Friday, March 27, 2009

Round 2

I already posted about Monday's run, and then I took Tuesday off completely. So this post is mostly about Wednesday which was awesome. I ran intervals in the morning, did 3 miles with Deana in the afternoon, and then went for Round Two of the Midnight Drinking Party Pushup Challenge vs. our friend Dana. Thursday I was back in the swimming/biking groove with a couple strong workouts. Details:
Wednesday am : run
6.0 miles/50:20/8:24 average pace
I wore Zach's heart rate monitor to see how high my hr could get during these intervals. My average heart rate was 173 for the whole run. Here's the breakdown:
1.5 miles warm up in 13:45 (9:10 pace)
4 x 0.5 mile intervals in
3:18 (ave hr 180) followed by 0.5 mile easy
3:25 (ave hr 181) followed by 0.5 mile easy
3:26 (ave hr 184) followed by 0.25 easy
3:22 (ave hr 183)
1.25 miles cool down in 11:35 (9:16 pace)
((average for the intervals was 3:23 = 6:46 pace))
Wednesday pm: run
3.0 miles/29:58/10:00 average pace
Easy run with Deana on Marine Drive. Our splits were 10:10, 9:59, 9:49. She's a negative split runner just like her mama. Awww! :P Average hr for this run was 155.
Wednesday night after that run, Deana hung out and Dana came over and we had dinner and drinks, always fun. As the night progressed, the topic somehow switched back to the Pushup Challenge. You may remember that about 6 weeks ago, Dana and I went head to head and I was able to do 17 push ups. This was like 3 weeks into the pushup challenge (I began in late January able to do 8 pushups). So I've stuck to the plan... I've adapted it by repeating each week twice so it was more of a slow build up, and I'm actually repeating Week 4 for the third time (it's super hard). So anyway, we faced off once again this week and while it was admittedly no contest (Dana hasn't been training like I am, but she still did 5 more than last time!) it was awesome. Everyone was counting and cheering me on. I did f-ing forty!!!!!!!!!!!! My previous max had been 33. Sweet. I really think I can do 100 when I finish the program. I might have to do it after 4 beers, and I definitely have to do it in the presence of Deana and Dana!
Anyway. (whew, I'm all jacked up just telling that story. God that was awesome!)
So Thursday I was back to the pool and on the bike.
Thursday am: swim
2000 yards/41:38
The workout went like this:
500 free in 9:35
250 breast in 5:20
500 pull
250 intervals (3 x 25 in 20 seconds, 1 x 50 in 42 seconds, with recovery laps in between)
250 kick
250 swim
Thursday pm: bike
20.0 miles/1:20:30/14.9 MPH
Zach has officially started his Tri training and had a bike workout on the schedule for the evening. Since the weather was nice we decided to go outside. I haven't ridden outside for a couple of weeks and I haven't done 20 miles for a couple months, so I was a little nervous. But Zach was patient and I didn't do too bad! It was a beautiful evening - probably 60 degrees and partly cloudy- and so fun to be out riding in the evening sun. The trees are flowering and I even smelled some people's outdoor grills. Yay spring!
When we got back downtown Zach took a photo of me with some blossoming trees and the Steel Bridge in the background.


I'm going to head out the door shortly to do my long run. Tomorrow we're having some friends drive down for the day from Seattle and I don't want to get up that early. Then tomorrow night is the Wine Party at Emily's with all the PB & J's (Portland Bloggers and Joggers, unofficial title, perhaps we will vote on it tomorrow night?) There will be lots of pictures I'm sure. Have a great weekend everyone!


aron said...

ohhhh pretty new blog layout :) very springy!!

great job on all your workouts!!! way to rock those intervals! AND way to kill it on those push ups!!! FORTY!?!?! that is amazing!

have a great long run and a great weekend with friends!!!!

Susan said...

Forty push ups?? That's insane! You should have someone take a video when you do 100...that would be inspiring!

Enjoy your weekend!

Donald said...

Holy crap - 40 pushups? You're totally buff.

I'm liking the new template, also.

Lotusphx said...

You Rock!! 40 "f-ing" pushups is AWESOME!!

Kim said...

my arms ache just thinking about pushups! great weekly workouts!

Petraruns said...

40 pushups and beer - what a fantastic combination. I thought your arms were looking good.

Have a great weekend - enjoy the spring springing!

Alisa said...

I like the new layout!

Holy cow...40 pushups! Damn! I can only do like 5 real ones...and maybe-MAYBE--20 girly ones.

Anonymous said...

The picture on the bike is great. I have been smelling some familiar foods cooking on the grill. It makes me so happy.

Nice job nailing 40 push ups! Do you have any tris lined upped?

kristen said...

Love the new blog design. I can tell your ready for Spring! Me too!!

Sweet job on the 40 pushups. That so sweet. You are giong to do 100 for sure! I have had to repeat week 3 and then I took this week off so I have to repeat it a third time. Sounds like I'll have to do the same for week 4.

p.s. I'm stealing your swim workout

Kelly said...

Sounds like a great week, way to rock those push ups! I'm super impressed! Don't forget I'm coming to town in like, 6weeks or so. Up for a run? Mind if my little sister joins us?

KK said...

I too love the new design-and I am excited that spring has arrived there-isn't the prospect of spring/ summer sooooo motivating?!?!

Nice workouts! Especially the pushups and track intervals. How did you like wearing the HR monitor? I always thought I would never go back to wearing one because they're so annoying but now that I've had to with all this training under the new coach I've found it really does help keep you honest in your workouts (i.e. I used to always do my workouts around a solid 165 BPM, but now I abide by the zones)...anyway, just wondering what your thoughts were.

Have fun tomrrrow, sounds like the perfect way to spend a Saturday. Also, you are a MACHINE with those pushups, congrats!

Danielle said...

You are a machine!! That's insane! Bet your guns look awesome!

Ewen said...

Whoah. Very green. Spring must have sprung!

40 is legendary. Whatever you do don't waste the 100 on practise.

Good effort on the half miles. That's definitely a Portland photo. I remember running beside a river that looked just like that :)

M. Brooks said...

Sounds like your training is going great, and I will echo everyone else by saying wow, 40 push ups! That is great! Good luck on your half-marathon next weekend - I'm looking forward to the race report!

Amy said...

Love the picture...and the push up story. I felt like I was cheering you guys on, just reading it. $)? ROck out sister! That is amazing.

So glad it's getting nicer out too. Makes biking enjoyable. :)

Have a great weekend!

kelsalynn said...

Those are great times for the 1/2 mile sprints--- you're a lot faster than a lot of ppl on the CrossFit board.

Great job on the push-ups! That's amazing! 40! Keep up the good work! I already think your arms are hot so I can't imagine when you get to 100 what they'll look like!!!

Sarah said...

Of course, like everyone else - LOVE the new look :) And I need to get on this push up challenge - obviously! Had SO much fun with you and Zach last night! You guys are phenomenal!!

Marathon Maritza said...

40?? Oh my gosh!!! No wonder your arms are looking AH-mazing!

And great job on those intervals!

Call me soon, I miss you!

Girl on Top said...

Great job on the runs!!!

ShirleyPerly said...

I had to laugh about you wanting to wear your HRM as I hate mine. But way to kick butt on those intervals. Glad to hear you're back on your bike and in the pool again.

ShirleyPerly said...

OH, and those 40 push-ups, AWESOME!!!