Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Running for Two Part IV

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Weeks 27-32

I’m still here! It’s great- I didn’t know how this whole thing would work out but I’m thrilled to still be over 32 weeks and running strong. It’s getting harder, but it’s still doable and generally enjoyable. Even the rough runs are worth it.

One thing that helps SO much is having a running buddy by my side for many of my runs. Alisa is at her peak training for her triathlon season but I join her a couple times a week for portions of her longer runs. It helps so much to have her there! She waits up for me when I need to walk but actually I can keep up most times. It’s motivating and fun and awesome. Thank you, Alisa!!

The side pains I described in my last post have continued and some new stuff has joined the party. I’ve explained everything to my doctor and she said as long as I’m up for it, there’s no reason to stop running.

My main problem is the side stitches that come on about half the time about halfway through a run. Thankfully they go away after a break most of the time. Sometimes they don’t come on at all.

I’ve also started having some contractions when I run (braxton hicks I guess)- my whole uterus tightens up and feels really heavy and kind of weird… I need a walk break and they go away. It’s rare but pretty rough when it happens. These happen when I’m not running also, sometimes when I’m walking and sometimes when I’m resting even! It’s not harmful at all so I’m not worried about it.

Other than that, no complaints! Ha.

I’m a little slower these days too- when I’m running I’m between 11:00-12:00 pace, but I walk at least once per mile which brings my pace down. If I have any of the above-mentioned pains I walk even more.

I’ve cut down to running 3 times a week (down from 4). It happened very naturally one weekend when I couldn’t make my Saturday run, and then I just dropped that run altogether in later weeks. It was a good decision. I run two weekdays for about 3 miles each, and then do a longer run on Sunday, for about 10-15 miles total. I still keep in mind my “run as many miles as weeks left” goal. So far so good.

Here is the run down of my weekend “long” runs and total weekly mileage for the past 6 weeks:

27 weeks pregnant: 8.0 miles at 12:58 pace, 14.15 miles total
28 weeks pregnant: 6.5 miles at 13:00 pace, 14.1 miles total
29 weeks pregnant: 5.0 miles at 12:16 pace, 11.15 miles total
30 weeks pregnant: 6.0 miles at 12:31 pace, 12.5 miles total
31 weeks pregnant: 6.0 miles at 13:09 pace, 12.15 miles total
32 weeks pregnant: 4.65 miles at 12:14 pace (actually Monday of long weekend, only 6 miles total for previous week)

Running Pictures:

Here I am yesterday after my run:

32w2d run2

My diminishing view of the running shoes:

32w2d run3

Running buddies:

27w1d run buddies

Body Changes:

This belly is legit. I’m super pregnant and it is fun. I have a lot of cute clothes to wear and love showing off my bump. The latest measurements show the baby is about 4.6 lbs now. That blows my mind!

She moves around A LOT. The cute little taps and kicks have become aggressive pushes with recognizable body parts, huge churning rolls, and vigorous wiggling. I don’t get it, but it’s mostly fun. Sometimes it’s a little painful and also sometimes wakes me up at night. Oh and she gets the hiccups all the time which are pretty cute.

I haven’t gained any weight really in the last few weeks (it’s been down and up but flat overall) so I’m still at about 12 lbs up. But I’m measuring right on track so there’s nothing to worry about. I’m surprised I haven’t gained more but my body seems to have a plan and there’s not much I can do about it. I eat lots of healthy food, exercise regularly, and rest plenty, so I’m doing everything right. The doctor is happy, and that makes me happy!

Cross Training:

I’ve actually done some! I made prenatal yoga almost every week and went swimming a couple of times.

I started walking on my lunch breaks and often on weeknights that I don’t run. Zach goes with me and we roam around our gorgeous, hilly neighborhood. It’s my favorite thing.


Compare my belly at 22 weeks:

22 weeks O

To my latest weekly picture at 32 weeks:

32 weeks Office

A few weeks ago getting some sun:

 29w1d garden4

Here I am gnawing a steak bone like it’s my job:

30w1d STEAK   

Visited Montana last weekend- a fun baby shower with lots of love:



Zach’s stepmom, Zach’s mom, and my mom. All together for the first time in years:



Last Man Standing:

There were 3 of us:

Pregnancy Pact 5

And the Amy’s baby entered the world:

Liander and Zach 4 25 12

And then Emily welcomed baby Esme:


Baby buddies!

Esme and Liander

Now we are just waiting to meet my little munchkin… she’ll be joining the party soon.

32 weeks zoom   


A few more weeks of this belly and then we’ll have a baby. I’m savoring every second.

Thanks for reading. :)


Carolina John said...

The best thing we did before the baby came? Get the husband to take you out for a nice dinner. You won't be able to go out again for maybe 6 weeks after the baby comes and that special time when it is just the two of you is really important. The whole world really gets turned upside down and you're never prepared for it, so enjoy the last bit of this version of right side up while you still have it!

Alisa said...

I love this post!

And yes, you are still F'ing IronJEN I say it often! I am lucky to have you for so many miles of running these past few months. Looking forward to many more miles, even if it is me who can no longer keep up.

Can't wait to meet your BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

You are awesome, and I can't wait for your little girl to join the baby pile! Yay babies!

(Also, Brad & I totes have been out for dinner TONS of times in the last 7 weeks - starting at about 2 weeks, we just take Alvie Bean & he sleeps through the whole thing, so it's almost like solo time, except we take turns gazing at Alvie.) :)

I can't wait to run/walk with you! Wooo!

Anonymous said...

Make sure that after the baby is born you and Zac have a "date night" each week. You will find that having time
alone with just the two of you is sooooooooooooooo nice. Even if you just take a couple of hours to go for a jog together. Maybe you and your two friends that just had babies can take turns watching each others babies for a couple hours so that everyone can have time alone with their hubby.
Aunt Donna

Ewen said...

You're going well Jen. Looking great too I must say. Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes smoothly. With all that kicking, sounds like she'll be a natural runner ;)