Tuesday, March 31, 2009

mini taper

My Half Marathon is this coming Sunday April 5th, so this is a taper week for me. Let me catch up with the running updates first, then I have more random thoughts to share. Plus a couple of pictures from the weekend wine party.

Friday: run
12.0 miles/1:42:12/8:31 average pace

I did my long run Friday since we had a big day planned for Sunday and I am incapable of getting up early. I ran the first 6 miles easy at an 8:57 pace. I ran a little faster on the way back at 8:03 pace. The return trip did include a few breaks though, including watching a science demonstration on the grass outside OMSI.

So I didn't run over the weekend at all, or do any training on Sunday since I was gravely hungover. The party was super fun and it was great to hang out with everyone and meet a couple new people. Of course there ended up being a pushup session and maybe even some group singing as the night grew very late. Awesome. Pics at the end of the post.

total miles for the week: 30

Onto the taper week:

Monday: run
4.5 miles /38:51/8:38 average pace

I was pretty busy during the day yesterday so I ran with Zach when he got home from work. We met Emily down on the waterfront and ran the bridge loop while we reviewed the hazy parts of the party.

Onto the miscellaneous topics:

* I started a French language class through Portland Community College yesterday. It's Monday mornings for like 10 weeks. It's awesome, the instructor is hilarious and there are a bunch of weirdos in the class. I've studied Spanish and German but never French so it's going to be hard! I'm determined to have proper pronunciation including the gurgly "r". I really want to go to Paris someday (as soon as we can afford it) and I want to be able to order wine, coffee, and pain au chocolat (something Maritza didn't stop talking about for about 6 months after her visit there) with ease.

* Next week I am meeting with someone with the aforementioned OMSI to discuss a new volunteering gig there. I might be doing something cool with visitor surveys and mapping (where people go during their visits).

* Finally, in the Ways to Enhance My Life category, I'm seriously looking into going to graduate school. I'm meeting with someone this week and will be doing a lot of reading and discussing with Zach. I'll keep you updated.

* Zach's birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks. He'll be 30 on April 16th! We are doing something low-key at a local pub and I'll be emailing you locals.

* Maritza is for sure coming up to Portland at the end of June to hang out and spend a long summer weekend sampling dozens of local brews and getting pine needles in places. She just got her tickets yesterday and I had to publicly broadcast how excited I am. <3

* I am so far behind on reading everyone's blogs. I will get to it I promise!

* I'll post later this week but in case I wasn't specific: my goal for the Half Marathon next weekend is 1:43:39 or better (which would be a PR). Not PR'ing is not an option. Zach will carry me if he has to, not unlike the way he carried me home from Emily's party last weekend.

* Speaking of the party: picture time! I had tons so I just went with a couple of good black and white ones. I'm sure everyone else has pics posted too including a shitload on FB. Enjoy!

The tasting in progress:
From left: Sarah, Alisa, Amy, me, Emily

I love this pic!

Looking surprisingly cute for 2:30 am:

Friday, March 27, 2009

Round 2

I already posted about Monday's run, and then I took Tuesday off completely. So this post is mostly about Wednesday which was awesome. I ran intervals in the morning, did 3 miles with Deana in the afternoon, and then went for Round Two of the Midnight Drinking Party Pushup Challenge vs. our friend Dana. Thursday I was back in the swimming/biking groove with a couple strong workouts. Details:
Wednesday am : run
6.0 miles/50:20/8:24 average pace
I wore Zach's heart rate monitor to see how high my hr could get during these intervals. My average heart rate was 173 for the whole run. Here's the breakdown:
1.5 miles warm up in 13:45 (9:10 pace)
4 x 0.5 mile intervals in
3:18 (ave hr 180) followed by 0.5 mile easy
3:25 (ave hr 181) followed by 0.5 mile easy
3:26 (ave hr 184) followed by 0.25 easy
3:22 (ave hr 183)
1.25 miles cool down in 11:35 (9:16 pace)
((average for the intervals was 3:23 = 6:46 pace))
Wednesday pm: run
3.0 miles/29:58/10:00 average pace
Easy run with Deana on Marine Drive. Our splits were 10:10, 9:59, 9:49. She's a negative split runner just like her mama. Awww! :P Average hr for this run was 155.
Wednesday night after that run, Deana hung out and Dana came over and we had dinner and drinks, always fun. As the night progressed, the topic somehow switched back to the Pushup Challenge. You may remember that about 6 weeks ago, Dana and I went head to head and I was able to do 17 push ups. This was like 3 weeks into the pushup challenge (I began in late January able to do 8 pushups). So I've stuck to the plan... I've adapted it by repeating each week twice so it was more of a slow build up, and I'm actually repeating Week 4 for the third time (it's super hard). So anyway, we faced off once again this week and while it was admittedly no contest (Dana hasn't been training like I am, but she still did 5 more than last time!) it was awesome. Everyone was counting and cheering me on. I did f-ing forty!!!!!!!!!!!! My previous max had been 33. Sweet. I really think I can do 100 when I finish the program. I might have to do it after 4 beers, and I definitely have to do it in the presence of Deana and Dana!
Anyway. (whew, I'm all jacked up just telling that story. God that was awesome!)
So Thursday I was back to the pool and on the bike.
Thursday am: swim
2000 yards/41:38
The workout went like this:
500 free in 9:35
250 breast in 5:20
500 pull
250 intervals (3 x 25 in 20 seconds, 1 x 50 in 42 seconds, with recovery laps in between)
250 kick
250 swim
Thursday pm: bike
20.0 miles/1:20:30/14.9 MPH
Zach has officially started his Tri training and had a bike workout on the schedule for the evening. Since the weather was nice we decided to go outside. I haven't ridden outside for a couple of weeks and I haven't done 20 miles for a couple months, so I was a little nervous. But Zach was patient and I didn't do too bad! It was a beautiful evening - probably 60 degrees and partly cloudy- and so fun to be out riding in the evening sun. The trees are flowering and I even smelled some people's outdoor grills. Yay spring!
When we got back downtown Zach took a photo of me with some blossoming trees and the Steel Bridge in the background.


I'm going to head out the door shortly to do my long run. Tomorrow we're having some friends drive down for the day from Seattle and I don't want to get up that early. Then tomorrow night is the Wine Party at Emily's with all the PB & J's (Portland Bloggers and Joggers, unofficial title, perhaps we will vote on it tomorrow night?) There will be lots of pictures I'm sure. Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, March 23, 2009

weekend photos and misc thoughts

I've got a few things floating around my head that I keep forgetting to mention so I'm cramming a bunch of unrelated stuff into this post! If you'd like to skip ahead to the good part, go right ahead.. I've posted photos from our trip out to the coast at the end. :)

* First, the training update from today:
Monday: run
9.0 miles/1:17:42/8:38 average pace
Marine Drive
(I swear all of my runs lately have been at this exact pace!)

* I am super excited about the upcoming Race for the Roses Half Marathon on April 5th. I'm determined to set a PR and I know I can do it! Zach and I drove the course the other day and I was happy to see it's mostly flat. There's a gradual climb that lasts maybe 1-1.5 miles in the first part of the race but it's not that bad. The rest of the course is gently downhill or flat. There are two bridge crossings, one at the beginning and one at the end, but I'm just going to forget about them.

* Deana is running the 5k at Race for the Roses and I'm very happy to report that she has totally been training! She's been running about 2 miles twice a week even though I haven't been able to run with her at all. Hopefully we'll be able to get together this Wednesday. I'm very proud of her for sticking to it! She also bikes to work a few miles each day so she's in good shape and with the training I have no doubt she'll post a respectable time for the 5k.

* For Biggest Loser fans, I meant to mention the Half Marathon the contestants ran in the last episode. I was so excited and proud of the Losers for doing it. Almost all of them finished and Tara won the challenge by finishing it in an impressive 2:24. I love Tara!! (And hate Helen for choosing Tara to penalize with her Penalty Cookie!) I hope Tara wins the competition. I was sad to see Kathy go home. I can't wait to watch this week's episode. Such a great show!

* A couple of weeks ago, when Zach's parents were in town, we all went to see Brett Dennen at the Crystal Ballroom. I didn't really know who he was before but recognized some of the tunes and am now totally a fan. The opening act was Angus and Julia Stone who were amazing. I should go to more concerts.

* Not much else to report I guess. I'm still unemployed, in case you were wondering. Obviously I will make a huge deal about getting a job if it ever happens. The job market is horrible but I'm still looking and being patient and staying positive. We're fine financially (esp. with recent tax refunds) and I'm still getting unemployment checks so I'm not stressed out about that at all. It's more of a boredom issue... I go back and forth between desperately wanting something to fill the hours and thinking I could get used to this. Anyway, I am thinking of finding a new volunteer opportunity to add to the Library gig to keep me busy. If no one will pay me to work I'm going to find some deserving organization where I can work for free. To summarize, I'm very thankful we're not worse off and I am trying to make the most of the situation.

* Picture time! I love Oregon.

Spring working its way into Portland:

Crossed several bridges on our way to the coast:

Old cannery on the Columbia:
Some huge cargo ships dwarfed in the Columbia:

Lightship outside the Maritime Museum in Astoria:

The enormous and beautiful Astoria-Megler Bridge that spans the mouth of the Columbia:

Fort Stevens State Park, including wreckage from the Peter Iredale, a ship that ran aground here in 1906:

Blizzard on Hwy 26 in the Coast Range on our way home:
That is all. Thanks for reading! Until next time.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I was surprisingly sore after the track workout Wednesday. My quads and hamstrings were trashed for like 2 days. I was shocked! I guess that means I should be doing more of that kind of speed work.

I got my swimming and biking in on Thursday but was very lazy about it, doing the bare minimum of both. Friday I had a good run but crapped out on the swim after 1000 yards. Whatever, I am ok with this since my running volume was big this week. I keep reminding myself that running is my focus now, and will be for the next 6 weeks or so. Tri training really begins in May after the Eugene half marathon.

Today's long run was awesome. For the first time in a really long time (months, at least) I ran alone. Zach was only doing 12 miles and wanted to run a faster pace, so he would have been waiting for at least an hour if we drove out together. So he just ran from home and I drove out to Southeast Portland and ran east on the Springwater Corridor to Greshem. It was pretty nice- low 50's and partly cloudy. Trying to be spring, and I applaud the effort. It was perfect for running in shorts and a t-shirt. I loaded up my iPod and packed a couple Gu's and headed out on my solo adventure.

There were quite a few people out on the trail, and every single one said Good Morning. Portland is so friendly. It's pretty rural in places so I saw horses, goats, and sheep, along with a wild bunny and a tiny mouse. Plus all the birds were going crazy and there were frogs croaking in the ponds. It was lovely!

I ran really consistent pace- all my miles were right around 8:40. It felt really easy until the last few miles when my body started to hurt in the normal ways. I am not too sore this afternoon though, nothing like after a few measly laps around that track!

Here's the stats below for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, plus one cell-phone pic from today's run.

Thursday: swim
1500 yards/33:29

Thursday: bike
30 minutes easy spin on trainer

Friday: run
5.3 miles/47:18/8:57 average pace
Powerline trail in Beaverton

Friday: swim
1000 yards/21:19

Saturday: run
16.0 miles/2:18:30/8:39 average pace
Springwater Corridor East

total miles for the week: 40.5!

We're heading out to grab some dinner and drinks and then possibly driving out to the Coast tomorrow afternoon. Of course there will be pictures! Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend. :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

double bubble

Results came out for the Shamrock Run on Monday. My official time was a second faster: 1:15:56. I placed 46th in my AG (25-29) out of 297. Tough field!

So my total mileage for the week ended up at 30.3 miles, plus some biking and swimming and pushup-ing.

I wasn't too sore after the race on Sunday, but I took Monday off anyway. I was back at it Tuesday and Wednesday. I ran 8 miles both mornings at an easy pace and finished with really similar times. Here's the stats for that, then we'll move on to the fun stuff:

Tuesday: run
8.0 miles/1:09:28/8:41 average pace

Wednesday am: run
8.0 miles/1:08:56/8:37 average pace

So, Wednesday night I was once again brave and attempted something new: track workout with Emily and her coach! It started off a little rocky, with both of us going to separate tracks and neither of us being at the right track! I finally picked her up and we drove to the right one. It was like 60 degrees and the sun was just setting so it was perfect time to be out for a run.

I was kind of nervous since I've NEVER done a real track workout. Sure, I've traveled around a track on occasion, but never with any purpose. During our warm up, Emily showed me the ropes and explained track etiquette and showed me the lane markings and what not. A lot of information but pretty straightforward.

Her coach, Shawn, led us through some drills like high knees, butt-kicks, skipping (weee!), side-to-side, etc. Fun! We did a few strides to warm up and then he gave us the workout. Emily and I calculated our goal pace which she proceeded to absolutely demolish.

Let me just dork out for a second on how fast Emily is. So, I get that there are people in the world running sub 4:00 miles, but I can't even wrap my head around that. And when Zach leaves me in the dust, I know part of that is the fact he's a big, tall, muscley dude with physiology on his side. But watching little Emily blaze around the track was AMAZING. She looks so natural and comfortable running fast, like a cheetah! I felt like an elephant. Fast, yes, but also setting the Richter scale into motion. I was busting my ass to stay within 50 yards of her. I didn't feel bad though at all, she is a freaking machine and I consider it a privilege to do the workout with her. Maybe with practice I can stay within 20 yards. :D

That said, I was very impressed with my own speed!

Wednesday pm: run
3.2 miles/25:29/7:58 average pace

1.0 mile warm up in 8:51

1.2 miles (1900 meters) speed work: 7:15 (6:03 average)

... 2 x 150 m in :30, :34

... 2 x 200 m in :43, :43

... 2 x 400 m in 1:36, 1:34

... 2 x 200 m in :47, :42

The 4 200's were done in :44 seconds average, which is a 5:54 pace.

The 2 400's were done in 1:35 average, which is a 6:26 pace.

1.0 mile cool down in 9:23

YAY! I can't wait to go back. Shawn will be hosting these free track workouts every Wednesday and I am definitely planning on taking advantage. Check out his website here Upper Echelon Fitness if you are in the area and looking for some great coaching. He is awesome!

Today I'm eventually going to drag my ass to the pool and then maybe go for a bike ride later if it's not raining. Tomorrow is an easy run and then Saturday I am planning on a long run of 16 miles. Should end up with 40 for the week, my last big week before the Half Marathon on April 5th! Thanks for reading everyone. Have a wonderful day and Happy Spring!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shamrock Run 15k Race Report

It was a windy, rainy, hilly sonofabitch, but it was awesome! I missed my goal time by about 2 minutes but I hadn't accounted for the monster hills. While the weather sucked, it didn't necessarily slow me down. The hills certainly did though!!

We walked down to the waterfront with about 20 minutes before the race start with just enough time to hit the porto-potties and do a short warm up run. No time to find the girls (Sarah, Alisa, Amy, Cindy, Emily) though unfortunately. I hope everyone else had a great run!

Our lovely spring weather deteriorated rapidly since Friday and this whole weekend has been a soaker. Today we added an intense southerly wind to the mix. Fun!

My goal was to run at about my goal Half Marathon pace (7:55) which would bring me in just under 1:14:00. I guess I forgot about the little climb on Terwilliger though! I've done this run a few times and I don't know why I didn't factor that into my goal. I knew there would be hills I just didn't account for it time-wise.

The race started on time and I started off at a strong pace. We made a few turns through downtown until we were headed south up Broadway. UP Broadway. Zach had mentioned this incline but it was a little tougher than I expected. The real hills started about mile 2 and continued solid through mile 4 or so, followed by a couple more miles of some down and some up. I checked my Garmin and by mile 3.5 we were at 500 ft. elevation (started at sea level).

I held the pace somewhere between "pushing" and "not dying" which seemed ok. A lot of people were passing me, but then I had started off toward the front of the pack. I was breathing very hard but not wheezing. We climbed and climbed and climbed. The rain was coming down sideways and there were some powerful gusts that just made me laugh.

My splits are pretty chaotic, but I think that the mile markers were slightly off:

Mile 1- 8:06
Mile 2- 8:33
Mile 3- 9:23
Mile 4- 8:04
Mile 5- 8:39

Finally about mile 6 we turned left and headed south down Barbur back toward downtown. This decline wasn't at all what I'd hoped it would be! You'd think after all that climbing we'd have a screaming downhill. Nope. I swear it was flat. Dammit! I was feeling really good and my breathing was in control, but I was bordering on a side cramp which luckily never got too bad. I sped up and started passing people.

Mile 6- 7:55
Mile 7- 7:48
Mile 8- 7:44
Mile 9- 7:12
last 0.35- 2:28 (7:00 pace)

I saw Zach with about a quarter mile to go and he jumped in for a second and gave me a final boost. I saw my friends Deana and Dana right after I crossed the finish line and gave them a quick high-five.

Final time (unofficial): 1:15:57 (8:09 average pace)

My Garmin results, just for the record, were 9.63 miles and 7:53 average pace. Not official, but makes me happy to see that.

I'm actually really happy with this race! It was tough, the weather was awful, but I had a blast. I felt really good the whole time! It was a confidence booster for my upcoming half, since will be like NO hills compared to this.

After the race we found our group and Zach and I shared our thoughts and had fun telling everyone about the race. We tried to find the beer garden but it was a muddy mess of folks so we just headed over to VooDoo Doughnuts instead. The rest of the day has been spent leisurely dining at our favorite brunch spot and soaking in the hot tub. Life is good.

Photos! (the quality ones are courtesy of Zach's step dad, makes me want a nice camera)

In pre-race rain gear:

Zach's in the center of this photo heading toward the finish. I like this shot because it's a good view of downtown. Oh, and that white building on the top of the hill in the far background? We ran by that.

Zach kicking ass:

Me kicking ass (and looking hot) heading toward finish:

In the Irish Festival tent after the race listening to some Irish tunes:


Dirt Doughnut (Oreo-topped)

Brunch spot (highly recommended):

Thanks for reading!

Friday, March 13, 2009

tgif and 15k goals

Just wanted to post my last workouts before the race this weekend. Yesterday was a swim/bike day and today was an easy run. Then I'll post below about my goals for the race.

Thursday: swim
2250 yards/44:51
I started off with 1000 yards straight swim in 19:15! A big training record for me. Then I did some kicking, some pulling, and then a cool down.

Thursday: bike
10.6 miles/40:55/15.5 MPH
Outside ride! It was sunny and about 50 degrees, but very windy. It was hard but I tried not to let it get to me. The wind usually really frustrates me but I just backed off the pace and kept a steady effort.

Friday: run
7.0 miles/1:02:44/8:58 average pace
Easy run along the river in the sunshine.

So, the Shamrock Run 15k is on Sunday. Since it's a random, new distance I will automatically PR which is cool. :) It is a pretty hilly in some parts so I don't know how much it will slow me down. I guess my only goal is that I'd like to be able to run the pace I plan on running at my goal Half Marathon in 3 weeks: 7:55 or better. That's pretty darn close to Ewen's prediction of 1:13:59. :) No matter what I know it will be a fun day! All the Portland Bloggers are running it, including my Zach. :) Can't beat that! I'll post a report as soon as possible Sunday. Have a great weekend everyone! Good luck to Maritza and friends running the Across the Bay 12k and to Aron in her half marathon! Wishing you all big PRs. :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

muddy buddy

Quick update on my training. I feel like I've been slacking but I think that is only because I didn't go to Yoga last night. Which wouldn't have been so bad except I went to a bar and ate a burger and drank beer instead. It was really fun though and I needed to hang out with friends that make me happy so it was worth it. So I actually have been doing my workouts including pushups and other strength training. My legs are feeling great this week!

Monday: run
6.0 miles/51:43/8:37
Easy run on the Fanno Creek Trail in Beaverton

Monday: swim
1750 yards/40:10
Right after the run I headed to the pool. I actually did a varied workout instead of a straight swim:
250 warm up swim
500 intervals: 5 x 50 hard, 50 easy (hard laps were done in :45-:46)
250 kick
500 pull
250 cool down swim

Tuesday: bike
45 minutes trainer
I took it pretty easy (no intervals) but focused on keeping my cadence high (100 ish)

Wednesday: run
8.0 miles/1:03:15/7:54 average pace
Tempo run in Forest Park:

2 miles warm up 8:59 average
6 miles tempo at 7:33 average

It was sunny but cold (mid 30s). And it was verrrrry muddy on the trail!

Tomorrow it's supposed to be nice (sunny and 50s) so I'm going to ride outside and also go swimming. Then I'm going to the free class at Lululemon in the evening. Friday is an easy run and Saturday is off. Sunday is the Shamrock Run!

My in-laws are coming to town tomorrow evening and staying through the weekend. Should be fun! They love to come watch us participate in races. :) They'll be able to get some photos too and hold our warm-up clothes, so logistically it's really convenient. I'll post again before the race. Hope everyone is having a good week!

Sunday, March 08, 2009

big week, tiny dancer

I finished off a week that was big for running, not so big in the swimming and biking. That was intentional since I have a half marathon in a month and my first tri isn't for three months. My legs are feeling the miles for sure. Next week will be less miles but will include a race, the Shamrock Run 15k.

Thursday: swim
2000 yards/46:13
Easy, slow swim. I switched up my strokes but swam pretty much nonstop at a slow pace. I wanted to go longer but was pretty tired by 2k. It's been over 2 weeks since I swam last and I was actually pretty sore after this! Glad I didn't go longer.

Thursday: ballet!
They had a Ballet 101 class Thursday night instead of Yoga at Lululemon. I've taken a couple of ballet classes over the years so I have a decent base and really enjoyed the class. I liked it a lot more than the yoga to be honest. It was way easier and I actually felt graceful.

Friday: run
6.0 miles/50:27/8:25 average pace
Easy run in muddy Forest Park

Saturday: run
16.0 miles/2:22:19/8:54
Burnt Bridge Creek Trail in Vancouver
I was excited to explore this trail I discovered while searching around online. It started off in a really nice wooded/country section of town near Vancouver Lake. Then it got kind of confusing as we ran along the city streets and crossed over I-5... but we finally found the trail again (actually called the "discovery trail" at this point) and it continued unbroken for several more miles. It was pretty hilly in parts but there were long flat sections also. Definitely a good place for a long run (once you know where to go through that confusing street part). It was cloudy and cool, in the lower 40's. Toward the end it was really windy and even hailed on us for a bit. It wasn't bad though, and we made up for it with a little soak in the hot tub when we got home. :) Pictures of the route below.

totals for the week:

38 miles run!

Plus one hour trainer ride, 2000 yards swim, and all the pushups a girl could wish for (I'm up to a max of 30!!).

Have a great week everyone. :)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

New Runner

My legs are feeling pretty sore this week, no doubt from my long/hard run on Saturday. That hike up to the top of Multnomah Falls probably didn't help either! It's not bad, just tight in my hips and some soreness in my knees. I ran easy on Monday and felt pretty tired. I did a hard trainer ride on Tuesday and went to yoga Tuesday night, but then decided to to scrap the scheduled intervals on Wednesday's run. As soon as I was running I felt bad about that, so I did end up doing some little fartlek-type intervals. Turns out that was kind of my only option because I couldn't get any GPS satellites, so I wouldn't have been able to measure my intervals anyway. My legs were still a little tight/sore but I wasn't tired like Monday.

The highlight of the week was that yesterday afternoon I went running-shoe-shopping with my friend Deana and got her hooked up with a pair of proper running shoes! Then we went for a 2 mile run together and she did great. :) Yay new runner!! She is planning on running the 5k at Race for the Roses which is a month away. That's not going to be a problem! I'm excited to get her on the bandwagon. She is a pretty good runner naturally so I think she'll enjoy it. I get to guilt her into keeping up with it because I bought her the shoes (my good deed for the decade). She is my bestest friend so it's a dream come true to be able to share this with her! :)

Monday: run
7.0 miles/1:01:57/8:51 average pace

Tuesday: bike
1 hour on trainer
I did what I call Morning TV Intervals. Here's how it goes: watch the 10:00 hour of The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda, feel ashamed but genuinely find it entertaining, sprint during commercials. Repeat with Regis and Kelly.

Tuesday: yoga!
1 hour FREE class at Lululemon
Emily has been trying to get me to go to Yoga for a while but I always use cost as my excuse to not go. So when we found that Lululemon store has free classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights I officially had no excuse. Unfortunately, she became a TV star and jetted off to Mexico this week so I wasn't going to be using the buddy system. I was very brave and went alone! You all know how it is difficult to try new things, right? I really wanted to just stay home and watch Biggest Loser (don't worry I recorded it). So, I was a little nervous, especially since it's been years since I did any yoga. But it was fun! It was also more difficult than I expected. I was all sweaty and shaky and probably not graceful at all but I enjoyed it. I'm going to start going regularly!

Wednesday: run
7.0 miles/59:43/8:32 average pace
Easy run with Fartlek intervals in the middle: 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy, 2 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy, repeat 3 times.

Wednesday: run
2.0 miles/20:20/10:10 average pace
Short run with Deana!

Today I am going out to the pool to practice my swimming for the first time in over 2 weeks. Yikes. I may or may not get on the bike today, depending on how my legs feel. Tomorrow I'll do my easy run in Forest Park and then Saturday we're going to explore a new route in Vancouver for a 16 miler. That's going to be almost 40 miles for me this week!

I can't wait for Sunday at 2:00 am! Spring that shit forward. Whooooooo!
Check out this pic of me and Deana before our run. You can see how freaking happy I am and she's thinking "What have I gotten myself into?" Haha!!