Thursday, March 05, 2009

New Runner

My legs are feeling pretty sore this week, no doubt from my long/hard run on Saturday. That hike up to the top of Multnomah Falls probably didn't help either! It's not bad, just tight in my hips and some soreness in my knees. I ran easy on Monday and felt pretty tired. I did a hard trainer ride on Tuesday and went to yoga Tuesday night, but then decided to to scrap the scheduled intervals on Wednesday's run. As soon as I was running I felt bad about that, so I did end up doing some little fartlek-type intervals. Turns out that was kind of my only option because I couldn't get any GPS satellites, so I wouldn't have been able to measure my intervals anyway. My legs were still a little tight/sore but I wasn't tired like Monday.

The highlight of the week was that yesterday afternoon I went running-shoe-shopping with my friend Deana and got her hooked up with a pair of proper running shoes! Then we went for a 2 mile run together and she did great. :) Yay new runner!! She is planning on running the 5k at Race for the Roses which is a month away. That's not going to be a problem! I'm excited to get her on the bandwagon. She is a pretty good runner naturally so I think she'll enjoy it. I get to guilt her into keeping up with it because I bought her the shoes (my good deed for the decade). She is my bestest friend so it's a dream come true to be able to share this with her! :)

Monday: run
7.0 miles/1:01:57/8:51 average pace

Tuesday: bike
1 hour on trainer
I did what I call Morning TV Intervals. Here's how it goes: watch the 10:00 hour of The Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda, feel ashamed but genuinely find it entertaining, sprint during commercials. Repeat with Regis and Kelly.

Tuesday: yoga!
1 hour FREE class at Lululemon
Emily has been trying to get me to go to Yoga for a while but I always use cost as my excuse to not go. So when we found that Lululemon store has free classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights I officially had no excuse. Unfortunately, she became a TV star and jetted off to Mexico this week so I wasn't going to be using the buddy system. I was very brave and went alone! You all know how it is difficult to try new things, right? I really wanted to just stay home and watch Biggest Loser (don't worry I recorded it). So, I was a little nervous, especially since it's been years since I did any yoga. But it was fun! It was also more difficult than I expected. I was all sweaty and shaky and probably not graceful at all but I enjoyed it. I'm going to start going regularly!

Wednesday: run
7.0 miles/59:43/8:32 average pace
Easy run with Fartlek intervals in the middle: 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy, 2 minutes hard, 2 minutes easy, repeat 3 times.

Wednesday: run
2.0 miles/20:20/10:10 average pace
Short run with Deana!

Today I am going out to the pool to practice my swimming for the first time in over 2 weeks. Yikes. I may or may not get on the bike today, depending on how my legs feel. Tomorrow I'll do my easy run in Forest Park and then Saturday we're going to explore a new route in Vancouver for a 16 miler. That's going to be almost 40 miles for me this week!

I can't wait for Sunday at 2:00 am! Spring that shit forward. Whooooooo!
Check out this pic of me and Deana before our run. You can see how freaking happy I am and she's thinking "What have I gotten myself into?" Haha!!


Beth said...

I completely understand the excitment about new runners. My 2 youngest brothers have recently started running and I am buying them both shoes for their birthdays this month. I keep giving them info on training and I think they probably wonder they have gotten themselves into as well.

Looks like you're having a good week. I hop the yoga helps your legs. I keep saying I'm going to do more of it then never do....

Kim said...

omg, you guys are too cute! that's great you are helping deanna out! and you managed to get some kickass workouts in too. great job jen!

Sun Runner said...

I love dragging running newbies out on the road with me. :)

aron said...

YAY for new runners!!! It is SO exciting :)

Great job on the workouts! I would have totally chickened out on yoga so great job going! I wish I could get into it.

Hope your legs are feeling better soon!

Chloe said...

That is so exciting about Deana! She is going to get hooked! And you are right - she does look alittle stressed in the picture :)

Anonymous said...

super cute pic! yay, for new runners!!!:)

nice workouts and I heart yoga, but don't go enough..or ever anymore :(

Marathon Maritza said...

Yay new runner!!! How long before I can start freaking her out, talking her into signing up for a marathon? Should I give her a week maybe? 2? ;)

Take it easy on those knees, my dear. You know the drill: ice, ice, baby!

And great job for braving yoga on your own! I'm so not graceful!

Sarah said...

Fantastic! Way to bring one over to the dark side :)

And FREE yoga??! All the time? Not just the first one. . . I might need to go - per my physical therapist!

Gotta Run said...

Now that was an awesome thing you did for your bf!!! I would be all over myself excited too. the picture tells all.

Free yoga... yes I am packing my bags now!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Very cool! It's great that you not only get to introduce somebody to the sport, but you get to help them get started the right way.

Amy said...

"Spring that shit forward." HAHAHA. But, right? SPIRNG IT UP ALREADY! That's so exciting that your friend is getting into running (no thanks to you, what a nice friend to buy her shoes). Loved the picture.

That's awesome that you went to yoga by yourself too! I hate doing new things by myself so kudos to you!

Sounds like you've had a great week and are going to have an awesome weekend. Good luck w/ the 16 miler!

Inga B said...

1. Your xmas giftie jacket looks great!
2. You guys are too cute in your running gear!
3. Yes - you seem a bit more excited than Deaner, BUT she did tell me about - so I think she had fun!!
4. You have had a great week!! Nice recovery from the cold that wouldn't go away!!

Hooray!! (I just felt like adding that :)

jb said...

hee hee hee. i think i convinced an old friend (amazing college athlete but new runner) to do a half marathon over lunch. yay for converts!

Natalie D said...

Oh wow, you got me excited about daylight savings, but then I realized Holy crap, I'm losing ANOTHER hour of sleep! At least I can catch up at some point. The more daylight will be great! How are the new kicks working out for you? The yoga class seemed to have worked out - and great job on the workouts this week!

Emily said...

I´m sad I missed yoga, can´t wait to hear more about it. I´m dehydrated in MX today and have thrown up everythign in my body! Sweet. I did pull off a mildly successful 6 mil tempo run this morning though. I miss you! I will try to keep in touch from here.

KK said...

Ditto to everything Amy said (honestly, I was going to say that).

Also, I am sooo happy for you that your BFF joined the running scene. I'll never forget the day I found out Steve had started running too. It's been so nice to run with him and I know it will be equally as great for you.

Have fun this weekend!

kristen said...

Somehow I missed your last post so as a result, I havn't heard from you in a while. I am glad you are feeling better. I LOVE Mutl. falls. I have never been to the top, but my hubby and I stopped there on the way home once and it was so beautiful. We'll have to make another stop and do the hike.

Keep up the good workouts. Your bike is going to kick ass this summer.

Bob - said...

Ya Deana Welcome to the Running Family!!

and Jen way to go on your workouts!!

Susan said...

Yay for new runners! Always fun to get someone out there on the roads! Cute picture as well. :)

Ewen said...

You're a bad influence Jen. Didn't you tell her about the pain of long runs; the agony of interval sessions; the throwing up; the heat exhaustion; being chased by cougars?

ShirleyPerly said...

How fun to get have your BF into running too!! You are such a nice friend to buy her shoes too. I'm sure it's going to be one of those gifts that pays off many times over.

Nice job on our workouts and good luck at the pool, although I'm sure you will have no problems. You seem to do everything well!

Alisa said...

Cute outfit! You are a little running motivator!

Free yoga at LuLuLemon? Really??? I love their friend got some of their shorts for her marathon and swears by them...they are still a little TOO short for my comfort level.