Wednesday, February 11, 2009

princess of power

Just a quick mid-week update here. I had such a good day today I couldn't wait to post.

First, yesterday

Tuesday: bike
45 minutes trainer

Wednesday: run
6.0 miles/48:20/8:03 average pace
My schedule called for 5 miles with 3 @ Tempo pace. Since I'd cut Monday's run a mile short I added it onto today's run. I also decided to do an extra Tempo mile cause I was totally feeling it. After a very slow 1.5 mile warm up, my 4 LT splits were:


Yay! That third mile was a little fast and I had to stop because I had a side cramp, but otherwise I felt really strong.

Then I came home and did my pushups- I'm on Day 2 of Week 2 (I'm doing each week twice). The workout called for sets of 12, 10, 9, 9, then a final set where you max out. I did 20!! That's a PR by 3 over Friday's late night showdown. Aww yea!

The rest of the week is going to be all about swimming since I missed Tuesday's swim. I will go both tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday and try to do around 2000 yards each time if I have time. I'm also cycling tomorrow (outside if it's not raining) and running Friday. Then Saturday Zach and I are going to do a long run with hopefully some fast miles thrown in. We'll see.

In Biggest Loser news, it was a great episode and I wasn't too sorry to see Blaine go home. I was, however, pretty annoyed by his little "where are they now" segment at the end where he claimed to be training for an Ironman but got the distances completely wrong. He said "The Ironman is over a 1.5 mile swim, 80 miles bike, and a half marathon." What?? I mean, good for him, but he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. Pretty funny.


KK said...

OMG really? On national TV he said that? He either was really nervous and got confused or blatantly lying. My money is on B. But A is also possible.

Nice work on the run. And BTW, you have gotten SUPER fast in like three weeks time. Nice! Great job on the pushups, too. Just the fact that you are doing them is remarkable. I think they are torture. So I admire your strength and determination.

the gazelle said...

I watched Biggest Loser last night, and was surprised that he got the distances so wrong! I mean, wouldn't you double-check on that before saying it on camera? I would (I can never remember the swim distances for tris.)

Cindy said...

ha! woops, maybe when he finds out what it really is he'll change his mind. what a day for you- i wish i could run like that, ms.speedy.

Sarah said...

Girl - you are speedy. I'm envious.

Ewen said...

20? Show-off. Time to challenge Zach to an arm-wrestle.

If the IM were that short, I'd do one!

Julianne said...

Go She-Ra!! You are one speedy lady. Seriously, if I ran that fast, my lungs would burst. But GREAT job lady!! :-)

Kelly said...

I thought those distances sounded a little off. But, what did I know, surely the producers wouldn't let him say all that stuff wrong...Guess they did.

Awesome run. If/when we run in May, it'll be very slow for you. But that'll be okay cause if you're still scheduled for a 1/2 May 3rd like I am it'll be a recovery run anyways.

D10 said...

You are rocking the pushups! Sounds like a great week. Hope the swim goes well and hope you get to bike outside.

Amy said...

Hahaha, he probably meant a 1/2 Ironman. And as we all know there is a BIG difference.

Great workouts this week. I love when I feel awesome running...such a good feeling. I loved the princess pic too!

aron said...

AMAZING tempo run!!! i wish you were here so i could TRY to chase behind you for mine :)

awesome job on those push ups too!! i am such a sissy at push ups... i have considered this challenge forever, maybe i just need to DO IT!

Eric said...

He's probably doing a sprint LOL!!!

Tara said...

speedy lady!!!! nice work outs! I am totally envious of all you swimmers! I can't think of dragging myself into a pool to do laps!

jahowie said...

Wow!! Your pace was awesome on that 6 miler!! I noticed the Biggest Loser thing right away. I was yelling at the TV!! LOL

Alisa said...

Way to work that 6 miler! Dang, I think 9:30 is fast...I don't think my legs (as long as they may be) are capable of 7 minute miles!

I love the Biggest Loser but I've pretty much given up TV. Funny that the distances were SOOOOOOO wrong.

Emily said...

Hey McSpeederson! As for the mis-calc on the IM - there is a reason they call these people losers...

Just kidding, but it made me laugh. No offense to any losers out there reading this!

See you tonight in formal wear.

ShirleyPerly said...

Man, you are certainly running well, Jen. And very smart of you to build up a bit slower on the push-ups. I think that was my mistake.

Keep inspiring us!

kelsalynn said...

I thought he said that was what his training schedule was... not the distance that the Ironman was, but I totally could have misheard him. I already deleted it from Tivo too so I can't replay it.

Great job on your workouts and your push-ups... you're going to be so buff!

Love the picture by the way!

Arcane said...

ahh she-ra, my childhood crush.