Friday, February 27, 2009

training update and waterfall pictures

We drove to Multnomah Falls in the Gorge today. It's only about 20 miles away, and even though we've passed by it lots of times we haven't actually visited since we moved here. It was cold but didn't start raining until we were nearly done with the hike. We hiked the mile to the top of the falls for a great view of the gorge. The waterfall is amazing! It's totally touristy but worth it. There are a bunch of pictures at the end of this post. :)

But first, training stats! I had such an awesome week. I rode outside on Thursday, ran in Forest Park on Friday, and then did a long run Saturday with some goal pace miles. Plus the scheduled million pushups.

Thursday: bike
10.3 miles/38:55/15.8 MPH
Waterfront/Springwater Trail
I wore Zach's heart rate monitor and was surprised to see I was working harder than I was on Tuesday's trainer ride (which was interval-ly!). I averaged 154 with a peak of 174. I think I don't notice the effort as much because the sweat dries and plus it's just fun.

Friday: run
6.0 miles/51:24/8:34 average pace
Easy run in Forest Park

Saturday: run
14.5 miles/2:00:45/8:19 average pace
Heritage Trail, Camas WA
Emily not only suggested this place, but had an amazing run the time she was there so I figured it was a great place to run fast. :) It's a 3.5 mile dirt (crushed gravel actually) trail that follows the west side of Lacamas Lake. It's got these little bitty hills that are kind of fun but kind of annoying. It was super windy too, but luckily we ran out and back twice so we only had the wind half the time.

We started with some easy miles to warm up- 3.87 miles at 8:15 average pace

Then 7 miles at Goal Pace (which for me to PR is 7:55). Those 7 miles were done at exactly 7:55 average! I didn't look at my Garmin the whole time so I was letting Zach guide us along and our splits actually ranged from 7:39 to 8:15. It was definitely hard but as we got near the end I got a second wind and finished strong.

The "cool down" miles were pretty rough! The final 3.63 miles were done at 9:08 average pace. I was toast and the wind was harsh and the little hills were sucking any energy I had left. I made a point to stop and read the interpretive signs about the local wildlife. Ha! I pretended to be very interested but really I just needed to rest. I'm ok with that though because I did the Goal Pace miles with only a 30 second or so break to suck down my Gu at the half way mark.

I'm very happy in general with this run! It was hard but I still have 5 weeks until my goal race. Plenty of time to rack up the miles and do speed work. :)

totals for the week:

run: 34.5 miles

bike: 1 hour trainer ride and one 10.3 mile ride outside

swim: 0 (Let my ears de-plug before I get back in the water. They are definitely better so I think this was a good decision.)

Multnomah Falls Pictures:

Me on the stone bridge:

From the stone bridge:

On the hike up:

Looking down the falls (see the bridge and parking lot on the right of the photo)

Columbia River from the top of the falls:



Zach, back down near the bottom:

Looking up at the top of the falls, zoomed in on the viewing deck:


Alisa said...

Wow, I can't believe you got pictures there without other people in them! Must have been a non-crowded day.

Great job with all the training this week. I am really, really, realllllllly hoping for a PR at Race for the Roses too...but I haven't been able to judge my long runs very well since we keep choosing overly ambitious courses. =)

the gazelle said...

that's where Brad & I got married! I love the trails PAST the top of the viewpoint - so many other waterfalls to see!

Great week! I had a craptatic run today, so I'm feeling all bummed, but I think we're all going to PR at the Race for the Roses!

Chloe said...

Wow! Thank you for sharing those amazing pictures! Holy cow!! What a great way to spend you day.

Awesome running this week! Glad you are feeling better!

kelsalynn said...

You're DEFINITELY feeling better huh? Those pictures are amazing - I really like the black and white ones a lot- you should frame one for sure!

KK said...

Oh nooo...I've been gone for a while-have you been sick? I hope you are feeling better if that was the case, but it sounds like you are :).

That is AWESOME that you hit your goal miles in your long run! What is that Race For The Roses, a half (I didn't see it on your side bar)? Anyway, you have logged some speedy sessions of late so I think you are well on your way to a PR.

Great, pix too. Looks beautiful.

Kelly said...

So I'll have to post photos of that same hike. We saw something I was dying to see all the way up as we traveled back down. Halfway up to the top was someone stopped to take a smoke break. Yes, they were doing this mile long hike and stopped for a smoke. I wonder if they actually made it? Thanks for the pictures!

Ewen said...

Multnomah Falls is great - I've been there on two of my US trips - although we didn't hike to the top, only the bridge. Wimps eh?

Was that the massive stimulus package million pushups?

Great Saturday run - you're on target for a very zoomy race!

Kim said...

oh my, absolutely GORGEOUS! fantastic workouts!!!

Amy said...

Really cool pictures, Jen! Those falls are gorgeous. And, great workouts. I think letting your ears declog was a great idea. Nothing worse than an ear infection!

Emily said...

Great pictures. I forgot to answer your email question - yes, I've been to M Falls like 6 times since I moved here! Everyone that has visited has insisted on going, plus I went once with Anne and I think once again with Josh. Its so pretty despite the touristy part. My friend Lisa from MI couldn't believe it - she was so taken aback by the lush greens and moss and swore it was created by Disney. I couldn't agree more!

Awesome job on the training week and fast run @ Lacamas.

Will you try to get me out on my bike this week? I need to ride 90 minutes and don't wanna do it on a stationery bike.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Great pictures and good job with the workouts. It sure looks cold though.

Inga said...

Really Cool Falls pics!!! It does look a little "damp" though :)

melinda said...

Um yea, touristy or not, that waterfall is awesome! Great pics (again!).

Looks like you had a fabulous week of training. Keep up the good work!

aron said...

WOOOO jen way to nail that run!! you are doing sooo great :)

those pics are amazing!! looks like it was a great day :)

ShirleyPerly said...

Oh, thanks for those WONDERFUL photos!! I visited Multnomah Falls about 25 yrs ago and loved them. It was the last time my then-longtime boyfriend and I were together (we split up soon afterwards to our separate ways in grad school). Good memories ...

Great job on your running. Hope your able to get back to swimming soon!

Marathon Maritza said...

Great job on your training this week, especially that LT run!! Nice!!!

And these pics are seriously gorgeous! You look so pretty in that first one with both you and Zach in it! :)

Will you take me here when I visit in June? XOXO

Arcane said...

pictures!!! Nice.

Tara said...

gorgeous pictures!!!!!

great LT run!!! glad you're feeling better :)

Zach said...

I know you had your heart set on a BASE jump from the viewing platform - maybe next time :)

Susan said...

It looks sooooo pretty there!!

jb said...

great pics!!!

Sarah said...

Now what you need to do is actually hike some of the other waterfalls around there - that the tourists don't go to!! I love them.

Gotta Run said...

I keep telling Scott that we are moving to Portland!! You both have hit the jackpot for the outdoors.

Love the pictures!

Great workout front. Maybe Zach set the pace for me and bump me just a bit faster :)

Michael said...

I'm so unbelievably jealous...after living there for four years, I keep forgetting how much I loved Portland. Then you have to go and post a blog like that! AHHHH!! Glad you're enjoying it. It's a beautiful city to run in, and you're taking full advantage...more power to you!