Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tuesday Twelve

Tuesday 12.0 miles/1:48:52/9:04 average pace

An easy long run on a lovely morning.

First 6 miles: 56:22 (9:24 average pace)

Last 6 miles: 52:30 (8:45 average pace)

(last mile: 8:19!)


Chris said...

12 miles on a Tuesday morning? You're nuts!

Jen said...

hee hee, Thanks!

Milotis said...

Nice run today - remember your plan for the race - go out even and pick it up toward the end. Don't speed out and hope the net grabs you when it catches up.

Marathon Maritza said...

Who are these guys???

Jen said...

I think it's safe to assume the most random posts are from Zach... he likes to reference things I haven't even mentioned in my blog.

Chris is Chris! I think? He's becoming quite the runner himself. Where's your blog Chris?