Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Short Story: I'm Going to Boston

The California International Marathon was amazing.

I ran with the 3:40 pace group the entire time, except that I took off ahead in the last mile. I may have finished 20 seconds or so ahead of them.

My watch time is 3:39:22.

I'm going to Boston!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will post a long race report with plenty of photos tomorrow. My only goal for the rest of today is to shower, rest, and drink a few martinis. :)


Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the full report.
I am SO happy for you. You trained so hard and it paid off. Awesome job.

Anonymous said...

Great job!! Remember, you earned that ticket to Boston with your hard work and dedication.

Oh, and don't forget. You want that martini shaken, not stired...

Arcaner said...

Nice going! Looking forward to the report.

Jen said...

CONGRATS! Excellent. I cannot wait for the full report.

Sibelius said...

Congratulations on an awesome race Jen!

I'm sorry we were unable to meet before the race but the 3:35 and 3:40 pace groups were no where near each other at the start. What a perfect running day we had yesterday!

It also sounds like we ran very similar races. I stuck with the group through 25 and went on ahead for the final push. I ended up with 3:32:41.

I look forward to your report!

jeffem said...

Awesome! Your hard work and training paid off and now you get to go to Boston!