Sunday, March 04, 2012

Running for Two Part II

I’m not sure that this will really become a “series,” but I thought it might be nice to keep the titles consistent in case I want, or a reader wants, to refer back to these posts someday.

Last time I updated (here) I was just finishing up my first trimester. It has been 6 weeks and I am now 20 weeks pregnant. This means I am halfway through my pregnancy already! Wow.

Weeks 15-20

I’m still running strong! In fact, I haven’t really slowed down any further and I’ve kept my long runs and weekly mileage at the same level as I was when we left off. Yay!

I never knew what to expect with this running during pregnancy business, I still don’t. Of course I would love to be one of those lucky people that can run up until they go into labor, but I know how unlikely that is. There are many factors that could pull me off the roads- ligament strain, pelvis strain, bladder discomfort, etc, etc,etc. My goal has always been just to run as long as I could. I am very grateful and excited to still be running strong at 20 weeks.

As I said, my pace hasn’t slowed down too much since that 14 week update. I still run most of my runs in the 10:30-11:30 ish range… some runs are slower (12:00+) and some are faster (10:00 ish, even one sub-10 4 miler!). I still take walk breaks somewhat often, especially on hill routes, and my pace reflects that.

My running distance and total weekly mileage is also still at the same level as the previous update. In fact, I ran 10 miles last weekend at 19 weeks pregnant! That ties with week 14 for my longest run during pregnancy. I’ve kept my weeknight runs at 3-4 miles usually, with a couple 5 or 6 mile runs thrown in. My long runs have ranged from about 7 to 10  miles. Here are those long run stats from the previous 6 weeks:

15 weeks pregnant: 8.0 miles at 11:50 pace (with Alisa)
16 weeks pregnant: 7.0 miles at 11:39 pace (with Alisa)
17 weeks pregnant: 9.15 miles at 12:34 pace (with Alisa)
18 weeks pregnant: 6.85 miles at 12:12 pace (solo, SICK, awful!)
19 weeks pregnant: 10.0 miles at 11:25 pace (solo)
20 weeks pregnant: 7.0 miles at 12:12 pace (with Alisa)

My total weekly mileage has been consistent at about 20 miles per week in 4 runs.

How I feel on a given run varies from day to day, just like before pregnancy. But even on a good run, I can’t “forget” that I am pregnant- my breathing is labored and my pace feels slow. Some days I feel tired and heavy, and need lots of walk breaks. Other days it feels relatively easy and I don’t walk at all. I take the good with the bad and try to just feel happy to be running!

One thing that has changed is that I feel the need to stop at the bathroom more often. Even on short runs I sometimes have to stop (or wish I could). On long runs I have to stop 2-4 times. I have altered my routes to make sure I pass by a couple bathroom options which makes me feel better, even if I don’t use them. It kind of sucks that I can’t just run wherever I want, but that’s ok. I can go back to those bathroom-less routes later after baby is born!

Running pictures:

Long, snowy run at 17 weeks:

 17w1d Hood River Run

10 miler at 19 weeks:

19weeks 10 miler2

This weekend’s 7 miler- hello belly!

20 weeks run pic


Body Changes

My belly is definitely growing. Not huge yet, but I think this last week it really “popped” out. I love it.

Before a run the other day:


I like this picture- My view!

18w4d my view

It hasn’t affected my running yet, but I expect it will soon as it gets bigger. I have tried wearing a supportive belt thing but I can’t decide if I  like it. It definitely holds things in, but it kind of presses on my bladder. And I don’t need anything ELSE pressing on my bladder!


I’ve been going to yoga 1-2 times a week consistently. I go to a weekly prenatal class that I love. Especially since two of my best friends are in there with me! It’s been so fun having Amy and Emily being knocked-up at the same time. I love sharing this with them.

I have also been swimming, although not super consistently. I have gone once a week most weeks, twice a week once, and I’ve missed a week or two. I was sick a couple weeks ago so that was my excuse that time. I do love it, it’s just hard to get motivated to go. Last night I went and had an amazing time- I swam 1500 yards which is my farthest distance in ages! It was slow and challenging but I loved it.

2-piece for 2:

17w6d swim2

There’s one surprising addition to this cross training section. I would have never thought I would be writing about cycling on my blog for a while, but today I went for a bike ride! Zach and I rode across town for breakfast, about 10 miles total. I rode my mountain bike which is much easier and not as scary as clipping in on my road bike. We took it so easy but it was pretty hilly and tough! We had a blast and it felt great. I was really comfortable and would totally do this again, especially as the weather gets nicer.

Mountain Man

On the “running for one” front, Zach ran a trail marathon yesterday near Olympia, Washington. He once again showed how talented he is at trail running. He finished in 4:30 which was good enough for 3rd place. OVERALL. Amazingly, a female finished 2nd place so he was actually the 2nd place male.

Pretty amazing. I am so proud of him. I wasn’t up there to watch the race- he kind of decided to run it at the last minute and I already had plans, but I wish I had been there. Such an exciting thing. I am so proud of him. So proud, so jealous, so amazed. I admire him and all his hard work, and I’m just so happy for him. I’m so glad he knocked me up. Our kid is going to be such a bad ass.

   20w Parents 7

20w Parents 820w Parents 3

20w Parents 2

That’s it for now! I’ll try to update specifically on this running topic again in a few weeks. I should even have a race report in a few weeks… I signed up for a 5k in 3 weeks!! :)

Thanks for reading!


Amy said...

Your kid will be a bad ass. :) I, too, miss the long train runs, and think that when I come back, for the sake of my joints & body, I'm going to do 75% trail running. Alvie & I are going to run on Leif with my kick-ass new stroller!

You are awesome with the running and I am so happy for you & proud of you for keeping up with it!

It is great having other pregnant friends - we are awesome. :)

Alisa said...

Love all these photos! (Especially the ones at the end of you and Zach....soooooooo stinkin cute).

Yes, your kid is going to be such a freakin' bad ass it's not even funny.

I have been LOVING all the runs with you. You're amazing and I will continue to call you Iron F'ing Jen especially toward the end of our runs when I'm tired and you're kicking my butt.

Susan - Nurse on the Run said...

"I'm so glad he knocked me up." hahhahah. Your kid will definitely be a rockstar!

Ewen said...

You're going well. Good to keep a record of your paces as the pregnancy progresses. Great running from Zach in the trail race - 2nd or 3rd, who cares, that's a great result! Enjoy the 5k.