Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Me day

Friday 6.0 miles/56:17/9:08 average pace

Just got back from this run and am typing with frozen fingers. I have the day off work so I got to sleep in, but even at 8:00 with the sun shining it's frickin cold out there. I believe it's in the 30s. I had a great run though! I ran an out and back that goes up some rolling hills, then I tackled a bonus big hill at the turnaround. I listened to Phedippidations podcast and just zoned out and ran. I borrowed Zach's Garmin 305 so I could play with the heart rate monitor. I've never ran with one so I had no idea what to expect. Turns out my heart beats a lot faster than my husbands. :D The other day he said on an easy run his HR was below 140. Wow. Here's my stats:

(ok just poured myself a cup of tea..mmmm. I love how in the winter a cup of tea sounds so good after a chilly run, almost as much as I love a cold beer after a hot summer run. Anyway, where was I)

Oh ya stats:

well currently my HR is 84 and dropping, I must have gotten a little worked up over the tea. :P

Average HR for the 6 miles: 167 bpm

Mile 1: 9:19 (HR 158)
Mile 2: 9:17 (HR 167)
Mile 3: 9:30 (HR 169)
Mile 4: 9:12 (HR 169)
Mile 5: 8:56 (HR 168)
Mile 6: 8:31 (HR 173)

Weird how my heart rate didn't really come down after I turned around and ran back down the hills. I guess it's rolling so there were some up hills both ways. I did kind of watch the HR reading and I saw it get up to about 180 a couple times on the big hills, and it would drop to the 150's on the way down. I don't have a clue what any of this means but it was fun to try out. :)

First thing this morning I weighed in and this week I have to report a big fat ZERO. Oh well! I figured that would happen since I dropped like 5 pounds last week. At least I didn't gain any. I like to think that my body is "locking in" this new lower weight- that it wasn't a fluke last week. I'll take it.

My two best friends in the world are coming to visit this weekend - one is flying in from Portland this afternoon and the other arrives from Phoenix this evening. I can't even explain how excited I am. :) We've been very close since we were little, growing up only blocks apart in Montana. I love these girls and can't wait to spend this time with them. I'm also really excited for Maritza to come hang out with us too- she's only met one of the girls but they really hit it off. It's going to be a blast. I am sticking to my running schedule (12 miles tomorrow, then some easy miles Monday) but the diet is definitely going on hold. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!! :) Thanks for stopping by.


Paul said...

Yah I'm pretty much over winter already. Enjoy your weekend!

21stCenturyMom said...

I had to find something for my son to scrape the ice off his car this morning. I am going running NOW! (I have to yell at myself to get out the door) It will be the first time since Jan 2.

Please browbeat me in to showing up Wed night. I MUST run. Really!

Michele said...

LOL, I thought running this morning in 30 degrees and sunny was heaven. Great job getting it done.

Does Zach know he might never get his Garmin back???

Revrunner said...

That's great! I never thought of yelling at myself to help motivate me to run. With my luck, though, I'd yell back. Then what? :-)

Ewen said...

It's been 30 here too - celsius ;)

It's my experience that women or lighter/smaller men generally have higher heart-rates.

9:08 miles is 5:40/km - I'd have an average HR of about 127 (76% of max) at that pace.

You can use the monitor as a good fitness test for the marathon. Find a flattish course where you can run laps (or out/backs). A course where you run about 4 laps for 9-10 miles or so. Then use either of these methods:

1. Run at a steady HR all the way, adjusting your running speed to keep the HR steady; timing the laps. When you are 'fit' the 2nd, 3rd and 4th laps should take the same time.
2. Run at an even pace (same lap times) - about 45 secs/mile slower than marathon race pace, for all laps and note the average HR for each lap. These should be the same (after the first lap, which is usually lower).

When you are 'fit' for 9-10 miles, extend the distance (add laps), or run at a higher HR or faster.

Have a good weekend!

Bob Gentile said...

Have a great weekend with ur friends from out of town...Look forward to a fun re-cap with pics on Monday!!

ahhhh this blogging thing is a lot of pressure huh --lol we are so demanding :-)

ShirleyPerly said...

How fun to meet up with your best friends from childhood. Great job with the running. I don't know if it's just guys or what but my husband's HR is much lower than mine too. While riding and pushing really hard, his will around 140 while mine is easily close to 180. Guess we just have very different max HRs.

Fran said...

As you can probably guess, I'm a big HR fan. You're still young so your max HR is probably quite high. Enjoy your weekend!

Gotta Run said...

Diet on hold.... I guess that is a smart thing with your girls in town. Sounds like you are going to have a true blast!!

Way to stick with your running plan.

jahowie said...

It's been bitter cold here. It was actually in the single digits here yesterday. I feel your pain. Did you see that there is a new Garmin out? It's the 405 and it looks more like a watch. Nice job getting the run in. :-)

P.O.M. said...

I love "me days."

A good cup of tea can instantly change my mood (for the better).