Monday, March 12, 2012

Big Week

It was a big week of running and a big week baby-wise too. First, the running!

Tuesday- 4 miles, 10:35 average

I ran with Zach after going to the doctor for an ultrasound. (more on that below) We had a nice 4 mile run in Forest Park on the Leif Erickson trail. We started off really slow (darn uphill) but finished really fast- 8:51 last mile!! That’s got to be the first sub 9:00 mile in months. (yay downhill!)

Pics from after the run:

20w3d FP5 20w3d FP 20w3d FP2 20w3d FP3 20w3d FP4

Wednesday I swam, and had a great/awful swim. I did 1000 yards total. The great part was I swam 500 yards without a break! The awful part was that the pool was crowded and a total cluster, I ended up just getting out for fear of getting kicked in the fetus.


20w4d swim2

Thursday- 4 miles, 12:33 average

Another awesome run! Thursday I did a portion of Alisa’s longer run with her. We ran around our neighborhood and even ran up the huge hill by my house! A few walk breaks but felt strong. The best part was that it was SUNNY! I exposed baby to sun (first time ever? Not joking).

20w5d sunshine

Friday I rested. As in fell asleep as soon as I walked in the door after work. Kind of waste, since it was another lovely day. I finally went and sat outside and watched Zach work in the garden. It’s manlier than it sounds, just look:

Big Papa March 9

The weekend was more running greatness. Ya, ya, Zach ran something like 43 miles between the two days. But I did stuff too!

Saturday- 4 miles, 10:37 average

Started the weekend off with an early pre-yoga run. I never run early Saturday mornings on the waterfront, so I was surprised to see all the marathon training groups out. Like, hundreds of runners! Which meant, statistically, with all those different people, I was going to pass someone. And I did! Several actually! I admit that was nice.

Sunday- 10 miles, 12:15 average

Another amazing run with Alisa. We drove out the Banks Vernonia trail and ran 10 gorgeous, challenging miles. We ran gradually for 5 miles and back downhill the second half- 1,000 feet total gain. It was cold (upper 30’s) and really rainy (sleety/snowy) at times, but not terrible overall. We are such great training buddies these days it’s just awesome to have her. She is easily the most dedicated athlete I know, and it feels good to be around that as often as I can.

BV with Alisa 3-11

10 miles at 21 weeks pregnant:

21w1d BV 10 miler

Total miles for the week: 22! Plus one swim and one yoga class. Good stuff!! I am so grateful to still be so active at this stage of my pregnancy. I hope it can continue for a long time.


Ok and finally, a quick baby update.

She’s the greatest. Look how cute!

Ultrasound March 6 face

We got that picture of her sweet little face at our 20 week ultrasound early this week. That’s when they do an extensive anatomy scan and measure and check all her bits and pieces. She’s measuring right on track and everything looked “textbook” perfect. What a relief, I was worried they might find something. But she’s great!! :)

The biggest news this week is that I am feeling so much movement in my belly! Like serious jabs and pokes from inside! It’s NUTS. I was feeling “maybe” fluttery type feelings for a few weeks but this week it’s off the charts. I can even see it if I happen to be looking at my stomach (which I admit I spend a great deal of time doing. What can I say, my job is boring!). It is so amazing and fascinating and weird. Zach hasn’t seen it or felt it, but it’s so sporadic it’s hard to catch. I know it’ll get super obvious soon enough so no worries.

Also, I’m getting big. Maybe I’ve said this in every single post but this time I mean it. I think I’m pretty obviously pregnant, although I haven’t had any strangers comment yet.

Compare how I looked at 3 months pregnant (13 weeks):

 13weeks O

Here I am yesterday at about 5 months (21 weeks):

21 weeks O

Definitely a bump. It’s fun. :)

Allright, I will wrap it up. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!


Carolina John said...

Nice! Wow that's good milage. And you're going to love having a girl. It's fantastic. So glad she's healthy!

Alisa said...

Yay all around! Look at some of those fast runs, you're a rock star...actually not a rock start and IRON F'ing JEN!

Can't wait for thursday run!

Petraruns said...

YOu're looking lovely and so happy that all is going well with you and baby (and that babydaddy is proving SUCH an awesome rockstar long distance running daddy).

Ewen said...

Tell Zach to keep that garden work going - his tan leaves a lot to be desired ;-)

Lisa said...

That looks like Mt Scott! I fully plan on swimming through my entire pregnancy (someday). I think it's a FANTASTIC way to be fit.