Sunday, August 23, 2009

Recovery Week

Super short post as I am exhausted and we're starting a movie and my kitty is cuddling up and the weekend is fading away fast.

This was a recovery week and as a result pretty low volume. The workouts I did do were good and I'm not sore or anything anymore. It felt good to take it easy and I'm really motivated to put my best foot forward starting this week and focusing my training. Only 3 months till Ironman Arizona. Time to quit f-ing around.

Monday: rest

Tuesday: more rest

Wednesday: Bike
1:00/spin class

Wednesday: Run
1.5 miles/15:00/10:00 average pace
Easy brick run on the treadmill after spin

Wednesday: Swim
2350 yards/1:00

Thursday: Bike
12.0 miles/49:55/14.4 MPH
Easy ride with Zach on the Springwater. We were going to ride longer but got caught by a slow moving freight train that held us up by 15 minutes + and had to adjust. By the time we got home decided to ditch swimming and do chores.

Friday: Run
5.5 miles/48:50/8:51 average pace
Easy run with my friend Alee riding along on my mtn. bike. She was my roommate in college and was in town for the evening on her way up to Alaska. Had a great time catching up!

Saturday: Bike
48.0 miles/3:06:30/15.4 MPH
North Plains loop. It was windy and I got a little frustrated by that, but I felt good the rest of the ride. Rode strong on the hills and got faster at the end of the ride. Very fun. Zach and I wore our new Lake Stevens 70.3 jerseys which was cute- see pic below.

Saturday: Swim
1500 y/35:00
Randomly ambitious and decided to go over to the gym and swim in the 2-lane pool for the first time ever. Zach gave me a little set to do (a pyramid) and I did that along with a warm up and cool down. Then I sat in the steam room for a while which was nice. Felt better about skipping Master's twice earlier in the week.

Sunday: Run
10.0 miles/1:21:51/8:11 average pace
Solo run on the waterfront this morning. Felt GREAT. I forgot how much I love running. Had a good play list and ran quick. My last few miles were around or below 8:00 with the last mile in 7:35. Fun. The Portland Triathlon was going on so I spent the first couple of miles running against the flow of runners telling every single person "Good Job" I love doing that!

totals for the week:
swim: 1:35 (3850 yards)
bike: 4:55 (60 miles + spin class)
run: 2:25 (17 miles)
total: 8:55

Oh I wanted also to say that I made my first attempt at pushups after a 2 month break following the whole "pushup challenge" madness. I was amazed that I could still do a set of 30! I did 30 more the next day. Not bad.

Well that's about all the energy I have right now. Spent the afternoon at Emily's doing wedding crafts and drinking out in her yard and must now go to sleep. Thanks for reading and everyone have a great week!

Here's that picture I promised. We are officially "those people."


the gazelle said...

sounds like some pretty good workouts for a recovery week!

I'm not sure I can approve of the matching jerseys...that's a bit much! :)

Jo Lynn said...

Love that photo. You guys are super cute! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the bike jerserys!! You guys are too cute. Nice job this week. Looks like you had a great balance between workouts, recovery, fun and household duties.

kelsalynn said...

After your competition, I'm glad you took a "rest" week... or I should say "easier than normal" b/c it didn't look all that easy to me!

Great photo!

teacherwoman said...

love the pic!

Alisa said...

I completely disagree with Amy, I LOVE the matching jersey's, such a speedy, training family =). As long as the next picture isn't the kitty with a matching jersey, I say, A OKAY!

Sorry I missed ya this past week. I'll see you on Wednesday though! I may try to run outside, short loop to put me back at the gym. Haven't decided.

P.S. You guys missed out yesterday, Leid Erikson was goregous!

Cindy said...

how cute are you guys! sounds like a good recovery week.

Beth said...

Seems like a pretty good recovery week to me!

Kim said...

AWESOME recovery week. hope you ate some good stuff too! you and zach are too cute. i love the matching jerseys. nice job with the workouts!

Anonymous said...

Great job! I love the jerseys-- totally "those people."

I love recovery weeks... so necessary and so wonderful!

aron said...

great job on the recovery week girlie!!! 3 months until you kick some major ass at IM!!!

Marathon Maritza said...

Hahahaha 'those' people are cute!!! Great job this week, recovery weeks are still so important!

Arcane said...

Hey you guys match! They should have a couples division for the ironman. You guys would definitely win!

ShirleyPerly said...

You two are too CUTE!!

Recovery weeks are important. I never realized how much until recently. Good job getting your workouts done without overdoing things. Oh, I couldn't believe how many long trains I saw while out in OR/WA. I saw one train with 8(!) engines and can easily see how you would be waiting for a long time if you got stuck behind one!

kristen said...

I love "those people." You guys look great!! Glad you took your recovery week seriously :)

and p.s. you mean for the last few months you've only been f'ing around? Dang.

kristen said...
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Ewen said...

If you had matching helmets, it would have been a perfect photo ;) Very cool jerseys.

Nice 10 miler speedy one. Hope the rest of this week goes well. Keep dragging Zach out for the long bike rides!

Anonymous said...

nice recovery week! and I love the pic...matching jerseys and all :)