Tuesday, February 17, 2009

monday and tuesday

I feel like I've done so much yesterday and today that I want to post about it before there is more! First, let me say that I actually have been fighting a sore throat since like Sunday. It is already getting better thankfully. I have been drinking lots of water and getting my usual tons o' sleep and taking my vitamins. Most of my training has been at an aerobic pace so hopefully I haven't pushed too hard. I think it's fine.

So here we go:

Monday: run
8.5 miles/1:15:55/8:56 average pace
I wanted to check out the entire Fanno Creek Trail in Beaverton, but I think there is still more! At 4 miles, which I decided was enough since I still had to run back, there was a sign indicating the trail continues after a stretch through a neighborhood. I guess I'll have to go out there for a longer run sometime. Oh, and on the way back I got kind of lost, hence the extra 0.5 miles.

Monday: swim
2000 yards/44:09
Right after the run I drove to the Aquatic Center to swim. At first I was really tired and thought of cutting it short but after a couple laps I got into a groove. I think it's like running where the first couple miles feel hard and you feel like you're not getting anywhere, but once you see the distance climb you get encouraged and want to keep going. Here's the workout I did (still just swimming solo, not masters class):

500 swim warm up
500 kick (alternate 50 kick/50 swim)
350 speed: 50 y in :44, 100 y in 1:40, 50 y in :45, plus recovery laps thrown in.
500 pull
150 cool down

When I got home I did my pushups, I'm on my second time through Week 2. It seemed easy since I've done it before. The sets were: 9, 11, 8, 8, max (I did 17).

(before I move on to Tuesday I feel like mentioning that I did some other stuff that isn't actual training: rode my bike 6 miles with Zach on his run; walked the mile or so down to Emily's and back last night for an awesome The Bachelor watching party with her and Sarah. Oh and I also went and sat in the steam room at the local 24 hour fitness- I got a week pass just so I could do that.. it really has helped my throat.)

Tuesday: swim
1500 yards/31:49
Back out to the Aquatic Center today. I was kind of short on time. I did:

200 swim warm up
300 kick
500 pull
500 swim

Tuesday: bike
1 hour Spin class at 24 hour Fitness
Whoooooo hooooo! So since I have this week pass at the gym I decided to go to my first EVER spin class. And holy shite, it was awesome!! Emily has been going to this so I made her go with me. That was nice cause she gave me tips and answered all my questions (such as "Are you f-ing kidding me??"). It was seriously intense! I really loved it though. I felt very strong and was proud of myself for not keeling over.

After my heart rate dropped and I cooled down I hit up the steam room again and drank about a gallon of water.

Well that's it! I am loving the variety of tri training and the fact that it takes a big chunk of my normally boring, lonely day. I am looking forward to actually doing some racing!


the gazelle said...

Sarah & I totally got lost when we did the Fanno trail - I think we started at the wrong trailhead, and after 1 mile ran out of trail, so we just wandered through an industrial neighborhood.

I've only been spinning once -and nearly died. I'd love to try it again, it just hardly ever fits into my schedule. Maybe on my week off next week, I'll have to check out a class.

aron said...

woooo awesome job and its only tuesday!! i used to take spin a lot in college and really have wanted to work it into marathon training, i just have a hard time fitting it in :) its so fun though!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you fit about a weeks worth of exercise in 2 days! Nice job.

RunToFinish said...

oh I miss having a steam room to use..if you find a good one it feels so good!

way to go on the push ups, i never made it past week 1

RunToFinish said...

oh I miss having a steam room to use..if you find a good one it feels so good!

way to go on the push ups, i never made it past week 1

Susan said...

What a busy two days! Looks like you got in some awesome workouts!

What'd you think of The Bachelor this week? I thought he was going to get rid of Molly...

KK said...

Awesome two days! I am jealous that you get to do all that-sometimes I wish that training was my full time job but then I wonder if I would get bored/burned out. I guess the grass is always greener. But your workouts sounded super fun, esp the spin class w/ Emily and the sauna soak after.

SO SORRY to hear about a sore throat. Ack, that's the worst. Feel better!

kelsalynn said...

WOWSERS! You are one crazy-fit chica! Okay, I was pumped b/c I ran 3.1 miles at 8:30/mile and here you just ran more than TWICE that!!! You are so quick... and I like how you added in "kind of got lost"... like maybe no one will notice that part and skim over it... lol

I'm so glad you loved spin class- it's such a fun and intense way to work out...especially when the cadence goes perfectly with the rhythm of the music--- it's so much fun!!!

Ewen said...

That was a sensible question. I trust Emily answered it in plain English and to your satisfaction ;) I know a few runners who swear by spin classes - not sure why - they sound like torture.

Hope the lurgy is on the mend and you get a chance to explore that trail again - looks great!

jb said...

Awesome! Back to back training is fun- you are inspiring me for this weekend!
I am jealous you like spin! I always get sweaty, but I can't stand how dark it is in there. The 24-hour fitness kickboxing classes are really fun.

kristen said...

Good for you girl. And I too love the spin classes....only on a real bike ride, you would be able to fly DOWNHILL too. Somehow that never makes into the class ;) I don't go consistent enought though.

Sarah said...

Spinning - I LOOOOOOVE it! I miss it. Why doesn't it work for my life these days???

Sorry about your sore throat!

And I had a great time Monday! You girls are funny.

Susan said...

Hi!!! Thanks for your sweet comments about my sweet little baby boy.

I admire your tri training. That is a goal of mine this year! (or next)

Amy said...

Congrats on sticking out that swim on Monday - especially after that long run! I agree, after you get into the groove it feels better. Sounds like your week has been going awesome!

Oh, and spinning is no joke - I totally agree. It's also a good variation from regular biking. :)

Alisa said...

Spinning rocks. I'd love to start going on Fridays as my xtraining.

Great job on the swims. I would love to do doubles but I don't feel like I have time to!

Wow, 500 pull...ouch...my arms are like jello if I do anymore than like 200 or 300 pull! I ahve been liking backstroke more and more lately. =)

Marathon Maritza said...

Nice! You are kicking butt!

OK, so since you have the 24hour Fitness free pass, you HAVE TO TRY ZUMBA!!! It's basically a dance party if the instructor is any good.

And yay 24hour Spincycle is so fun!

melinda said...

wow! that is a lot of training!!! Great job! Also, I love spin classes too.

Anonymous said...

sheesh woman you are a work-out machine!!! Nice job!! I love the steam room :)

I never have taken a spin class and really want to!! they always are full at my gym :(

Petraruns said...

Jen you are just amazing! you must be looking fantastic with all that work! I am so impressed with you for going to your first spin class and not dying - that tells us how fit you are!

Steve Stenzel said...

YAY for sleep and vitamins!! I hope you're feeling better!!

And GREAT workouts!!

Cindy said...

stellar workouts, jen! OMG i love the spinning class at 24 hr fitness. which one did you go to? i usually go to pearl but downtown has MUCh nicer bikes. holy shite is right--that workout kicks bootay.

Ryan said...

Congrats on all the tri training. You continue to impress me with your commitment to a wide range of cross-training activities.

Thanks for all of your kind words and thoughts on my blog. Sunday was an amazing race for me!