Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I'm feeling soooo much better! It took about a week but I'm definitely on the mend. I'm still blowing my nose a few times a day and my ears feel all plugged up but I feel ok. I decided I will not swim this week because of the ear thing, which is fine. My focus should be on running right now anyway. Speaking of running, it's going great so far this week!

Monday: run
6.0 miles/49:12/8:12 average pace
Marine Drive. I took a few breaks to blow my nose (So. Gross. Um, I didn't have Kleenex. Let's just say "Snot Rocket" doesn't quite describe what was happening. Snot Waterfall maybe. Sorry!!) The running felt great though.

Tuesday: bike
60 minutes trainer
CTS Power Intervals DVD. It was fun and pretty challenging. Nothing like Spinning but it kept me pushing harder than I usually do on the trainer. I was definitely sweating a lot. I wore Zach's HRM and I averaged 137, with a max of 174 in the intervals.

Wednesday: run
8.0 miles/1:10:28/8:49 average pace
Waterfront/Springwater. I took it easy and ran longer rather than doing speedwork. I figured my lungs would appreciate it.

Plus I did my pushups Monday and Wednesday, and I did other strength training including core work on Tuesday. The pushups are getting hard- I'm on week 3 now (repeating each week twice) and today (Wednesday) I did the following sets: 14, 19, 14, 14, and Max which I was able to do 20. Damn! It wasn't even that bad. I'm awesome.

Last night all the Portland Bloggers (and honorary Portland Blogger Julianne, who is primarily aligned with the RoHos) got together at Carlyle for fancy cocktails and fun conversation. I think the floating orb in front of Zach's face is Emily's spirit. Those present in the physical realm, from Left: Erika, Amy, Julianne, Zach, me, Alisa, Cindy, Sarah.

I'm working up the courage to get my bike workout going. I have to decide between riding on the trainer and braving the cold outside. I love riding outside but don't know how long I'll be able to take it today. Though cold, the sun is shining so I feel like I should take advantage. Tomorrow is an easy run and then Saturday is a long run with Goal Pace miles. I'm feeling really good about this upcoming Half Marathon (April 5th) and I know a PR is in the stars for me. This weekend's run is a key workout so I'm going to give it my all. Sunday we are going snowshoeing. :) If I don't post again, have a great weekend everyone!

Good luck to Julianne at Napa!! And to everyone else racing this weekend. Have fun! Stay (or get!) healthy everyone.


Sun Runner said...

I will be running a half marathon on April 5 as well (crossing my fingers). My goal is to break 1:50.

I know all about the snot waterfalls...after my cold/sinus issue of several weeks ago my runs were frequently interrupted by liberal amounts of farmer-blowing. Good thing there wasn't anyone around to see!

Sun Runner said...

Oh, I just had to post again-- see, I grew up in California, and we sold Girl Scout cookies with those cryptic names. The Samoas, Tagalongs, Hoedowns, Do-Si-Dos and the like. It wasn't until I moved to Ohio that I found out we were the "weird" ones out there in CA. :)

Whatever the name...they still taste the same (awesome).

Sarah said...

I get so sicked out watching people do snot rockets. I'm glad you're feeling better though! It's snowing in beaverton! Soooo glad I don't have to run today!

It was good to see you guys last night - even though I was at the other end of the table!

Alisa said...

I can't do snot rockets, they end up all over me (gross I know)...I always carry tissue b/c you know...snot happens!

Had lots of fun last night! Snow times...where are you going? We've been to some lake near Mt was really pretty but SOOOOOO COLD!

Anonymous said...

glad you're feeling better :)

and look at all those workout you got in!!! Nice job!!! Still amazed by your speediness :)

Nitmos said...

Is your group and the RoHo's going to do some sort of Jets/Sharks West Side Story street fight at the next race? You are both amassing quite an army.

Emily said...

Yes, that was me. Think Tinkerbell.

Amy said...

Cute photo- Zach was definitely outnumbered. I'm glad you're on the mend...not swimming is a great idea. I think it makes one more sick sometimes. I think I should get a trainer DVD. I keep hearing about them. Hmmmmmm.

Have a great weekend!

Marathon Maritza said...

So glad you're feeling better!

And I'm so jealous of your fun blogger meet-up!

I say if it's not FREEZING or snowing or raining outside, take advantage of the sun. I think fresh air can do a lot of good for colds! :)

Miss you! XOXO

the gazelle said...

It was so good to see you & Zach last night!

So far, I haven't managed to do ANYTHING today - I didn't sleep at all last night & am just lacking energy.

I hope you got a good bike workout in!

Cindy said...

i didn't know there were spinning dvd's out there! maybe i will actually use my trainer after all... oh! and i didn't get a chance to tell you last night how much i like your adorable sweater and top.

Ewen said...

Pretty good week Jen. Have a great run on Saturday. I'm sure you'll hit the pace with time to spare.

Looks like Portland is the place to be for bloggers!

Um, that was enough detail about the missing Kleenex ;)

Kim said...

glad to hear you are feeling better! you are still busting your ass with the running paces, great job! :) and i blow tonnnsss of snot rockets, so you are in good company! portland looks like a great time with lots of fun friends! have a great weekend!

Inga_B said...

What a good group!! So glad you are feeling better...Happy Running - oh ya, btw - you DO rock those push-ups!!!

Chloe said...

There is no shame in snot rockets! I would much rather do that - then have snot issues! Ugh!

Glad you are feeling better - that is an awesome idea to stay out of the pool. Speically with ear issues!

That is awesome the way all of you guys get together! Looks like a fun night. Well - anything with good cocktails is usually a good time!

Have a good weekend!

kelsalynn said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. That cold is going around really bad at my work. I hope I don't get it! Michael had it last week and we share toothpaste, so I'm pretty sure I don't have a chance in hell of staying healthy!!! =)

That wine color/ purplish-red that you're wearing in the picture is a great color for you... looks good with your skin tone.

aron said...

i want to go to a portland blogger meet up! so fun :)

great job on the runs! glad you are feeling better :) i didnt realize you had a half coming up so soon!! so fun! i think a PR is definitely waiting for you :)