnancy how long I would be able to run, and here I am less than 4 weeks from my due date and going strong. Super happy about this.

So latest issues- well, the side stitches still happen although less frequently the last couple weeks. And I haven’t had as much tightening/contracting either. My new complaint is this sharp, stabbing pain I get right in my hoo-ha. It is right in the bladder area but the doctor said it’s actually most likely the baby’s head pushing down on my pubic bone. Thanks, baby! How can that be comfortable for her?? Thankfully, this pain is usually fleeting (although it takes my breath away when it happens!), but on one recent run it hurt the whole time. Yet again I was left wondering if my running days were over- but the last two runs were pretty much pain free. So I soldier on!

I haven’t had as many runs with Alisa lately- we’ve both been traveling and otherwise occupied, but we do our best. She’s in peak training for her half-ironman race anyway so it makes it hard to wedge a couple miles into her intense schedule. She’s still an awesome supporter though! (and awesome shower-thrower too, see previous post!)

One person I have been running with- Zach! He’s finally in a place where he can go out for a few easy miles with his round-bellied wife and I LOVE it! After his spring of ultra-marathoning and then an extended recovery due to a knee injury, it had been a long time since we ran together. He’s very accommodating- usually jogs as slow as he can and still gets ahead of me, but he always waits. :) We had several great runs on our babymoon vacation in Central Oregon, including a few trail runs! We also have been running from home together and love exploring the neighborhood and new trails around us. Such great bonding time in our last weeks as a family of 2!

Anyway, here are the stats from the last 4 weeks. I’m still running 3 days a week about 3 miles at a time. Here is each week’s “long run” and weekly mileage total:

33 weeks pregnant: 3.7 miles at 12:48 pace, 12.6 miles total
34 weeks pregnant: 3.1 miles at 10:38 pace (5k!), 9.6 miles total
35 weeks pregnant: 4.0 miles at 12:15 pace, 9.75 miles total
36 weeks pregnant: 4.0 miles with Zach at 12:20 pace, 9.1 miles total

Running pictures:

After today’s run- 36 weeks pregnant:


36w1d running buddy

4 miler at 35 weeks:


Finishing 5k at 34 weeks along:


Trail run with Zach at 33 1/2 weeks in Bend:

33w5d Deschutes run

Body Changes:

As you can see in those pictures, I am getting big. It’s pretty fun- certainly identifiable as Super Pregnant. Lots of kind smiles, questions about my due date, and seats on the bus.

Baby girl is squirming and rolling all the time, it’s borderline disturbing. I mostly love it but it can be kind of painful. Everyone with a few moments to spare can easily see my belly wobbling or a foot protruding – so that’s fun (for shock value.) When my friends were here for the baby shower they all got a nice kick or two!

Doctor visits are going great and everything is looking good. I got an ultrasound to check on her and she’s in ship shape. At 35.5 weeks she measured at the 60th percentile and was estimated at 5 lbs 11 oz. They said 7.5 ish pounds by her due date. I still haven’t really gained any weight in the last few weeks- pretty interesting. I am eating super healthy – probably better than I ever have. The doctor isn’t surprised or concerned at all- baby is obviously fine and I have energy still so my body is just doing it’s thing I guess.

She’ll be here soon- probably in about a month or less even. I am strangely not that worried about giving birth. I know I should be, it’s going to be crazy, but it’s just not in my head at all. I guess my rationalization is that giving birth has been the “A” goal of this whole endeavor, and if I get to do that, it’s the best case scenario. So I am grateful for the opportunity to shove her out. Weeee! I can’t wait to meet her and see her little face and learn all about her.


Cross Training:

Hmm, I think I went to yoga two of the four weeks. That’s it! Lots and lots of walking though too- on my lunch break every day and often in the evening after dinner with Zach.



I have a whole slideshow of weekly pics which I may post someday but for now, let’s just do a few (4 week intervals):

12 weeks:

 12 weeks profile

16 weeks:

16 weeks profile 

20 weeks:

20 weeks profile 

24 weeks:

24 Weeks profile 

28 weeks:

28 weeks profile 

32 weeks:

32 weeks profile

36 weeks!

36 weeks profile

And a few pictures of the nursery, which is now pretty much ready. The theme and colors were inspired by the bird painting I bought on Etsy. The big tree mural is a vinyl sticker decal we ordered online. The birdhouses were made at my baby shower by all the guests. The flamingo painting was done by a good friend. Nature, beauty, and lots of love.

Nursery 2 

Nursery 1 

Nursery 4

Nursery 6

Nursery 7

Thanks for reading. I owe you one last running update- weeks 37-???

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Three Sisters 5k Race Report

It's mid-June and life in Oregon is good. It's been a very busy and exciting month so far! On June 1st a couple of my best friends flew into Portland for a few days to hang out and celebrate my baby shower with me. Alisa threw a beautiful shower on Saturday the 2nd- all our friends, beautiful decorations, yummy food! We spent the entire next week on vacation in Central Oregon where we did a lot of hiking, walking, and even trail running... but also a lot of relaxing. Now we are home and back to reality. The clock is ticking towards our little girl's due date and there is still much to do!

I have so many pictures of all the festivities and adventures and friends- I'll try to pick a few to post. But before I get to that, I have a race report to share!

I discovered about a week before our trip that there would be a race held right at the resort where our condo is! It's the Three Sisters Marathon- a small, second-annual event that had a marathon, a marathon relay, and sure enough... a 5k. Score! The start/finish area was just across the golf course from our condo- I've never been so close to the start of a race. As we walked and ran around all week I kept seeing the course markings. How could I not run it?! Also, looking at last year's results (the first year of the race), there were only 47 5k runners and only 2 in my age group. I figured I had an AG place locked in!

I was going to register the morning of the race, but ended up signing up at the Fleet Feet store in Bend the day before since we were nearby. This meant I could sleep in as late as possible and leave the condo about 10 minutes before the gun went off (avoiding any restroom wait). Zach decided not to run so that he could get pictures. We walked over to the start together and got there with a couple minutes to spare. There were like 20 people! Official results show 49 finishers, which feels like 20.

My goal was obviously just to finish and have fun. My runs lately have been in the 12:00+ range generally, with lots of walk breaks. I ran a 5k a few months back, at 23 weeks pregnant (I was 34 weeks on race day this time) and finished with around 10:00 pace. But that was a different era altogether. This time I was hoping that I could run the whole thing, keeping an 11:00-12:00 pace, and avoid any walking. But given how often I get cramping on my runs lately (side stitches and minor contractions) I knew that was a long shot. Of course I knew it didn't matter what my finish time was, but I am competitive and goal-oriented no matter what the context. Zach even suggested I run without my Garmin and I scoffed at him. It's still a RACE buddy. It's ON. These 20 children and grandparents were going down!!

After some hit-or-miss weather all week we were treated to a super clear, sunny morning. It was cool, like upper 40's, but not bad. I gave Zach his jacket and lined up and we were off at 8:00 sharp!

I kind of ran with a chatty couple of ladies and a 7 year old girl for the first mile. Her dad was running with her, kind of scolding her for being slow before telling her "I'm going to run ahead, now don't slow down!" What a creep! I finally passed her, but then caught up to a little boy around her same age with the typical kid sprint/walk pace strategy. He was pretty fun and actually kept right around me the rest of the race. The course was a little loop and a little out and back so I saw Zach a few times. First about at mile 1 and then again at mile 2 (plus start and finish). He asked me how I was feeling and I was happy to say "great!" I didn't have any cramping and was keeping a good pace. Mile 1 came in at 10:45 and mile 2 was 10:58. I was surprised! I got to see the leaders and counted about 6 women ahead of me. (the leader ended up rolling her ankle making the last turn and had to drop out).

In the last mile I encouraged the little sprint/walk boy quite a bit- he was struggling and questioned aloud the accuracy of the course. ("My dad said three miles but this seems a lot longer!") I told him his dad was right but we were nearly done, only 1/2 mile to go! He got off course a couple times so I helped him out. It was really cute. I thanked the one volunteer directing people at the junction of all the loops/out-and-backs as I went by the last time, and thanked the 4 people cheering at the next junction (the only spectators of the day). I was still feeling great and didn't have any side cramps or anything! Mile 3 was 10:06, and then I kicked a bit in the last stretch- my garmin showed the last .13 miles at an 8:30 pace. Weee! My little buddy finished just ahead of me, and then it was my big finish. They even called my name! :)

It was really a super fun race. I felt great- I was able to push kind of hard but had no discomfort at all. That last 5k in March I felt weird about participating in a race at my current speed, but this time I owned it.

Official race results:

33:00 (10:38 pace)

2/8 30-34 AG

6/36 Females

17/49 Overall

I waited around for a while hoping for a big awards ceremony, but this no-frills race skipped that part. Bummer- I really wanted a ribbon or something for my baby. Oh well. Zach and I walked back to the condo and made a big bacon and eggs breakfast and spent the rest of the morning at the pool. I know it's silly, but I really was basking in my post-race high for quite a while! It was so fun and I was really happy with how I did.

The results are hilarious. There really were several children and in fact the 2nd place finisher was probably about 9 years old. The first place woman (after the race leader's injury) finished in 26 minutes. The male winner was pretty fast, but Zach and I both decided we should try to schedule our vacation around this same time next year so we can sweep the field. Cherry pickers! I actually would be interested to hear how the marathon went- it's a really gorgeous area and seemed well-organized, so it might be worth doing. Not sure how flat the course is (start/finish is around 3000 feet), and it gets pretty windy out there, but it could be a fun marathon. I might have to check the age group results...

Race Pictures!



  Zoom1 Zoom2 Zoom3 Zoom4





A few pictures from the rest of our gorgeous vacation in Central Oregon:

 DSC_0067 DSC_0084 DSC_0090 DSC_0098 DSC_0318


And finally, a few from the beautiful baby shower the previous weekend. So much love!

 DSC_0117 DSC_0176 DSC_0179 DSC_0188 DSC_0204 DSC_0254 DSC_0259


Thanks for reading!!