Thursday, January 31, 2008

LOST thursday

Wednesday 9.0 miles/1:19:30/8:50 average pace
Ran after work 2 miles by myself, then 7 with Zach. Felt great.
Went swimming this morning, did 1050 m in about 25 minutes
Blah, Blah, Blah... Season Premiere of Lost is on tonight!!!!!!!!! OMG I am excited. Anyone else (besides Maritza and Zach) care this much? YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

12 weeks to Boston: Pfitz Light week 1

Saturday 12.0 miles/1:46:30/8:52 average pace

Long run with Zach in Danville. His half marathon is coming up this weekend so he stuck with me to keep it easy. I felt really good too- the pace felt very comfortable to me and I didn't have to take any walk breaks.

Sunday I mostly laid around the house in my pj's but I did get out for a 9 ish mile bike ride (45 minutes or so I think). It was raining off and on so I got pretty wet/muddy. It was fun. :)

So, TOTAL miles for last week: 29, plus some swimming, a bike ride, and some weights.

This week officially begins my 12 week training program for Boston. I am using the tried-and-true Pfitzinger 12 week plan, but I'm cutting back the mileage a little. I'm calling it "Pfitz Light." I will be running only 4 days per week instead of 5 and therefore my weekly mileage will be a little lower than the schedule as written. I generally eliminated easy/general aerobic runs and kept the "key" workouts (tempo runs and intervals). I will substitute lots of cross training to keep my fitness level high and also to prepare me for the upcoming tri season (yay!) I think this plan will get me into good marathon shape without the burn out I experienced last time around.
Here is the Pfitz Light Week 1 Schedule:
monday: 8 miles GA + Strides
tues: xt
wednesday: 9 miles GA
thurs: xt
friday: 5 miles Easy
saturday: 13 miles Long
sunday: cheer like mad for Zach at the Kaiser Permanente Half Marathon in San Francisco. :)

So here's my first week of training so far- I was in Los Angeles for work so I got to run on my favoritist beachfront route, the Strand.

Monday 8.0 miles/1:10:58/8:52 average pace

General Aerobic run with strides at the end. I didn't bother to look at my watch the whole time and I didn't have to stop to walk at all. It was so sunny and nice out too.

Tuesday I got up and walked down to the beach and walked for a little over 5 miles total in about an hour and a half. I went by the 24hour fitness and did 20 minutes weights as well.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Spirit of the Marathon

I went to the one-night-only showing of this movie last night with Maritza at my local theater. I will let others give a real review of the movie but let me tell you it is GREAT. Oh man what a movie!! It was very well done- great stories, great filming, great music, everything. I really enjoyed it. I would say my favorite parts were all the parts with Deena Kastor, the older gentleman who ran with his daughter, the story of the guy with the knee injury, the interviews with the legends of the sport, and the actual marathon footage. Ya, basically the whole thing. It really brought up a lot of feelings for me and it absolutely inspired me. We even stuck around till the very end (after the credits) and saw the extra footage. Overall, this movie rocked and I can't wait to see it again. They are apparently showing an encore presentation on February 21st. I will be there! (and I will get there earlier so I don't have to sit in the very front row, hehe). You all have got to see this movie.

Well back to the topic of my running, here are some training updates:

Wednesday 7.0 miles/1:02:28/8:55 average pace

I was not feeling great on Wednesday and really had to force myself out the door after work. But once I was out I felt much better! I ran the loop with the big hill and felt strong. My pace was between 910-9:40 or so until the last two miles which I ran in 8:05 and 7:47. Nice!! I finished up with a short strength session at home with free weights.

Thursday I went to the gym to swim. Brrrr. Getting in the pool is so hard when it's cold (ok, not cold-cold, but cold to me) outside and that water always feels so cold at first. Anyway, I forgot my watch but swam for 25 minutes and covered at least 1000 m. I kind of lost count but I know I did at least 20 laps. I did some freestyle, some backstroke, and some pulling. I love backstroke the bestest. :)

Friday 6.0/55:07/9:11 average pace

As inspired as I was last night after the movie, it was a struggle to get out of my warm bed at 6:00 this morning. There was supposed to be a big huge storm moving in so I had all my stuff ready to go up to the gym for a treadmill run. Well I felt a little silly when I walked outside and it was about 50 degrees and not raining... but I was all dressed for the gym (i.e., shorts and a tank top) so I just went up there anyway. 6 miles on the hamster wheel is a little much for me but I did it. I started off at 6.0 mph and increased it .1 every half mile, then I increased .1 every quarter mile during my final mile. It gave me something to focus on. So I ended up running my last .25 at 7.3 mph.

By the way, that storm still hasn't arrived and it's 9:30 am... wtf? I'm sure it will be in full force for my 12 miler tomorrow morning, greeeeeat.

So who saw the movie? Did you enjoy it?

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wow, Wednesday already??

Ok lots of catching up to do, starting with the weekend:

Saturday 12.25 miles/1:51:59/9:08 average pace

So my girlfriends arrived Friday and we had a late night of visiting and wine-drinking, but I did get up with Zach for our long run. Sure, we got a late start, but we did it. I ran with Zach for the first 4 or 5 miles, then turned on my iPod and finished it out alone. Felt really good and my pace was even.

I finished the week with 28.25 miles total, plus 2100 m swimming (I think I forgot to log Thursday's swim).

The rest of the weekend was wonderful. The girls left on Monday afternoon and I've been completely wiped out since. I slept all afternoon Monday and yesterday I came home from work at noon and slept/rested all afternoon. I don't think I'm sick, just absolutely exhausted from my super fun girls weekend.

I did get up yesterday morning for a run (which was supposed to happen Monday):

Tuesday 4.0 miles/38:12/9:33 average pace

I actually felt really good on the run, but I think I used all my energy up before I even got to work. I slept in this morning though, rather than going swimming, but I'm running tonight and will be back on track finally.

Here's some pics:

Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park:

Going to meet up with Maritza for dinner:
Me and Maritza at dinner:
Guitar heros:

Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Me day

Friday 6.0 miles/56:17/9:08 average pace

Just got back from this run and am typing with frozen fingers. I have the day off work so I got to sleep in, but even at 8:00 with the sun shining it's frickin cold out there. I believe it's in the 30s. I had a great run though! I ran an out and back that goes up some rolling hills, then I tackled a bonus big hill at the turnaround. I listened to Phedippidations podcast and just zoned out and ran. I borrowed Zach's Garmin 305 so I could play with the heart rate monitor. I've never ran with one so I had no idea what to expect. Turns out my heart beats a lot faster than my husbands. :D The other day he said on an easy run his HR was below 140. Wow. Here's my stats:

(ok just poured myself a cup of tea..mmmm. I love how in the winter a cup of tea sounds so good after a chilly run, almost as much as I love a cold beer after a hot summer run. Anyway, where was I)

Oh ya stats:

well currently my HR is 84 and dropping, I must have gotten a little worked up over the tea. :P

Average HR for the 6 miles: 167 bpm

Mile 1: 9:19 (HR 158)
Mile 2: 9:17 (HR 167)
Mile 3: 9:30 (HR 169)
Mile 4: 9:12 (HR 169)
Mile 5: 8:56 (HR 168)
Mile 6: 8:31 (HR 173)

Weird how my heart rate didn't really come down after I turned around and ran back down the hills. I guess it's rolling so there were some up hills both ways. I did kind of watch the HR reading and I saw it get up to about 180 a couple times on the big hills, and it would drop to the 150's on the way down. I don't have a clue what any of this means but it was fun to try out. :)

First thing this morning I weighed in and this week I have to report a big fat ZERO. Oh well! I figured that would happen since I dropped like 5 pounds last week. At least I didn't gain any. I like to think that my body is "locking in" this new lower weight- that it wasn't a fluke last week. I'll take it.

My two best friends in the world are coming to visit this weekend - one is flying in from Portland this afternoon and the other arrives from Phoenix this evening. I can't even explain how excited I am. :) We've been very close since we were little, growing up only blocks apart in Montana. I love these girls and can't wait to spend this time with them. I'm also really excited for Maritza to come hang out with us too- she's only met one of the girls but they really hit it off. It's going to be a blast. I am sticking to my running schedule (12 miles tomorrow, then some easy miles Monday) but the diet is definitely going on hold. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!! :) Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Split personalities

Catching up on logging two runs that couldn't be more different:

Monday 4.0 miles/31:15/7:49 average pace

Where did that come from?! I think I started off fast because I ran immediately after arriving home from work on my bike. Basically it was a T2 brick run and I must have been channeling the sprint triathlete in me. I realized after a half mile or less that I was going kinda fast but decided to go with it. My splits were 8:18, 7:44, 7:35, and 7:32 (or something like that). It was HARD after a mile or so. Luckily I had two street crossings that I used to catch my breath, and I took a couple more little breaks (after miles 2 and 3). Hey, it's been a while since I pushed that hard, so I'll take it.

Tuesday I went to the gym in the morning and swam 1000 m. I did 500 freestyle in 9:52 or so, then 250 backstroke, then 250 pulling only. Then Tuesday night (last night) I did a free weights/core workout at home.

Wednesday 6.0 miles/56:17/9:23 average pace

Maritza was going to come down and run with me this morning but had a car situation come up (not hers, thankfully!) and had to take care of that instead. Since I'd already set my alarm and set my clothes out, I dragged my tired ass out of bed a little after 6:00 am to run. My options were limited due to the darkness so I did a 6 mile loop that includes a big ol hill. I was feeling ok but my pace was slooooow. I pushed a little on the home stretch to get under 9:00 for the last mile, but it was hard. In fact, I felt a little lightheaded and nauseous right after I finished.

I think the difference between my 7:49 runner personality and my 9:23 personality is the time of day. I have so much more energy in the afternoon. Does anyone else notice such an obvious difference??

Anyway, a mile's a mile. :) Have a great day everyone.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Training Update

Wednesday 5.89 miles/56:04/9:32 average pace

Group run with Maritza and a new runner friend who happens to live in my apartment complex. She was telling us how she runs with the Nike training group and leads the 9:30 pace group. No coincidence that was our pace I guess! It was very fun to be out wtih the group again. The run felt easy- even the hills. Maritza did great and was chatting all the way up the hill like it was nothing.

Thursday I cross trained: 35 minutes elliptical trainer, plus 15 or so minutes weights at the gym. I did assisted pull ups and dips and then a bunch of crunches.

Friday 4.0/34:28/8:37 average pace

I took the day off to go to a few appointments and so I ran Friday afternoon near my house. There is a long gradual hill and I was surprised at my pace in that mile- 8:49. Then I flew back down with my last two miles at 8:18 and 8:03. Wowzers! It felt awesome to run fast and it felt pretty easy. Great run.

Saturday 11.0 miles/1:43:08/9:23 average pace

Late Saturday morning Zach and I drove over to the peninsula to do our long run at Crystal Springs Reservoir (aka Sawyer Camp Trail). It was a beautiful sunny day and there were lots of people out. It's not easy but it's definitely one of my favorite trails. It's slightly rolling for the first 4 miles then there is a long hill up to the top of the dam att the 5 mile mark. It's a tough hill but you get rewarded with a great view. I took a break at the top and ate a Gu then headed back down. Zach kept going up another hill to the 6 mile mark. I really cruised through the second half (mentally I mean, my pace was still slow) and then added a bit on for a total of 11 miles. I was a little tired but not bad. My legs felt sore yesterday all over but nothing specific. They feel better today but I put off my 3 mile run until after work for a few extra hours of recovery (ok, mostly just because I wanted to sleep in this morning).

TOTAL miles 23.9
PLUS 1600 m swim

I'm going for about 27-30 miles this coming week. I have two weeks until I begin a 12 week training plan for Boston, so I'll build my mileage a little to prepare. I am doing the Pfitzinger schedule again, but I'm altering it a little. Basically I am only going to run 4 days a week, so I cut one run off each week. I tried not to cut key workouts, so the intensity will not really be affected, just the total volume. I don't want to risk overtraining or injury again, and I need to work on my swimming and biking.

On the healthy eating/diet front- I had a very successful week and avoided all kinds of delicious terrible-for-you food, and drank only a single beer. As of last Friday, I have lost 6.5 lbs! :) I am feeling really good and will keep on the "diet" for another couple weeks. Then I will be running more and will need to be eating more, so I will focus on maintaining and getting stronger.

Have a great week everyone!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Swim Streak

Ok, only a two day streak, but still!

Tuesday 1100 meters:

250 crawl, 250 backstroke, 250 crawl, 350 pull
(forgot my watch, but it took about 25:00)

Tuesday night I did 20 minutes free weights workout at home, plus abs/core stuff.

Wednesday 500 meters crawl (9:59). Got up with Zach and went to the pool for a short swim and a quick steam. It is always fun sharing a lane with him. :)

Tonight I am going to the group run with Maritza. It's been a long time since I've been to the group- a few months at least. I'm looking forward to it!

Monday, January 07, 2008

La la la la, Life goes on

Thank you 104.5 KFOG for playing that song right now and thus picking my blog title for me today!

Ok catching up:

Friday 3.0 miles/26:49/8:57 average pace

I went to the gym Friday night after work and ran on the treadmill, then did 20 minutes or so of weight training. The run was easy and I passed the time listening to Steve Runner's Phedippidations Podcast. I finally sent him an email with my CIM race report, it would be neat if he reads it on one of the upcoming shows!

Saturday 9.0 miles/1:23:43/9:18 average pace

Zach had to go into work for a few hours on Saturday, so we were forced out of bed by 6:30 am to get our run in. Well, that worked out marvelously because that was exactly the ONLY time in several days when it was not pouring rain! By the time I dropped him off and was back at home it was already pouring. Nice timing eh?! We ran 5 of the miles together, then he picked it up for his final 3 and I did 4 more at my slow/easy pace. He is 4 weeks out from his half marathon and is running some great paces (7:00 for his last mile of this long run), cool. I am slow and steady but feeling very good about that. :)

Sunday we did a long walk around the neighborhoods including a stop at the new Chinese supermarket (interesting stuff!). We walked almost 7 miles in a couple of hours. The best part is we found this new park which is at the top of a hill near one of our running routes. That's right - new hill!! I actually ran it yesterday along with a few other bursts of running throughout our walk. Legs felt good!

TOTAL miles for last week: 18
PLUS 500 m swimming, 12 miles biking, and 3? weight training sessions

Monday 3.0 miles/26:44/8:55 average pace

The worst of the rain storms seem to have passed so I got a lovely run in outside before work this morning. I had some new music on my iPod and the sunrise was gorgeous- what a way to start the day. Was thinking of going to the gym tonight but I think I'll play the Monday card and watch tv instead. Sometimes just getting through the day is enough. :) Plus I already ran today and I biked to work too. Good enough for me.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Check me out

I have kicked of 2008 with a beautiful streak of working out and eating healthy. I didn't run until yesterday because of my odd knee thing on last weekend's long run, just to be safe. But I didn't let that stop me! Here's my week so far:

Monday 30 minutes elliptical trainer and weight training (free weights at home) after work, before the party.

Tuesday bike 12.0 miles/53:26/13.5 MPH
I had a very fun New Year's Eve, but I also had a very fun New Year's Day too, due to not being hungover! I wasn't feeling in the party mood so I designated myself the driver and watched Zach (and everyone else) booze it up. Not my usual role, I admit, but I liked it. I'm so grown up. While Zach rested on January 1st I went for a kick-ass bike ride (it really did kick my ass- ouch!).

Wednesday 6.0 miles/55:09/9:12 average pace
After work last night Zach rode his bike with me on the trail. It was dark but his headlight shone like Rudolph's red nose. Pretty sure shone isn't a word... Anyway, it was a GREAT run! Legs felt perfect, better than they have in a long time. Not even tight after or anything. yay! Zach and I also did weight training workout when we got home. That's twice this week so far on weights- I rule!

Thursday swim 500 m freestyle in 9:58
Whoo hoo! I have been swimming once a week or so, so that's something, but I've been slower. Today I finally got under that 1:00/lap pace again! I did take a couple un-timed breaks, but still. :) I was also just proud that we actually got UP this morning- it's been hard since the holiday break.

I might do an elliptical workout tonight, and I plan on running in the morning. We're supposed to be getting some hugenormous storm starting tonight so weekend running will be interesting... might brave the storm or brave the treadmill, not sure yet.

I have also been doing very good on eating healthy. Well, since yesterday that is... ha ha. The New Year holiday was my last pig-out excuse (although I wasn't too bad). I am feeling motivated though and have found a diet/tracking plan I'm going to stick to for a few weeks. I need to lose like 10 lbs. I'm technically only 5 lbs up from my recent marathon weight, but even then I was on the high side for me. 10 lbs is my goal, and my reward is fancy designer jeans and a massage. :)

Hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying their 2008 so far!