Sunday, March 08, 2009

big week, tiny dancer

I finished off a week that was big for running, not so big in the swimming and biking. That was intentional since I have a half marathon in a month and my first tri isn't for three months. My legs are feeling the miles for sure. Next week will be less miles but will include a race, the Shamrock Run 15k.

Thursday: swim
2000 yards/46:13
Easy, slow swim. I switched up my strokes but swam pretty much nonstop at a slow pace. I wanted to go longer but was pretty tired by 2k. It's been over 2 weeks since I swam last and I was actually pretty sore after this! Glad I didn't go longer.

Thursday: ballet!
They had a Ballet 101 class Thursday night instead of Yoga at Lululemon. I've taken a couple of ballet classes over the years so I have a decent base and really enjoyed the class. I liked it a lot more than the yoga to be honest. It was way easier and I actually felt graceful.

Friday: run
6.0 miles/50:27/8:25 average pace
Easy run in muddy Forest Park

Saturday: run
16.0 miles/2:22:19/8:54
Burnt Bridge Creek Trail in Vancouver
I was excited to explore this trail I discovered while searching around online. It started off in a really nice wooded/country section of town near Vancouver Lake. Then it got kind of confusing as we ran along the city streets and crossed over I-5... but we finally found the trail again (actually called the "discovery trail" at this point) and it continued unbroken for several more miles. It was pretty hilly in parts but there were long flat sections also. Definitely a good place for a long run (once you know where to go through that confusing street part). It was cloudy and cool, in the lower 40's. Toward the end it was really windy and even hailed on us for a bit. It wasn't bad though, and we made up for it with a little soak in the hot tub when we got home. :) Pictures of the route below.

totals for the week:

38 miles run!

Plus one hour trainer ride, 2000 yards swim, and all the pushups a girl could wish for (I'm up to a max of 30!!).

Have a great week everyone. :)


Kelly said...

Where did you find an adult ballet class? I'm jealous! I've always wanted to try Ballet, I'm not that graceful and don't have a decent base though. I did irish dancing in high school.

Amy S. said...

I have my first tri in a couple months, too! That's really neat about the ballet class....I can see how that would be more fun than yoga.

kelsalynn said...

you are superwoman. I shouldn't be surprised at all that you did a ballet class, and actually appeared graceful doing it. You're amazing!

Gotta Run said...

Fantastic week!!! You are hardcore with the running!!!

Sounds like everyone I have talked with has had a rocking weekend! Including Scott and I.... yahhoooo!

On to another week.

kristen said...

Cool that you did a ballet class. I bet it was a workout. Good job on the 16 miler. Can't wait to do one of those again.

Alisa said...

Ballet! I haven't danced in forever but did growing up for many, many years. I should try these LuLuLemon classes.

I haven't been in the pool in over a week...running season is upon us, Tri season has a few months =).

Great job on the long run! I may have to try out this trail, good to know it's broken and I'll be running through streets.

Cute pictures!

Ewen said...

It does look like a beautiful running trail. Crossing I5 would be "fun" - isn't it 8 lanes? I'm imagining you and Zach dodging all those 18-wheelers and SUVs.

Ballet? Wow - you should incorporate some Grand jet├ęs and Pirouettes into your warm-up routine for the 15k. That's sure to intimidate your opposition!

KK said...

Wow you live near some amazing running places.

Really? Ballet? Never would have guessed but that is awesome-so great to do different things.

I can't believe how nonchalant you were about the wind and hail. WIND AND HAIL! eegads.

Great week!

Anonymous said...

I never heard of a yoga class being replaced with ballet, but what a nice change of things. Glad you enjoyed it. I don't think I have felt graceful dancing since I was 4!

aron said...

another great week on the books!!!! love all the pics :)

Amy said...

Wow, congrats on getting all those miles in! Impressive, girl. And how cool that you did a ballet class. I wonder if the Lululemon store here has those classes?!?!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

That does look like a beautiful trail to run on. Nice job with the mileage.


jb said...

Ballet?!?!? That's awesome! I am sure I would break something if I tried ballet- not one of my bones, but a lamp or a vase or something! And nice job on the miles! I did a backpacking trip this weekend and was "lazy", but the beautiful weather and hanging out on the coast with friends drinking whiskey was hard to pass up. Back to work, now!l

jb said...

Oh, also I love the pics!

Anonymous said...

oooohhhh ballet! how fun! I am not graceful and would have taken someone out for sure! lol

nice job on the long run and great pics as usual! such beautiful scenery :)

Sarah said...

ballet?? I would DIE. The trail looks great though! And yeah!! Shamrock run :) Bought some green shorts today!

Marathon Maritza said...

I loved the title of this post! Made me think of that episode of Friends!

Phoebe: I didn't know Elton John and Tony Danza were such good friends.

Monica: What's make you say that?

Phoebe: Well he wrote him a song! "Hold me closer, Tony Danzaaaa"

LOL Seriously, GREAT runs this week and what a gorgeous long run!! Ballet sounds fun, but I have no base and fear my herkies would not be termed 'graceful.'

Beth said...

Your pictures always make me want to explore new trails! You are going to do awesome at your next half!

Arcane said...

everytime you mention vancouver, I think you're talking about Canada! What to you mean you're not doing a marathon anytime soon? What about that pesky run they put at the end of the ironman??

Chloe said...

Ballet classes are so much fun!! Glad I'm not the only grown-up who's all about it!!

Thanks for sharing those great pictures! I love seeing where other people run. Congrats on the great week!

ShirleyPerly said...

Ballet? You continue to amaze me!

Glad you got back in the pool and way to go on your push-ups. I'm sticking with 25 per my coach but who says I can't do more sets :-)

Good luck on your race this weekend!!

Ryan said...

Ballet? Sweet... so versatile.

Those trail pics look gorgeous.

Great running week. Looking forward to see how you fare in the upcoming HM.

Glorybelle said...

Hi Jen! I've been meaning to comment on a previous post about how great it is that you're supporting your friend who is relatively new to running! Awesome. That is what it's all about... spreading the joy and love for running. Good for you!!!

And BALLET?! I love it! I would love to learn ballet... I could definitely use some graceful moves in my repertoire.

I Run for Fun said...

Such a lovely trail! The pics are awesome.