Monday, June 26, 2006

Weekend Warrior

Saturday 12.00 miles/1:48:xx/9:02 average pace

I drove into SF Saturday morning to escape the heat, and it was wonderful! It was the usual 60 degrees-ish the whole time and very comfortable. I ran in Golden Gate Park and along the coast so the scenery was nice and there were lots of people out. The park is pretty hilly in places, so my pace varied at times, but overall pretty quick. (Fastest mile @ 8:24 and slowest at 9:54) At the end of the run I charged up the big hill from the beach past the cliff house. :)

Sunday Zach and I went for a hike on the penninsula which was pretty tough. We hiked for just under 2 hours and probably covered like 5 miles or so. I feel pretty good today but I think soreness will set in soon...

TOTAL mileage for last week: 33.4 !!!

Plan for this week:

Monday: 5 easy
Tuesday: 5 intervals on TM
Wednesday: 6 group
Th: rest
Friday: 4 easy am
Saturday: 10 miles long run
Sunday: rest

total: 30 ish.

(next Monday: off or easy 2-3 miles, Tuesday: 10k race?)

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