Friday, February 13, 2009


Not running, swimming! I swam 5000 meters between yesterday and today and it was fun. I am still just doing lap swim by myself rather than masters and I love it. I didn't push very hard either swim but I felt like I could swim forever at the easy pace. I also got in a good run and a little partying with Emily. Here is the breakdown:

Thursday: swim
3200 yards/1:07:41
I went early in the day and they have lap swim for several hours so there were no time constraints. Also, I had nothing else going on so I just took my time and kept swimming. I never got tired or bored at all, it was actually really fun and the time and laps were flying by. I could have kept going but was starting to get really pruney and figured it had to end eventually. I am not 100% sure that is the farthest I've ever swum in one session, but it's right up there. Here's the workout I made up as I went along:

2000: 10 x 200 (150 free, 50 breast)
500: kick
500: pull
200: cool down

Thursday: run
6.4 miles/54:53/8:35 average pace
Easy run with Emily along the river and Springwater Corridor.

Last night Emily and I had a really interesting night out that involved a free movie premiere, which we left about half way through, some drunk shopping, and a little clubbing. I didn't even know Portland had clubs! It started to get a little crazy so we decided to quit while we were ahead. It was a fun and bizarre night. I can't resist sharing a couple pictures which you will find at the bottom of this post.

Friday: swim
1800 meters/40:54
They had the pool set up long-course for a meet this weekend, and they have this moveable bulkhead thing that they put in the middle. So today really was in meters. I was moderately hungover and just tired and hungry, so I didn't swim as far. The cool thing was that I swam in the deep end- they have the full set of platforms for diving so it's a 13 1/2 foot depth, it's nuts. It seems a lot deeper than that. Kind of creepy actually! Here's the workout I did:

500: warm up, alternating 50 free/50 breast
600: alternating 50 kick/50 swim
500: pull
200: 4 x 25 hard/25 easy I did the 25s in :21 or :22 seconds. I think that is fast for me but I don't really ever time myself on 25s... I know I usually do 50s in like :48 seconds.

picture time! These are crappy cell phone pics of us in rare form so take it for what it's worth:

me in a trendy prom dress meant for someone half my age:

Emily solo dance party

I call this look "Wet Seal gangsta"

and then there were these:

Yikes. :D That is embarassing but too funny not to share.



Well Zach and I have a fun Valentine's Day planned for tomorrow. We're going for a long run in Forest Park and then making dinner at home. I am going to make Italian sausage ravioli with Gorgonzola cream sauce. And then Zach has strict orders to make me something chocolate. :)


I hope everyone has a great weekend with their loved ones!


aron said...

LOL looove the pics :) you guys are hilarious. drunk shopping is one of my favorites!

great job on all the swimming!! yikes!

i too was thinking this week how i won't be sharing this pfitz with you and i was sad :( at least i know i have a fresh non-marathoning mind to come to when i need some advice or a pep talk :)

happy valentines day!!! ours sounds very similar to yours :) we still don't know what to make for dinner though!

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, you sure do love to kick! I am such a sloooow kicker. I've heard most runners who learn to swim late in life are that way because of inflexible feet. You must share your swim background/secrets with us some day. You're really part fish, or have swam before in either high school or college?

Hope you and Zack have a great V-day!!

Emily said...

So embarrassing! I am still gravely hungover. I hate myself. But I Love You, Man!

Susan said...

Looks like you had a fun night! If I ever decide to taking up swimming/tris, I'm definitely coming to you for advice!

Have a great V-Day!

Anonymous said...

love, love those pics! wetseal gangsta is HOT!!! lol nice workout and all that swimming!!!

Have a fabulous Valentine's Day!!! :)

the gazelle said...

I'm thinking that now that I have the distance down in the pool, it's almost time to learn a 2nd stroke! :)

very impressive swimming! And it sounds like you & Emily had a fun night out - love the dresses :)

Anonymous said...

The pictures are fun! Love the gangsta look. Are you making the raviolis? The sounds fabulous! Have a great run and an awesome V-Day!

KK said...

A few things:
-You have gotten really good at swimming
-Therefore you should be the poster girl for Total Immersion (per your comment on Amy's blog)
-Nice Gams
-Were those shots or cocktails? Either way, nice choice
-You have gotten really good at swimming

Kelly said...

Where'd you get your recipe for that pasta, sounds awesome!

jb said...

Yay! Love the party pictures- live big, in all respects! Good work swimming- I have done some easy pool stuff, and struggled but managed to have a good time at aquatic park in SF. Nothing like what you're achieving!
Happy Valentines Day! Like I mentioned in my email, I have "given" my fiance an 8k snowshoe race! Neither of us have raced in snowshoes. Afterwards we are headed to a hut in the Adirondaks to eat a (hopefully) great meal, drink whiskey, and play cards :)

Petraruns said...

LOVE the photos - you look great even when you're drunk shopping.. And great work on the swim workouts - you were MADE for this!

kelsalynn said...

wow, that's a long swim, but I'm gla dit was "easy" !!

your pictures look hilarious- I'm glad you had a fun night.

Amy said...

Great swim workouts!!!!!! That's awesome that you're feeling more comfortable in the water, swimming longer and still loving it. Yay!

Fun pictures!!!!!!!!!

Ewen said...

I was expecting a story about a 21:59 5k :(

I like the photos - great use of colour and blur - who needs an expensive camera!

Eric said...

Drunk shopping? LOL!!!

Marathon Maritza said...

LOL hahahahahaha blurry pics = drunk! Love the fashion show, especially Wet Seal gangsta!

great job on the swim also, wowza!!!

Anonymous said...