Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shamrock Run 15k Race Report

It was a windy, rainy, hilly sonofabitch, but it was awesome! I missed my goal time by about 2 minutes but I hadn't accounted for the monster hills. While the weather sucked, it didn't necessarily slow me down. The hills certainly did though!!

We walked down to the waterfront with about 20 minutes before the race start with just enough time to hit the porto-potties and do a short warm up run. No time to find the girls (Sarah, Alisa, Amy, Cindy, Emily) though unfortunately. I hope everyone else had a great run!

Our lovely spring weather deteriorated rapidly since Friday and this whole weekend has been a soaker. Today we added an intense southerly wind to the mix. Fun!

My goal was to run at about my goal Half Marathon pace (7:55) which would bring me in just under 1:14:00. I guess I forgot about the little climb on Terwilliger though! I've done this run a few times and I don't know why I didn't factor that into my goal. I knew there would be hills I just didn't account for it time-wise.

The race started on time and I started off at a strong pace. We made a few turns through downtown until we were headed south up Broadway. UP Broadway. Zach had mentioned this incline but it was a little tougher than I expected. The real hills started about mile 2 and continued solid through mile 4 or so, followed by a couple more miles of some down and some up. I checked my Garmin and by mile 3.5 we were at 500 ft. elevation (started at sea level).

I held the pace somewhere between "pushing" and "not dying" which seemed ok. A lot of people were passing me, but then I had started off toward the front of the pack. I was breathing very hard but not wheezing. We climbed and climbed and climbed. The rain was coming down sideways and there were some powerful gusts that just made me laugh.

My splits are pretty chaotic, but I think that the mile markers were slightly off:

Mile 1- 8:06
Mile 2- 8:33
Mile 3- 9:23
Mile 4- 8:04
Mile 5- 8:39

Finally about mile 6 we turned left and headed south down Barbur back toward downtown. This decline wasn't at all what I'd hoped it would be! You'd think after all that climbing we'd have a screaming downhill. Nope. I swear it was flat. Dammit! I was feeling really good and my breathing was in control, but I was bordering on a side cramp which luckily never got too bad. I sped up and started passing people.

Mile 6- 7:55
Mile 7- 7:48
Mile 8- 7:44
Mile 9- 7:12
last 0.35- 2:28 (7:00 pace)

I saw Zach with about a quarter mile to go and he jumped in for a second and gave me a final boost. I saw my friends Deana and Dana right after I crossed the finish line and gave them a quick high-five.

Final time (unofficial): 1:15:57 (8:09 average pace)

My Garmin results, just for the record, were 9.63 miles and 7:53 average pace. Not official, but makes me happy to see that.

I'm actually really happy with this race! It was tough, the weather was awful, but I had a blast. I felt really good the whole time! It was a confidence booster for my upcoming half, since will be like NO hills compared to this.

After the race we found our group and Zach and I shared our thoughts and had fun telling everyone about the race. We tried to find the beer garden but it was a muddy mess of folks so we just headed over to VooDoo Doughnuts instead. The rest of the day has been spent leisurely dining at our favorite brunch spot and soaking in the hot tub. Life is good.

Photos! (the quality ones are courtesy of Zach's step dad, makes me want a nice camera)

In pre-race rain gear:

Zach's in the center of this photo heading toward the finish. I like this shot because it's a good view of downtown. Oh, and that white building on the top of the hill in the far background? We ran by that.

Zach kicking ass:

Me kicking ass (and looking hot) heading toward finish:

In the Irish Festival tent after the race listening to some Irish tunes:


Dirt Doughnut (Oreo-topped)

Brunch spot (highly recommended):

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Nice job! Sweet negative splits too, you really rocked that last mile!

Emily said...

Dude - check out your pipes! Push up challenge definitely paying off. Nice work on the race. You are going to KILL IT in your half. I'm so excited.

aron said...

look at those arms in your pic!!! :) looking good jen!!

awesome race!!! hills totally mess up my breathing, but even with killer hills and bad weather you still rocked it! check out that last mile :) GREAT job!!! i smell a PR at you upcoming half :)

Zach said...

Nice work babe!

KK said...

Ugh, hills wind and rain? That is inexcusable...c'mon weather gods...

Nice pace and time though, you smoked it! And your arms are RIPPED! Let's face it, I would be most happy about that. And the doughnuts. Congrats!

Sarah said...

Great run!! Can't believe you did it in a tank top! Whoo hoo!!! But because of that tank top - holy arm muscles! I might have to start doing pushups.

side note - Isabels - totally one of my favorite places in Portland!

Arcane said...

Great job! Nice arm definition.

kelsalynn said...

Hell yeah! Great job.

Okay, seriously, you need to be in Shape magazine or something. your body is fricken killer. I know I've told you that before, but your arms in that picture- dang girl!!!

Susan said...

Sounds like a great race, even despite the hills and the weather! Check out that last mile...way to rock it!

Lotusphx said...

Yes! The pipes or guns, whatever you prefer, are awesome!!! No wonder you're kicking butt in the push-up challenge! Good Job on the race!! I just made corned beef and coleslaw in honor of St. Patty's day!! Wish you were here to enjoy post-race :)

kristen said...

That is an awesome picture of you - I hope you weren't being sarcastic. Seriously.

Good job. Damn PNW hills. I swear no matter how hard I train with hills, one always takes me down a notch. Way to push yourslef.

Justin said...

Nice run Jen and great splits! I am surprised you thought those last few miles felt flat after the crazy Terwilliger hills.

I'm happy to see I didn't actually miss out on free donuts like I had first thought after reading Zach's blog.

Alisa said... the hell did you run in a tank top! I was freakin' feezing the whole time in capris and a long sleeve AND gloves. BRRRR!

Your arms do look hot in that pic though! Must be all the pushups.

My Garmin said 9.65 miles too in 11:06 pace...official results were not so nice...9.3 miles at 11:38 pace...blah!

P.S. Those hills sucked...I didn't Broadway would be that bad...damn was I wrong!

Amy said...

OMG, I saw VooDoo Doughnuts on the Food Channel once. I love your oreo donut! What a perfect treat after an awesome race. (I think we need to have an eat off challenge.) Congrats on such a great race!!!!!! You guys looked awesome in the pics (hello biceps!). Says a lot about you that you can race in the pouring rain and have fun to boot. You're going to smoke your 1/2 marathon.

the gazelle said...

nice job on the race! I'm sorry I missed it, but it sounds like everyone did a good job. And check out your arms! they are AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

i need to start doing the push-up challenge asap! you look smokin hot in that pic!!! congrats on the race! you totally kicked ass despit the hills and crappy weather!

Cindy said...

LOOK at your arms in that picture! they are so toned! oh, i just noticed that aron wrote the same thing ha ha :) that weather was a b*tch, and even with that nasty headwind and crazy hills you smoked it. very nice!

Glorybelle said...

Great job, Jen. Aren't hills just CRAZY! I'm sure I'd love them more if I trained on them more. *makes note to self to train on hills*

You had a great race and definitely every right to be proud of it. Way to push yourself!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Great job with what had to be a tough race between the hills and conditions.

Billy Burger said...

DIGGING the race photos Jen. It looked miserable and sweet at the same time. Congrats on kicking it up a notch on the back half and finishing strong.

And that oreo/donut concoction looks amazing.

Kim said...

HOLY MUSCLES!!!! the hills, the wind, rain - all that definitely plays a part and i can vouch for you on that. you did fantastic regardless. that donut was well deserved!

Petraruns said...

Great going! Nice job and wonderful negative splits - you are SO fit! And that doughnut looks delicious..

Ewen said...

Um, isn't that "white building" on the top of a mountain?

You ran well. Tough course, tough weather. Got to be worth at least 1:13 on a flat course! And 1:08 for Zach :)

Yes, good arms. Is that why you don't wear arm-warmers, or are you just tough?

ShirleyPerly said...

Woohoo, look at those splits!!!

And I love that green tank top and those arm muscles too. Way to go, Jen. I'm sure you'll rock that half marathon after having run this 15k in less than ideal weather and with all those hills. Congrats!

Donald said...

Awesome race. Way to crank it up gradually and finish strong - perfect. And the rain makes you look totally tough.

Amy said...

Wow, look at that weather! Congrats on a good race, regardless... You were definitely able to finish strong.

And I loved that you all got doughnuts after the race! =) How cool! I would've totally done the same.

Marathon Maritza said...

Excuse me, where do I turn in my the gun show? WOWZA!

And also, your boobs look really good in that pic too...hawt!!!

Great job, awesome awesome splits!!!!

Anonymous said...

i want a dirt donut now!

Chloe said...

Awesome race report! Those darn hills - they can get you!! And those doughnuts look awesome!

Um. Yeah. If there is a bar fight - I would totally want you on my side!! Where is the gun show? :)

jb said...

OMG great work! Esp with the weather! Love the pics!

melinda said...

great race! also, look at your arms in that hot photo! looking very good.. yum voodoo!!!

Beth said...

Great race (and muscles)!

Amy said...

Hey there! I know I already commented on your race post, but I wanted to say "thank you" for the really sweet comment you left on my blog. :) :)