Thursday, January 03, 2008

Check me out

I have kicked of 2008 with a beautiful streak of working out and eating healthy. I didn't run until yesterday because of my odd knee thing on last weekend's long run, just to be safe. But I didn't let that stop me! Here's my week so far:

Monday 30 minutes elliptical trainer and weight training (free weights at home) after work, before the party.

Tuesday bike 12.0 miles/53:26/13.5 MPH
I had a very fun New Year's Eve, but I also had a very fun New Year's Day too, due to not being hungover! I wasn't feeling in the party mood so I designated myself the driver and watched Zach (and everyone else) booze it up. Not my usual role, I admit, but I liked it. I'm so grown up. While Zach rested on January 1st I went for a kick-ass bike ride (it really did kick my ass- ouch!).

Wednesday 6.0 miles/55:09/9:12 average pace
After work last night Zach rode his bike with me on the trail. It was dark but his headlight shone like Rudolph's red nose. Pretty sure shone isn't a word... Anyway, it was a GREAT run! Legs felt perfect, better than they have in a long time. Not even tight after or anything. yay! Zach and I also did weight training workout when we got home. That's twice this week so far on weights- I rule!

Thursday swim 500 m freestyle in 9:58
Whoo hoo! I have been swimming once a week or so, so that's something, but I've been slower. Today I finally got under that 1:00/lap pace again! I did take a couple un-timed breaks, but still. :) I was also just proud that we actually got UP this morning- it's been hard since the holiday break.

I might do an elliptical workout tonight, and I plan on running in the morning. We're supposed to be getting some hugenormous storm starting tonight so weekend running will be interesting... might brave the storm or brave the treadmill, not sure yet.

I have also been doing very good on eating healthy. Well, since yesterday that is... ha ha. The New Year holiday was my last pig-out excuse (although I wasn't too bad). I am feeling motivated though and have found a diet/tracking plan I'm going to stick to for a few weeks. I need to lose like 10 lbs. I'm technically only 5 lbs up from my recent marathon weight, but even then I was on the high side for me. 10 lbs is my goal, and my reward is fancy designer jeans and a massage. :)

Hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying their 2008 so far!


The 311 Boys Mom said...

You go Girl!!!

You are a jet setter, full of energy & I donno, you have the life I SECRETLY wish I had (sometimes).

I've never gotten a massage; but I am going to a "Reiki Healing Session".

And not because I've accompolished ONE goal, but because my mom insists her & I do this--I'm sure she doesn't want to go alone. :o)

IrishBlue said...

Sounds like a great way to ring in the New Year - healthy, fit, and happy!

Here's to a fantastic 2008!

kelsalynn said...

Wow! That is a very productive and healthy week! Good for you. I can't believe you ran 6 miles then came home and did strength training...this is definitely something I'm working on b/c I need to be able to fit both in on the same nights, but right now, that's hard for me.

Way to kick ass in 2008 right from the start!


Meredith said...

What a great start to 2008! Good luck with all of your goals this year! It is my dream to do an IronMan in 2009 as well, so I look forward to reading about your training.

I'm also trying to drop 10-15 pounds before my next marathon in May. What plan are you following?

Michele said...

Great start to 08!

You are going to have an awesome year.

Gotta Run said...

YOU do rule chic!! Great way to start 2008. Love that you did other workouts in place of running. SMART! Keep it up!

Putting rewards in place is always a good thing. Maybe I will do the same. I have another body fat assesment in a few weeks and need to stay focused and on track to reach the goal that was set.

Thanks for the reminder :)

Petraruns said...

You're an inspiration! What a week of all round exercise and achievement - and look how it's made you feel! Amazing woman. Keep it up!

Ewen said...

Happy new year Jen! You've started out well. All the best for the Oly Tri and lead-up to Boston. Then there's the IM in '09 - now that's a big one!

Ryan said...

Dude, you are already in the zone in '08. Looking forward to tracking your progress to your goals. Good luck!

jahowie said...

You continue to serve as a great inspiration to me.

I know that this will be a great year!! :-)