Friday, December 29, 2006

Osteoarthritis and ????

So, I went to the doctor yesterday. I saw a doctor that two people in my office go to, he is an orthopedist and a sports medicine specialist.

They took x rays of my knees, which is standard procedure. Then, the doctor did an examination of my knees, bending and twisting my legs, pushing on various points on and around my knee and all that. The good news is that I have no ligament problems and nothing jumped out at him during the exam. Except that he definitely noticed some arthritis in my right knee. He showed me how my right knee has a grinding/clicking sound that is absent in my left knee. He said it's possible that was caused by my fall, but of course there is no way to know. He said it's definitely not IT band syndrome. Oh, and my hamstrings are tight. Other than that, no obvious problems.

However, he did say that the pain I described (which is behind my knee) "worries" him a little. So, he ordered an MRI to rule out a meniscus tear (which he's nearly sure it is not) and a stress fracture in my femur. He said that it's also possible I just have a tiny muscle tear that hasn't healed yet, but he wants to make sure it isn't anything else.

So, I am scheduling an MRI for next week, and I see the doctor again in 2 weeks. In the meantime, I am taking prescription strength anti-inflammatory (Relefen) and NO running. He told me that all other forms of cross training are OK. Except stair climbing, and no squats or leg press since that is hard on the knees. He told me to stretch my hamstrings and ice is good. Heat won't necessarily help, but isn't bad either.

I don't know how I feel about all this...

I'm not too worried about the arthritis, because I've never even noticed it and it doesn't hurt at all. He told me that (in the future) I should avoid running on hills, which I don't do too often anyway, so that's fine. There's a lot they can do for that anyway (from medicine to injections to arthroscopy in extreme cases).

I'm not too worried about it being a meniscus tear or a stress fracture, but I'll be glad to know for sure either way. Plus the MRI will show anything else that might be happening, such as the extent of the arthritis (I think) and any muscle tears (I think).

Best case scenario: In two weeks, the doctor tells me nothing is wrong, and I'm ok to run. He gives me advice for the arthritis. I try running and feel ok. I ramp up my mileage gradually and feel great and get in a couple solid long runs and do Boston.

Worst case scenarios: Stress Fracture, meniscus tear, they find alien eggs hatching under my knee cap, they discover robot parts and I find out my real dad is ZX-005, they decide I have two left knees.

Most likely scenario: The doctor tells me nothing is wrong, gives me advice on the arthritis, I can run, but won't be able to ramp up mileage enough to prepare me for Boston without risking either another injury or a really shitty race. I run Boston next year.

I was a total baby about this last night, I cried and pouted and was a bitch to my husband who has been nothing but nice. That's gotta stop. It's not the end of the world. There were people in the doctor's office yesterday in WHEELCHAIRS for God sakes. People who would love to be able to walk around without pain. I can cross train! I will run again! I am young and healthy and will heal. Every runner faces these situations and we get past it. It makes us smarter, better runners. I'm going to be a big girl and quit my bitching. This blog is called Running Stories, and this is one of my stories.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Cross Training and Rollin'

Tuesday 90 minutes walking (to and from work, and errands at lunch)

Wednesday 25 minutes eliptical, 3 minutes jog to apartment, lifting weights at the gym tonight.

My goal this week is to be active - cardio and weights- and to rehabilitate my sore leg. This means stretching, massaging, icing, and NO running.

I purchased a FOAM ROLLER and it is supposed to be the perfect tool to stretch and massage my tight IT band. I bought it at Target (of all places. I called 2 running stores and a couple of physical therapy supply places with no luck. Target comes through again!) and it came with an instructional video which really helped. I did all the moves it demonstrated, and man that thing is nice. I massaged my hamstrings, calves, back, everything. The IT band move is pretty uncomfortable, but I read that is usually the case when your IT band is very tight or inflamed. Anyway, I used it last night and again this morning after my workout.

I also found online a few stretches that will gently stretch the IT band and I will do those a few times a day when my muscles are warm (after walking, working out, or soaking in tub/jacuzzi).

I'll also randomly ice the side/back of my knee where the pain is focused. It's probably a little late in the game for the icing, but I don't think it will hurt.

Finally, I am not running. I am annoyed and frusterated, but I'm trying to stay positive. I realize it is only a few weeks and not the end of the world. I'm only putting pressure on myself to heal because Boston is only like 15 1/2 weeks away. I am definitely willing to adjust my training to accomodate my recovery, I just really want to run Boston. I just really want to run.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


I just got back from my massage and it was amazing! Merry Christmas to me.

The massuse was really great- kind and really good at his job. I told him about my sore leg, and when he got to that leg he immediately noticed that my IT band is very tight! Wow! I had suspected it (just because it was the only thing that matched any of my symptoms when I looked online at knee injuries) but I really wasn't sure. I am very relieved to know that is (very possibly) the cause! I will go back and do more research, but I believe that the best/only cure is REST. So rest I shall.

We also went for a hike before the massages (Zach had one too!) and that was beautiful. I will try to remember to post pictures later. What a day. :) Now I am going to bake an apple pie and then we are going out to dinner. :) :) :)

Friday, December 22, 2006

Cross Training Continued

Friday 20 minutes eliptical trainer, and 20 minutes upper body and core strength training.

I just had a shift in perspective when I titled this post- it was going to be something about "non-running" or "still not running" but then I realized how much more positive "Cross Training" sounds! And I am honestly feeling pretty positive today. Not because my leg feels better, but because I know I can stay in shape through cross training, and it's AGES till Boston. :)

I'm excited to make the most of this "recovery period" by hiking a lot! Zach and I are going out for a hike tomorrow morning- one hike from a cool new book on hiking in the bay area that Maritza got me for Christmas!- then we are getting MASSAGES! :) Hooray! Then we are going out to dinner at one of our favorite places. I have a feeling that running won't even cross my mind for the next several days. Happy Holidays!! :)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Still recovering

Wednesday 3.0 miles/26:13/8:45 average pace

Well, the first two miles of this morning's run felt great. I actually got really exctied that my knee was 100% better and I thought of titling this post "Clean Slate" or something like that... but that last mile caused me some pain and reminded me I am not near 100% yet. :(

I am thinking positive and really trying to not stress out. I mean it's only 2 1/2 weeks since my marathon, and they say it takes one day of recovery for every mile raced. Also, I told myself that I wanted to take it really easy for a few weeks after the race. A few = 3-4 weeks, not 2 weeks. Anyway, I"m hopeful that my knee will continue to improve as long as I don't push it. I will keep the running very limited to 2-3 miles each time, and only every other day at most. I still have several weeks before I"m supposed to start training for Boston, so there is no rush.

Uggggh. I wish my knee didn't hurt. :( I really miss running and I feel like such a lazy ass. I hope it gets better soon. I've got this sick feeling of what if it doesn't, and I can't train for Boston. I know that is a pretty extreme take on my 2-weeks post marathon knee soreness, but it's the truth. Poo!!

Saturday, December 16, 2006


I went to the giant 24 hour fitness "super sport" today with Zach and HOLY mother of gyms!! This place is huge. There are expansive cardio and weights areas, two group fitness rooms, a pool, two basketball courts, a Jamba Juice, a child care facility, an outdoor hot tub, and huge locker rooms. We were there for about 2 1/2 hours!

We warmed up on the bike for about 5 minutes, then did an upper-body weights session (I just did what Zach usually does... and I will pay for it I'm sure!). It felt great to lift real weights, I haven't done that forever. Then we did a 5 minute cool down on these fancy new eliptical machines. Finally, we went and played basketball for about 15 minutes, just shooting around and then 1-on-1. That was pretty funny because while I'm a decent shot, I know nothing of the rules of basketball. I actually asked if it was illegal to kick the ball. :D Turns out it is. Despite my lack of skill/knowlege, we tied. ;) Finally, we sat the steam room for a while, then went out to the hot tub. It was very fun.

I did not run today, but my leg feels ok. I actually don't plan on running until next wednesday, since I will be in Phoenix for work Monday and Tuesday. That will be good for me knee I'm sure!

So, TOTAL miles for this second week post-thon: 5 (how cute!)

Off to my office holiday party... weeee! I'm feeling very jolly. Happy Holidays!! :)

Friday, December 15, 2006

TGIF and TG I can run!

Friday 2.0 miles/19:06/9:33 average pace


I ended up taking the entire week off after suffering through Monday's run. My knee felt good when I did the eliptical on Wednesday, and didn't bother me at all just walking around and on stairs, etc. So I felt ok about trying it out this morning.

It felt good!! I was aware of it, I could definitely feel it now and then, but I wouldn't say it hurt. I didn't have to alter my stride at any point (Monday I was straight up hobbling). I am very happy! I want to say I could have run another mile or more, but I'd rather think that then know for sure, in case it wasn't true.

I will take it really easy for another week - only really short runs of 2-3 miles until I am 100%. For comparison, I would say that the day after the marathon I was 0% (or negative even), Monday I was 30%, today I was 75%. I am happy with that progress. :)

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Dear Winner

After having waaaay too much fun at Zach's office holiday party last night, I got a surprise when I checked the mail- a big honkin' medal for my 3rd place AG win at the Thanksgiving Day 5k! With a lovely letter to me, Winner. :D

I am so excited! It's funny because I never think to stick around for the awards ceremony at races. First of all I know there's a very very tiny chance I would place, and secondly, it's usually a while after the race and I get sick of waiting around. One time at a really small race I waited for like an hour, then got bored and left. Turns out I didn't place anyway -in fact, I came in 5th out of 6 in my AG! haha. The one time I DID wait and DID place, at the Avenue of the Giants marathon, they decided there was a problem with the results and they didn't give out any awards. I got my medal in the mail several months later.

Anyway, I do plan on holding a full blown medal ceremony at home tonight. I've got a podium I built that I use for these things. Then I will place the award in my trophy case and wait for a call from the president. :) Just kidding.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Working Out

I don't have any mileage to report really, but I did work out this morning. Actually, last night I did a mini strength training workout (and realized what a weakling I am!). Then this morning I did 15 minutes on the eliptical. I could feel my right knee flaring up a little, but it never really hurt. And it definitely did not lock up (ok that's a little dramatic, maybe "tighten up" is more accurate) like it did Monday morning. So I thought I'd test it further by running the 1/4 mile back down to my apartment. Again, I was aware of a little pain/soreness, but nothing like Monday.

My plan is to rest again tomorrow... actually I will do strength training.. then do a little tiny run on Friday morning. I will be prepared to walk/run as needed and will do like 2-3 miles max. If that goes well I will do a short run Saturday morning. But no worries, I figured it would take me 3 weeks to recover completely from the marathon, so I'll do as little running as necessary to make that happen. :)

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Photo post

Backpacking in Yosemite in September
Kayaking on my birthday (September)
I am going to use the one of me for my new profile photo. And I just love that one of Zach. :)
Wow that didn't work at all.

new look

Testing testing

No update really, I walked to work today in the rain and my legs feel good.

Hope the new blog format is visually appealing!

Monday, December 11, 2006

On the road again

Monday 3.0 miles/30:25/10:09 average pace

It felt so good to run again after a week off. Well it felt good mentally, but not so great physically. Everything was perfect except my right knee, which is still pretty sore. The pain is sort of a tightness, and it's on the back of my knee. It kept tightening up after a few minutes, so I walked in spurts until it relaxed, then ran again. Toward the end of the run I was walking more and more. As soon as I stopped at the end, and walked up to my apartment, my leg felt fine. The stairs didn't even hurt. Weird!

I'm not worried about it, it's obviously a lingering soreness from the marathon. I will probably try running again Thursday, but I'm not hung up on it. This week is for recovery again, and if that means no running than I won't run. :)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Boston Bound

I am registered (waiting to appear on the official list after they verify my results). But they have my money.

I have a flight booked for me and Zach.

I have a hotel.

130 days to go!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Official Race photos

(I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I tried inserting the link)

I am bib # 301

I actually might have to order that one of me with my medal. I am so happy and just want remember that moment!

So, I made a hotel reservation for Boston... It is the Doubletree in Cambrdige at MIT. I guess it is only a couple of blocks from the T stop and then just a short ride to downtown. It is really nice and lot cheaper than anything downtown.

I still have to make flight and transportation decisions.. I have free southwest rewards tickets to use, but I can't fly directly into Boston. Ugh. So I will have to figure out shuttle costs and all that. There's a lot of logistical things to work out, but I admit I love this kind of stuff. I like planning things. In fact, I think if I wasn't doing this I would feel lost, bored, and depressed.

I have not registered for the race yet... I guess I want that to be a special moment. And by that I mean while drinking a glass of wine or something. :D Tonight perhaps. Yay!

Monday, December 04, 2006

CIM Race Report

The California International Marathon calls itself the Fastest Course in the West. It is run from Folsom (366 Ft. Elevation) to the state capital in downtown Sacramento (26 Ft. Elevation). This was the 24th running of this race and it certainly reflects that experience- every aspect of the race was extremely well organized. The weather in this part of the state is perfect for running in early December- mid-30s at the start and 50s by late morning, with no wind and lots of sunshine. There are rolling hills early on with more down than up, and basically flat through the streets of downtown near the end. The community really embraces this race and the crowds were amazing. Despite all these qualities, there are less than 5,000 runners (the only companion race is a 2.62 mile fun run). That made everything run even more smoothly.

My background: This was my third marathon. I ran the Nike Women’s Marathon last October, after running for less than a year and finished in 3:55:10. I trained harder for the Avenue of the Giants marathon this past May, and finished in 3:45:14. I learned a lot from both races, and was really happy with the results, but I suffered in the final miles both times and had a pretty significant fade in my pace. I knew I could do better if I could just hold it together in the late miles.

My training: This time I felt I was ready for the next level of training, so I used Pfitzinger’s 12/55 schedule. I was seriously intimidated by the mileage, but I ended up not only getting in the miles, but really enjoying the variety and challenge of the schedule. The tempo runs were tough, but got easier. The speed workouts about killed me at first, but I got faster. The long runs (and mid-week medium long runs) were always a joy. I never felt burnt out and my confidence grew. I ran a Thanksgiving Day 5k 10 days out from the race, and smashed my previous best, finishing in 22:07 (and getting 3rd in my AG!). I felt amazing throughout the taper, and my outlook was very positive.

My goal and strategy: My goal was BQ: 3:40. I knew I was trained for it, but I was nervous. I decided to run with the Clif Bar Pace Group, as they have a really strong reputation at this event. I even went to the little seminar at the expo and met the guy. Mike Hernandez has run like 9000 marathons and ultra marathons. He’s done Western States 8 times. I was beyond impressed. He was also really nice and seemed to really want to help us finish. My food/hydration plan was to bring my Clif Shot Blocks and carry my own water bottles -one in fuel belt and one in hand, hoped to see husband for replacement hand-bottle mid-race.

Race Morning: I got up and had half an English muffin, and half a banana, my stomach too nervous to eat the whole thing. I bundled up and my husband dropped me off downtown at the shuttle bus area. I met a nice lady in line and sat with her, and we chatted the whole way and hung out together before the start. That was really nice! I ate half a Luna Bar (again with the half!).

I hit up the porta potty twice, and the second time the line was so long I had to rush to the start (dropping my sweats bag along the way). Luckily this race is small enough that it wasn’t a giant problem.

The Start: I got a close as I could to my 3:40 dude, but I was a good 20 feet back. This seemed close enough, but when the race started and the people spread out, I found myself more like 100+ feet back. Gah! I was not letting him get away.

Miles 1-5

I spent the first mile catching up with the group. I knew this meant running too fast (I must have crossed the starting mat a good 30 seconds after them), but I needed to be with them. I got pretty close and settled in. The group was also running a little fast in the first few miles, so I didn’t gain on them as quickly as I wanted. But I did catch up by about the 2 mile mark. After that, I calmed down a little, and the pace felt easy. At this point we were in a pretty rural area and it was COLD. The course was mostly downhill at first, then we started hitting little uphills. The uphills were never bad, just a few blocks long, and always followed by a longer downhill. Pretty gentle though. I wore my long sleeve shirt up until about mile 5 or 6 and was drinking on my water bottle.

Mile 1: 8:00 (average)
Mile 2: 8:00 (average)
Mile 3: 8:05
Mile 4: 8:19
Mile 5: 8:17

Miles 6-10

We were a good minute+ ahead of pace at this point, but I wasn’t worried. I felt very comfortable. I tied my long sleeve shirt around my waist and was good in my tank top. We were in more of a residential area at this point, and a few people had come out to cheer us on. There are more rolling hills, and the pacer is keeping us together and involved (“how are we feeling?” “stay relaxed!” etc). We slowed down just a little. Pretty uneventful, until just past mile 9. That’s when I ate it. I ATE IT. I tripped over one of those raised yellow reflector deals in the middle of the road and skidded hard. Ugh. I got up right away and started running again, amid lots of “are you okay?”s. I was fine. I wasn’t even really embarrassed, just a little shaken up. Someone ahead retrieved my water bottle, which catapulted when I hit the ground, so I moved ahead to get it back. I was still with the group, feeling ok. Whew. I look down and I’ve got a healthy streak of blood going down my lower leg. My hands hurt too and one is bleeding. I knew I was ok though, so I just let it go. I saw my husband at the 10 mile mark, and he didn’t even notice! Haha. I still had some water in my bottle (although it kind of hurt to open it, due to my injured hands), so I didn’t take a new one from him.

Mile 6: 8:24 (first mile on pace!)
Mile 7: 8:14
Mile 8: 8:33
Mile 9: 8:36 (crash!)
Mile 10: 8:25 (average)

Miles 11-15

Still feeling good, staying with the group, eating my Clif Blocks. Still residential, but there were quite a few more crowds at some of the intersections and shopping centers, and there were a couple bands and cheer squads and stuff. I loved running with the 3:40 pace group because people would cheer “Go 3:40 group!” Our pacer has us shaking out our arms at various intervals, and is keeping us involved. I love this guy. There were long stretches of gentle downhill in this section, and it was flattening out. We were backing off our pace a little. I saw my husband at mile 15 and took a fresh water bottle. He noticed my bloody leg and I laughed at myself.

Mile 11: 8:25 (average)
Mile 12: 8:32
Mile 13: 8:27 (HALF: 1:49:10)
Mile 14: 8:27
Mile 15: 8:38

Miles 16-20

I was feeling great. There’s a little space between me and the pacer, but I wasn’t concerned. The course is flatter at this point, and there are more crowds. It was warmer but still really nice. I continued eating my Clif Blocks as planned, and drinking plenty of water. I saw my husband once more at mile 20, and I tossed my half empty water bottle to him (I still had the full one in my fuel belt). We’re 45 seconds or so ahead of pace overall.

Mile 16: 8:15
Mile 17: 8:39
Mile 18: 8:26
Mile 19: 8:20
Mile 20: 8:21

Miles 21-26.2

Home stretch! We were in the beautiful tree-lined streets of Sacramento, which was generally flat with one bridge crossing. Our pace group was smaller… but I was feeling really good. I had a couple of low-ish points in this section, where I was getting a little mentally tired. My body felt strong except a sort of sore right leg. My breathing was a little labored, but not bad. I counted down the mile markers, 21, 22, 23… I couldn’t believe I was still running. I have NEVER run a whole marathon, I always have to walk a little. This time I just was never at that point of exhaustion. I got a little excited about finishing, but didn’t let myself get distracted. At about mile 23 or 24, the pacer rallied us all up, and had us stay close. There were only a few of us left, but he was still doing his thing, talking to us and encouraging us. As we got closer to downtown, there were tons of crowds!! I’ve never ran a race with so much community support (SF kind of hates the Nike marathon, and the Ave is in the wilderness). It was so exciting! I got a little ahead of the pacer during mile 25, and he was saying (probably to me and others, too) “hold it back, 3:40 group.” I felt strong, but he was right, I didn’t want to do anything stupid. But right at that 26 mile mark he said “go for it 3:40 group!” (I don’t honestly know if there were any others “going for it,” he may have been just talking to me! He yelled “it’s all yours! Enjoy it!” And I did. I had a giant smile on my face and everyone was cheering! As I got closer to the 26 mile marker, I sped up more and more. I was pushing, I was smiling, I was high-fiving!

Mile 21: 8:18
Mile 22: 8:25
Mile 23: 8:24
Mile 25: 8:29
Mile 26.2 : 9:43 (8:06 pace)

Final time: 3:39:22

(8:22 average pace)

(second half: 1:50:12, a 1 minute and 2 second positive split)

I can’t believe it. I mean, I can, I knew I could do it, but WOW. I am going to Boston. I am going to run the Boston Marathon. I just can’t believe it.

I got my medal, I got my picture taken in front of the sign (always wanted to do that!), and I borrowed someone’s cell phone to call my husband. He found me- he had missed me coming through so he didn’t know my finish time, so it was so awesome to tell him! I cried a few tears of joy and then called my parents.  I made a stop at the first aid tent to get my scrapes cleaned up (they were a lot nastier than I thought), and then went out and cheered in the runners for a good half hour. I was just so happy- it felt good to yell and cheer!! I saw my friend come through later, she had a really tough race, but I cheered super loud for her too. Every finish is amazing.

The one thing that is just as exciting to me as my BQ time, is that I RAN every step of the way (well, except those few feet I slid…). I never thought I could do that. I felt incredible the entire 26.2 miles. I sped up at the end! I know I can run a faster marathon. I really love that Pfitz.

So, that’s it! I am actually planning on going to Boston this year (2007). I know it’s late and I know my training won’t be what it could, but I just have to do it. I will make my hotel reservations ASAP and could use any advice from those who have been there. Thank you so much for reading, and thank you for all your support. I think one of the best things about this awesome race is getting to tell you all about it. Thank you!! 

More photos



State Capital

Cheering in other runners!

Finisher's Medal


Good Luck boquet!

Leaving Hotel race morning

You can see Pacer/Hero Mike Hernandez in this pic, holding the 3:40 sign. (Mile 10)

I am in the red tank top. (Mile 10)

Mile 15

Mile 15 again

Mile 20

Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Short Story: I'm Going to Boston

The California International Marathon was amazing.

I ran with the 3:40 pace group the entire time, except that I took off ahead in the last mile. I may have finished 20 seconds or so ahead of them.

My watch time is 3:39:22.

I'm going to Boston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will post a long race report with plenty of photos tomorrow. My only goal for the rest of today is to shower, rest, and drink a few martinis. :)

Friday, December 01, 2006

I'm ready

Friday 4.0 miles/33:02/8:16 average pace


This run felt so good. The schedule said "easy" but this pace felt very comfortable. I could feel my body settling into race pace very easily and naturally. I was pushing a little in the last mile, I just had so much energy and was so excited!! :)

Some thoughts on the race and my goals and other things:

Today was cold, frosty still, but I didn't feel as cold. I'm used to it now I think. I'm grateful to have experienced a week of this chilly weather so that on race day it doesn't phase me.

There weren't too many runners out, but the few that passed me I gave the standard mini-wave and "good morning" but I felt like I was getting some encouragment from everyone I passed. I know this is totally weird and out-there, but I felt like I was drawing a little power from everyone I saw, like they were wishing me good luck and giving me an ounce of extra juice. Ok, that's even weirder when I write it out. :D But I've felt this way before my previous marathons so I thought I'd share it.

My goal for the race is to qualify for Boston. So, technically, I need to finish under 3:40:59. I believe the pacer will try to run 3:40:00, so that will be my actual working goal in the race. I like the little cushion.

I believe I can run even faster, but I don't want to risk everything to do that. I really want to finish under 3:40 so I won't risk a crash-and-burn by going out with the 3:35 pace group or something. So, if I really feel strong, I will increase my pace slightly in the final miles. No sooner than mile 20. This might now happen at all, and I'm fine with that, but I think there's a good chance I will finish in around 3:38.

I've decided to wear shorts, even though it will be really cold in those early miles. I'll wear pants and an extra sweatshirt and check them (or toss them, who cares), and I will wear lots of layers up top to keep me warm while running.

I am going to wear my fuel belt, like I always do. It carries a large (well, standard size) water bottle. It also has a pouch for my snacks. I'm going to start the race with a water bottle in my hand too, so I don't have to stop for water in the early miles. I will have Zach carry a water bottle when he's watching at various spots on the road, so I can take the water from him. But I'm not counting on it (in case I miss him). I can always get water at the aid stations.

I'll eat my Clif Shot Blocks along the course. I'm thinking I will eat 3 of them on the hours (so at the 1 hour, 2 hour, and 3 hour marks). I might throw a couple extras in my pouch for good measure.

I'm not really setting any "B" or "C" goals, because I don't want to give myself the option of wussing out and I know unless something unforseen happens I CAN run my goal pace.

That said, there are many things besides qualifying for Boston that will make me happy about this experience. I'm so proud to be running my THIRD marathon! I have had an incredible training cycle, where I really blew my expectations of myself away. I discovered that I'm capable of a lot more than I thought. I can easily handle 55 miles per week. I am fast. I am not a baby. I might complain a lot, but that's just cause I want special treatment from Zach. ;)

Well... I think that's it. Feels good to get that all out of my head. I'm really happy right now and I know I am going to be really happy after the race. I'm super proud of myself. :)