Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Cross Training and Rollin'

Tuesday 90 minutes walking (to and from work, and errands at lunch)

Wednesday 25 minutes eliptical, 3 minutes jog to apartment, lifting weights at the gym tonight.

My goal this week is to be active - cardio and weights- and to rehabilitate my sore leg. This means stretching, massaging, icing, and NO running.

I purchased a FOAM ROLLER and it is supposed to be the perfect tool to stretch and massage my tight IT band. I bought it at Target (of all places. I called 2 running stores and a couple of physical therapy supply places with no luck. Target comes through again!) and it came with an instructional video which really helped. I did all the moves it demonstrated, and man that thing is nice. I massaged my hamstrings, calves, back, everything. The IT band move is pretty uncomfortable, but I read that is usually the case when your IT band is very tight or inflamed. Anyway, I used it last night and again this morning after my workout.

I also found online a few stretches that will gently stretch the IT band and I will do those a few times a day when my muscles are warm (after walking, working out, or soaking in tub/jacuzzi).

I'll also randomly ice the side/back of my knee where the pain is focused. It's probably a little late in the game for the icing, but I don't think it will hurt.

Finally, I am not running. I am annoyed and frusterated, but I'm trying to stay positive. I realize it is only a few weeks and not the end of the world. I'm only putting pressure on myself to heal because Boston is only like 15 1/2 weeks away. I am definitely willing to adjust my training to accomodate my recovery, I just really want to run Boston. I just really want to run.


Michele said...

That roller thing looks hard, but then I have NO balance.
You are going to do great in Boston. You trained really hard and are in great shape, a few weeks of rest and cross training will do you some good.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Cross training is never a bad thing. If you can keep the intensity of it up, you won't lose any cardo fitness and between that and the lifting, you should pick up some muscle endurance that you didn't have before. That will come in handy in those Newton Hills for sure.

So Smile and Enjoy!!