Friday, February 06, 2009

workin it

I'm so proud of myself this week. I haven't bailed out on a single workout! I swam, biked, ran, and even am rocking the pushup challenge. Also, I'm feeling very positive and upbeat about the job/life situation (more on that below). And to top it off I've officially lost 5 lbs since Jan 1.

Here's the training recap since we left off on Tuesday evening:

Wednesday: run
5.0 miles/40:19/8:04 average pace
I'm sort of following the half-marathon training plan from Bob Glover's Competitive Runner's Handbook, which is a great running resource that I've used since I started back in 2004. I'm tweaking it a lot but I am following his speed workouts, which always fall on Wednesdays. This week was 5 miles with 3 x 1 @ LT pace. My splits were: 7:28, 7:55, 7:42. Kind of all over the place but in the range. I took a little break in between each one since he listed it as intervals and not a nonstop tempo run.

Thursday: bike
20.0 miles/1:24:35/14.1 MPH
This was the first time I've gone more than 15 miles since last fall so I kind of took it slow. I faced a headwind and a gradual incline on the way out, which slowed me even further. Also the trail (I rode on the Springwater Trail) is pretty rough and bumpy which sucked some of my speed up. It was nice turning around though, with the slight decline and tailwind I was flying. It was definitely a split-personality type ride: on the way out I was very frustrated and questioning how I"ll ever be able to do the 112 miles in the Ironman but on the way back I felt like a rock star. Especially when I passed a couple women on mountain bikes at about 20 MPH who I swear to god said "Whoa!" *guitar wail*

Thursday: swim
1700 yards/36:17
Non-masters swim with Zach. He got off early (we went to the dentist) so we just went swimming about 5:30 instead of waiting for masters to start at 7. I actually swam farther than he did during this session because he took a few breaks and I pretty much swam nonstop. I actually kind of like swimming non-masters for now, I am able to set up some fun workouts and do my kicking drills and stuff.. I might put off joining masters for another month and just build a base like this for now.

Friday: run
6.0 miles/50:33/8:26 average pace
Easy run in Forest Park. Got real muddy and had a great time.

As I mentioned above, I am really feeling good about my employment situation this week. Which is to say that I enjoy being unemployed. I've been keeping busy with my training, volunteering, and job researching. I feel like something will come up when it's meant to be (I'm a big believer in fate) and so I'm just going to enjoy the ride. I've actually had a couple of good networking opportunities come up and am going to continue to focus on finding a good job in my field. It'll happen.

In the meantime, I have a fun new thing I'm doing. Get this, so you know how in social situations people like to ask "what do you do?" (no offense taken, I've asked this too)? Well I sometimes hate telling people that I actually am unemployed and getting into the whole depressing story and talking about all that stuff for the duration of the conversation. So now, I'm going to start answering "Oh, I volunteer down at the library and I'm a triathlete." Then, the conversation gets to be about something I love and want to discuss! I tried this out at the dentist yesterday and I must say it was awesome. We talked all about Ironman training and it was fun. I'm not claiming to be a professional athlete, but it really is who I am. I'm not just a sorry unemployed sap, I'm a triathlete.

Of course, if I think there's a chance of making a professional connection, screw the triathlon stuff, I will absolutely talk at length about my job search!

Have a great weekend, gang. Rock on.


aron said...

i love this post jen!!!! you sound so positive and upbeat - yayyyyy :)

great job on those workouts! your easy runs are getting very speedy!

and love the new outlook on what do you do... its so true! i would rather be defined as a runner than an accountant anyday :)

have a great weekend!!!!

kelsalynn said...

I love your new answer! It's all about perspective and you're right- you are a triathlete and deserve to talk about it!

Keep up the awesome workouts! you're going to be an ironwoman soon!

Bob - said...

"Oh, I volunteer down at the library and I'm a triathlete."
Great answer Jen, and love that it can start a positive conversation...way to go ! Oh and I promise I will return my books this weekend I think I owe 87 cents now :-)

Ewen said...

Whoa! It'll be even better when you get to say "I'm an Ironman, and volunteer at the local library". Some nice training there triathlete. I like the 3 x 1 miles - you didn't rest much with an 8:04 average. Well done.

Way to go with the 2.268 kilo weight-loss too. That should make the uphills in the 112 mile bike ride a whole lot easier :)

Sarah said...

There are so many fun things you can say! I love your answer. . . but when you get bored, just start making stuff up! Bounty hunter. . . woman of leasure. . . spy

Oz Runner said...

great job on the workouts and weight loss.....way to stay positive in the midst of unemployment, and I like your new answer to the "what do you do ?" question....keep it up!

Alisa said...

Wow...excellent work! I bailed on every single workout this week...bad me!

I love your positive attitude...maybe you'll meet a Nike person who can start sponsoring you and paying you to run, bike, swim and blog =).

Arcane said...

Times are tough so hopefully peop0le would still understand, but i can see what you mean. Good to see you're keeping busy and have a positive outlook. Hope you're loving Portland!

KK said...

Great post, great disposition, and great workouts! I agree with your decision to forgo masters for a while. Like you said, by swimming on your own you can build a base and your confidence and spend QT with Zach without having to talk to anyone else :). Also, super fast run splits, nuh-ice!

I like your idea to "label" yourself as a triathlete and volunteer. Very clever way to talk anout the good stuff-I might have to steal that idea sometime.

DestinyZoe Fang said...

heys, i am planning to run a marathon this year, and your training schedule is so inspiring. that takes a lot of discipline and motivation.

I can relate to the part where people asked about your occupation. I always get various response when I told them that I am an actor, performing artist.

hope you have a great week ahead =)

Amy said...

You have a great outlook on stuff, Jen. Congrats on completing all your workouts (that feeling is the best).

I'm a big believer in fate too...the right job will come around. It's a certainty.

PS- I hope you guys are cavity free!!!!!

melinda said...

woo hoo!! congrats on your 5 lb weight loss! also, good job on the workouts. I really admire your good attitude about this job situation. something will come your way!

ShirleyPerly said...

Nice job on your workouts and the weight loss!!

And I think attitude is the most important thing when faced with a challenge, whatever it is. People with positive attitudes are more likely to go out and find success rather than wait for it to drop into their laps. Keep your options open and keep smiling :-)

Danielle said...

What a great attitude! And not to mention, a great workout week!! Congrats on the 5 lbs. Can you pass me your secret? I need to lose 5 by the end of the month!

Erika and Blake said...
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ThickChick said...

Wahoo! Way to rock the workouts AND turn a potentially awkward conversation into a totally positive one!

Inga B said...

Great job and great post! I also love your new q&a technique... and I have always admired how much dedication you have to your running/triathalon training - Keep up the great work!!!


PS _ Good interview below too :)