Friday, December 15, 2006

TGIF and TG I can run!

Friday 2.0 miles/19:06/9:33 average pace


I ended up taking the entire week off after suffering through Monday's run. My knee felt good when I did the eliptical on Wednesday, and didn't bother me at all just walking around and on stairs, etc. So I felt ok about trying it out this morning.

It felt good!! I was aware of it, I could definitely feel it now and then, but I wouldn't say it hurt. I didn't have to alter my stride at any point (Monday I was straight up hobbling). I am very happy! I want to say I could have run another mile or more, but I'd rather think that then know for sure, in case it wasn't true.

I will take it really easy for another week - only really short runs of 2-3 miles until I am 100%. For comparison, I would say that the day after the marathon I was 0% (or negative even), Monday I was 30%, today I was 75%. I am happy with that progress. :)

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Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Glad to hear your legs are coming around. If you keep listening to your body like that, you are going to be just fine and come out stronger than when you did the race. Great job!

p.s., you don't really have a podium in your you??