Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Product Review: RecoverySox and TravelSox

This is incredible delayed, but better late than never. I will return to your regularly scheduled blabbing tomorrow, so just bear with me here.

As I know I've mentioned a LOT, my main point of injury is always my shins and lower legs. Every time I train for a marathon or do too much speedwork I get shin splints and super sore calves. I stretch and ice and use the foam roller and try to run on soft surfaces... in other words, I've tried everything. At the peak of my training for CIM I realized there was one other thing I had yet to try: compression socks. If you don't use them yet yourself, I'm sure you've at least seen them on the Olympic runners or on the Ironman coverage. I am in no place to go into the science of it, but it's all about stimulating blood flow in your lower legs. Several companies make some meant to be worn during running, but I never got around to purchasing them.

Well, right before the marathon, I was contacted by the company that makes RecoverySox and TravelSox, and they offered to send me some pairs to try out. Of course I want free stuff, so I said sure. I was already well into my taper, so I didn't end up wearing them at all while running. Instead, I used them for their other purposes: recovery and travel.

I wore them after some of my runs during the taper and I liked them! It felt good to have them kind of gently squeezing my lower legs. Other than that, I can't say they performed any miracles... my legs still hurt like hell. But, to be fair, I'd run myself ragged for months and I doubt a pair of socks was going to make a dent in that. It didn't hurt though, and also... look how sexy!

So, kind of 'meh' on the RecoverySox, but I actually was really excited about the TravelSox. See, my mother-in-law in San Diego is an avid triathlete and also a nurse. She always gives me great advice about training and general health stuff. I love having someone with medical training in the family! Anyway, she has always really emphasized to me the risk of developing Deep Vein Thrombosis, or blood clots in the legs. This is scarily common in young athletes who travel or are otherwise sedentary immediately following intense or prolonged activity. If the clot breaks loose and travels to your heart or brain, you can die. Yikes. My mother-in-law has seen many cases of this and has known people who have had this happen (the blood clots, not death). I know you are supposed to move your legs around to keep the blood flowing, but compression socks are another way to keep yourself safe. Since I knew I was going to be flying home only hours after the marathon I wore the TravelSox. And as you may have guessed, I neither developed DVT nor died! Yay!

So that's my review! I hope you enjoyed it. If you are interested in buying some, check out the links above. Thanks for reading! :)


KK said...

So, sitting in the same place for hours while downing nachos and beers isn't the best way to recover from an endurance event? Huh.

Nice that they contacted YOU for the review. Oh yeah, you're a total celebrity.

LOL at the part about how you didn't die and "yay."

I just ordered some compression socks and can't wait to use them. Great review!

Emily said...

I'm thinking the same thing as KK as I sit here with my wine watching HGTV.

Nice gams dude. You took it to a level above sexy school girl and dropped the skirt altogether. Nice work!

(My word verification word today is "terstes" - not cool.)

Amy said...

I bought some right before Christmas and I LOVE THEM. I travel in them and wear them for recovery. I really do think they help. Mine are only sleeves (not full socks) and in black. I love your white socks - very hip!

It's so cool your MIL is a triathlete AND a nurse.

PS- how did that company contact you? That's so awesome! Congrats!

Amy said...

Oh, and sooooo funny about the "regularly scheduled blabbing"


aron said...

ive really been wondering about compression socks lately. i get the same pains as you, mostly shin, calves and ankles... wonder if i should give them a try?? :) thanks for the review!!

Petraruns said...

I have worn them a few times for running - I guess I could try them underneath tights at the moment before going out and looking like a **** with shorts or capris and those things...

How about things like Skins? People here swear about wearing them during and after long runs? I feel I look like like a sausage escaping from its casing so am a bit hesitant. Looks aren't everything I know - but man..

Anonymous said...

Those socks are sexy!! I have claf/shin problems toos and I was wondering about them. Thanks for the honest review.

ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, I've been worried about DVT since I travel a fair amount and often sleep on planes not moving my legs for hours. I may have to look into getting a pair of those TravelSox. Thanks for the review!

the gazelle said...

Sarah has been running in some compression socks too - seems like they're all the rage!

And way to go getting your product review up! :)

Ewen said...

Great review Jen. They'd be perfect for the trip to the US - the flight attendants don't take to kindly to passengers jogging laps of the aisles on a 747.

Nice tan by the way.

Marathon Maritza said...

Ummm...congrats on not dying?

Alisa said...

Sarah has been sportin' her compression socks lately, I may have to give these a try.

Since I always seem to be flying to my races, as I don't tend to follow the motto "think global, run local" maybe I should get some for my next plane ride =).