Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Spooooky Tooooosday

Happy Halloween!!

Tuesday 11.0 miles/1:41:43/9:15 average pace

first 6 miles: 57:20 (9:33 average pace)

last 5 miles: 44:23 (8:53 average pace)

I really enjoyed my run this morning. It was really chilly, so I wore my tights for the first time this fall. I brought my iPod and listened to an audiobook- James and the Giant Peach. I actually started it on my long run Saturday, so I just finished it this morning. It was fantastic. :D

I'm now enjoying a yummy pumpkin cream cheese muffin and coffee! I made the muffins last night and brought them in to work. :) Tuesday Treat Day!


Milotis said...

Yes, it was cold this morning and YES - the muffins are great!!!

Jen said...

Thanks sweetie. :)

Marathon Maritza said...

Mmmmmm muffinssss.......

Great job on your run and it's freezing!

I also love that you are listening to James and the Giant Peach....that is too awesome! Can you really pay attention to it whilst running?