Friday, October 27, 2006

Big Week Continued

Thursday 12.0 miles/1:52:11/9:21 average pace

First 6 miles (9:32 average pace) My lower legs felt really tight for the first 4 miles, then relaxed and felt ok the rest of the run.

Second 6 miles (9:10 average pace) Felt good, but my right big toe hurts. I think it's the new shoes. I don't think it's a blister, but it's hard to tell because the outside of my toe is pretty calloused. Isn't that lovely? But ya, it kind of feels like a blister.

Friday 5.25 miles/49:55/9:31 average pace

I ran again this morning, and my legs were again pretty tight. I felt like I hardly finished my last run and had to run again. I iced my shins (the ice-bucket set up rocks) after, and that seemed to help, my legs feel good right now. Of course, I'm sitting down.

I also wore my old shoes this morning to see if they rubbed my toe less. They didn't.

So far my peak week is going good! I have to say that I have not felt "burnt out" at all. I was expecting to by now. Of course it could still happen, but I only have 2 big weeks left, then I taper. (HOLY CRAP!!) I feel like my body is handling the mileage really well. I always thought I would get injured or totally burnt out, so I am really happy. I guess I am tougher than I thought! I think I've been taking pretty good care of myself as far as nutrition, hydration, rest, stretching, motivation, etc. I am really proud of myself! And now I can start getting excited for the race! :)

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Anonymous said...

Great job on your runs. Nice negative split on that 12 miler.

Almost taper time, can't burn out now.