Thursday, April 09, 2009

catching up

Thanks for all the nice comments about my race! I really appreciate the encouragement. Amazingly, I never did feel that bad about my non-PR and am actually pretty proud of my performance. Onto the next one!

I have had a really strong week so far. I took Monday off of course and enjoyed the sunshine and lots and lots of food. Tuesday I was back at it. Here's the recap:

Tuesday am: run
4.0 miles/33:59/8:30 average pace
Waterfront run solo. Legs were a little tired but nothing painful.

Tuesday pm: bike
12-13 ish miles on Mountain Bike in about an hour
I wasn't feeling like getting all spandex-ed up for the road bike so I just hopped on the Gary Fisher and jammed down the Springwater. I got a great workout and enjoyed the nice weather.

Tuesday I also did my pushups (started on Week 5 finally) and some other strength training

Wednesday am: swim
2000 yards/45:04
Here's the workout I did:

500 swim (alternating strokes)
500 kick
100 easy
500 pull
150 intervals (2 x 25 in :20 seconds, 1 x 50 in :44, plus recovery laps)
250 swim cool down

Wednesday pm: run
5.0 miles/38:14/7:39 average pace
Track workout with Emily, Zach, and Joel (awesome local runner and new blogger friend!) coached by Shawn. It was Awesome!

1 mile warm up in 8:20, 2 miles of intervals in 13:26, 2 miles cool down in 16:27

Here's a breakdown of the intervals:

1200 in 5:09 (6:54 pace)

400 in 1:33 (6:14 pace)

1200 in 5:12 (6:58 pace)

400 in 1:31 (6:06 pace)

The whole thing was incredibly fun. It was hard but I think I held back a little because I knew it would hurt if I went all out. Not that I could have gone that much faster... I don't know. I was definitely working hard. It was awesome to be joined by Zach and Emily all doing the same workout (Joel was doing something different). At one point we were spread out by about 50 meters with Zach in front, f-ing melting the track, Emily zipping along not far behind and me bringing up the rear. I love having super fast people to train with! Check out their blogs to see the ridiculous paces at which they run. Amazing. I looked back and saw that I did the 400s a few second than I did the first time I did the track work with Emily. Very encouraging!

Thursday am: bike
1 hour on the trainer
I did a circuit type thing where I rode for 5 minutes at a time and then hopped off and did my pushups. My heart rate stayed pretty high (I wore Zach's HRM) during the pushup "breaks" so I think this was effective. I was pushing pretty hard on every other bike interval too. I did 40 pushups on my last set (the last set is always "Max") which is a tie for a personal pushup record!

I was going to go swimming this afternoon but got caught up in some job-searching stuff and didn't have time. Oh well. Tomorrow I'm going running in Forest Park I think then Saturday we are going running out at Hagg Lake. Lots of hills in my future. :)

Just for fun, here are a couple pictures from last weekend that Emily took when we walked over to meet her on the Steel Bridge. I really like these shots. We are kind of dressed alike which we often do and is quite embarrassing, but what are you gonna do.

Thanks for reading!


Sarah (lovINmytummy) said...

Me again...

Would you believe I haven't ran yet since Sunday? I did something whack-a-doodle to my back and have been nursing it ever since.

You are making me itch to get back out there though! At least its raining now, so that helps with the urge to run!

Have a good weekend!

Chloe said...

Ok - I'm just now catching up on my blog reading :) Congrats on the 1/2 marathon! That is great! And you are not the only one who has problems choking down Gu's. Ugh. Gross. I found some hammer gels that taste like Jolly Ranchers, so it's (alittle) better.

Congrats on your friend as well! That is so great that she had a blast on the 5K! I'm sure she's ready for another race!

PS - LOVE your pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Super cute pictures! As long as you don't wear matching Hawaiian shirts for at least another 30years you'll be ok!!!Nice job working out this week. I think track/speed work is so much more fun when it is done with others, even they are much faster or slower than you.

kristen said...

Sounds like an awesome week of workouts. Totally impressed by week 5 - you go girl!

aron said...

love the pics!! if chris notices we are somewhat matching one of us has to change LOL

great job on the workouts this week! i bet thats fun to have some speeeedy people to run with at the track!

Willis said...

Wow - you're a FAST swimmer. I can't even get 30sec on a 25m, and you're blowing through 2000m at a much faster pace. That's awesome!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Sounds like another great week of training. Have a happy Easter!

the gazelle said...

I'm hitting Forest Park today, too, as soon as I get around to it. I was going to try to swim as well, but I don't think I'll make it downtown today. I really just need to quit 24 & check out the pool near my place I think! Then there would be fewer excuses.

Those are some awesome intervals - love that we all did track work this week! What track were you at?

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, that's not exactly what I'd call a recovery week :-)

Track work by yourself is definitely not as fun as with others. Great that you have some speedy companions to push you. And I know what you mean about sometimes being embarrassed to match your spouse. We do that too every so once in a while but mostly on the bike which is not too bad (at least cars may see us better if there are two of us in neon)

Sarah said...

you guys are cute. The most photogenic couple ever. Glad you found each other :)

N.D. said...

Girl you are fast!!! Great job on the workouts this week!

Cindy said...

looking super cute as usual! i think i'm hitting f.p. tomorrow. have fun at hagg lake! those are some crazy trails and the views are so pretty.

kelsalynn said...

You're crazy- I can't believe you worked out that much after a race, but you're in hella good shape and that half-mary was nothin' for you!!! I've taken the week off, but more b/c it's what my joints need and not my muscles.

You're such a cute couple. Those pictures are really stunning.

Kelly said...

That's so cute that you dress alike. I don't think it's embarassing at all. It just means you're kinda alike and you've been together how long? Just happens.

I just told my husband "I'm wearing purple today so if you happen to wear purple..." and he said "And if I don't wear purple, you're still wearing purple?" I don't think he likes matching or has anything purple to wear.

Sounds like a good week. Sounds like the pushups are going well too. Nice job on the 40!

KK said...

Sounds like a nice transition week back to the tri thing. Those workouts sound super fun. And the weather looks awesome.

You guys are nerds :). Kidding, I think it's sorta cute (don't tell Steve I said that).

Have a great rest of your weekend!
P.S. Are you getting nostalgic for Boston? I AM!

Alisa said...

Cute photos! Justin and I dress alike sometimes.

You had quite a workout week. That's a lot of everything =).

Joel Rosinbum said...

Hey Jen,

It was awesome to meet you, Zach and Emily last week. Its fun to have people at the track even if we;re doing different workouts. I'm pretty bummed about Shawn leaving and trying to figure out what to do.

I'm out of town this Wednesday so I won't see you all :( Any plans for post Shawn training?


Marathon Maritza said...

Great job on the track workout! Holy moley that is SPEEDY!!!!!!

And also, you and Zach are soooo cute, it makes me wanna barf. In the most loving way possible.