Wednesday, March 11, 2009

muddy buddy

Quick update on my training. I feel like I've been slacking but I think that is only because I didn't go to Yoga last night. Which wouldn't have been so bad except I went to a bar and ate a burger and drank beer instead. It was really fun though and I needed to hang out with friends that make me happy so it was worth it. So I actually have been doing my workouts including pushups and other strength training. My legs are feeling great this week!

Monday: run
6.0 miles/51:43/8:37
Easy run on the Fanno Creek Trail in Beaverton

Monday: swim
1750 yards/40:10
Right after the run I headed to the pool. I actually did a varied workout instead of a straight swim:
250 warm up swim
500 intervals: 5 x 50 hard, 50 easy (hard laps were done in :45-:46)
250 kick
500 pull
250 cool down swim

Tuesday: bike
45 minutes trainer
I took it pretty easy (no intervals) but focused on keeping my cadence high (100 ish)

Wednesday: run
8.0 miles/1:03:15/7:54 average pace
Tempo run in Forest Park:

2 miles warm up 8:59 average
6 miles tempo at 7:33 average

It was sunny but cold (mid 30s). And it was verrrrry muddy on the trail!

Tomorrow it's supposed to be nice (sunny and 50s) so I'm going to ride outside and also go swimming. Then I'm going to the free class at Lululemon in the evening. Friday is an easy run and Saturday is off. Sunday is the Shamrock Run!

My in-laws are coming to town tomorrow evening and staying through the weekend. Should be fun! They love to come watch us participate in races. :) They'll be able to get some photos too and hold our warm-up clothes, so logistically it's really convenient. I'll post again before the race. Hope everyone is having a good week!


Marathon Maritza said...

Aww don't guilt yourself! You are doing great and who doesn't need a burger, beer and friends to keep it together? :)

I love the muddy run!

Miss you XOXO

the gazelle said...

That's what my legs looked like last Friday - I love have muddy trail-running legs!

Kelly said...

Good luck. Have fun with the inlaws.

Emily said...

Nothing is better than muddy legs! Maybe I'll do LULU with you this week...? What time?

Amy said...

Good luck this weekend! You guys are going to do great! Don't feel bad about hanging with friends and missing yoga either. Friendship time is soooooo important (and under rated). You're doing great!

KK said...

Yup, ditto to what Amy said. Sometimes you just need to throw one back with the girls-it does wonders for your mind and spirit. Your body, not so much but two trumps one, right? P.S. funny comment about the TPing on my blog. FUNNY.

You are darn fast with those tempo splits, nice work!

KK said...


kristen said...

Cool picture! Looks like it was fun. I like your swim workout too. Your good at keeping track of times. I need to start doing that too. Keep it up.

Sarah said...

Whoo hoo!! Shamrock Run! And you know what, enjoy your good friends! They are hard to find.

kelsalynn said...

GOOD LUCK! I want to get really muddy during a run sometime. I'm usually a wuss though.

Ewen said...

I'm jealous. We haven't seen mud for months!

Don't forget to tell the in-laws to pan the camera so you're both nice and sharp as you speed past :)

I'll take a guess at 73:59 and 65:19.

D10 said...

I guess it was muddy. I love getting dirty, for some reason it makes things more fun! Way to keep up with all the training.

Gotta Run said...

Don't seat the hamburger and drinks. You made up for it with those speedy runs!

Race report.... looking forward to it. Enjoy and race fast. :)

Eric said...

Sometimes a beer and a burger is just what the training calls for :-)

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Mud is fun! Good luck in the race.

Tara said...

muddy is right! nice job on all the workouts!! and sometimes a beer and burger is just what the doctor ordered :)

good luck this weekend!

jb said...

A burger and a beer are good for you! Nice muddy legs :)

Cindy said...

good luck a shamrock! you must have some kick to get mud all the way up to your knees. i have more of a shuffling gait...

Beth said...

Mid 30s and you wore shorts! That's hardcore!

aron said...

that was a smokin tempo run!!! woooo :) you are going to be SPEEDY in the 15k this weekend :)

my mom is coming up this weekend too and going to the half! its so nice when you have people there to help you with all the little things (please hold all my stuff thank you) :)

Kim said...


ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, muddy indeed!!

Yay for more family support at the races. Have fun!