Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Split personalities

Catching up on logging two runs that couldn't be more different:

Monday 4.0 miles/31:15/7:49 average pace

Where did that come from?! I think I started off fast because I ran immediately after arriving home from work on my bike. Basically it was a T2 brick run and I must have been channeling the sprint triathlete in me. I realized after a half mile or less that I was going kinda fast but decided to go with it. My splits were 8:18, 7:44, 7:35, and 7:32 (or something like that). It was HARD after a mile or so. Luckily I had two street crossings that I used to catch my breath, and I took a couple more little breaks (after miles 2 and 3). Hey, it's been a while since I pushed that hard, so I'll take it.

Tuesday I went to the gym in the morning and swam 1000 m. I did 500 freestyle in 9:52 or so, then 250 backstroke, then 250 pulling only. Then Tuesday night (last night) I did a free weights/core workout at home.

Wednesday 6.0 miles/56:17/9:23 average pace

Maritza was going to come down and run with me this morning but had a car situation come up (not hers, thankfully!) and had to take care of that instead. Since I'd already set my alarm and set my clothes out, I dragged my tired ass out of bed a little after 6:00 am to run. My options were limited due to the darkness so I did a 6 mile loop that includes a big ol hill. I was feeling ok but my pace was slooooow. I pushed a little on the home stretch to get under 9:00 for the last mile, but it was hard. In fact, I felt a little lightheaded and nauseous right after I finished.

I think the difference between my 7:49 runner personality and my 9:23 personality is the time of day. I have so much more energy in the afternoon. Does anyone else notice such an obvious difference??

Anyway, a mile's a mile. :) Have a great day everyone.


Marathon Maritza said...


I.O.U. 6 mile run in dark and cold.

Way to get up though!!!! I had to peel myself from my comfy bed this morning.

P.O.M. said...

I definately notice a difference depending on time of day. Although mine is not as drastic - but in the mornings I'm tired and I run a low 10 min pace. I can be in the low 9 min pace in the early afternoon.

miss petite america said...

more energy in the afternoon?! TOTAL opposite of me. i literally drag ass after 3pm.

TJ said...

i am definitely an afternoon runner. my hr is always higher when running in the morning.

Kevin said...

If I don't get my run in in the morning or at least by lunch, I'm asleep by the afternoon! ;-)

You are FAST girl!

Ewen said...

Nice Monday run Jen - that's fast.

Yes, I'm an afternoon runner too. Well, I run more smoothly in the afternoons and feel better, less creaky.

Have a good weekend.

Sarah said...

I found your blog via the Phedippidations it! I went from an early-morning runner (spring, summer, fall) to an afternoon runner (winter) and I definitely have more energy in the afternoon. I'll have to switch back to mornings once the weather gets too hot, however.