Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Cookie Time Pictures

I have so many things to say and I don't even know where to begin. It's been a wild couple of weeks since the Ironman and my feelings about my experience and about the future have been all over the place. I can't even get into it right now. I'll get my thoughts together soon and get it written down.

For now, here are a ton of pictures from the rest of our trip and a few from the last few days here in Portland. They start right after the race- I will probably spare you the whole story but basically I was a wreck. I was cut up pretty bad, like I mentioned in the last post. Plus, I got really sick right after the race and took maybe an hour to recover. That night was pretty awful too- I couldn't shower because of the wounds and so Zach had to help me clean up, it was pitiful. I also didn't sleep much at all the next couple of nights. In fact, my whole body was pretty thrown off the whole trip, especially my sleep schedule and appetite. Thankfully, besides the road rash I wasn't very sore. I think a huge reason for that was the long stretching and yoga session Inga led us through on Monday night. I was hardly sore the next day! I'll talk more about that because I'm definitely going to incorporate yoga into my life.

Now that I'm home, I think everything is sinking in and I'm feeling more relaxed and happy than I have in a long time. I'm so glad it's all over. It was amazing experience! But I'm glad it's over. I'm really excited for Christmas and my house is all decorated. I have a lot of plans with friends this week and can't wait to do all this fun stuff. :) Life is good!

I wish I had a more thoughtful post but I will get to it! But for now, enjoy these pictures. Hopefully I've captioned them enough for them to make sense.

Be warned, the last five or so are of my road rash in various stages of gore. So gross!

After the race:

This is the last pic I posted from the race report. Heading off to the medical tent. I got my scrapes bandaged up but I felt really sick, so I stayed for 20-30 minutes until I was feel well enough to walk.

Here I'm about to throw up/pass out again. Inga's husband Josh (an EMT in training) checking on me.

I finally recovered and my supporters gathered around me. I love all of these people (plus Dana, who is taking the picture!):

Pretty low-key after-party:

Saying goodbye to my bestie (she left before dawn the next morning):

After everyone left, we suddenly remembered that the race was still going on! I remembered that someone once told me that watching the last finishers come through is something you have to do. So since we were right there, we walked over. It was amazing! There weren't many spectators left but Mike Riley had the crowd really yelling and dancing and having a blast. Race winners Sam McGlone and Jordan Rapp were there to present the medals to the final finishers which was neat. I'm really glad we saw this! The last official finisher came through about 3 minutes before midnight and then we took off. I didn't want to see anyone miss the cutoff.

Mike Riley:
Race winners:

The Next Day

Gathering my Special Needs and Morning Clothes bags the day after the race:

The race site, all cleared out. Good bye Ironman Arizona!

And finally, we celebrate:

The gang enjoying delicious Mexican food in the sunshine:

Spending time with my two bestest friends that I've known almost my whole life:

Desert outside of Phoenix. Goodbye Arizona!

San Diego

We spent Thanksgiving week in San Diego eating, drinking, soaking up sunshine, and visiting with family and friends.

Mission Blvd:

Best breakfast in San Diego (The Mission, on Mission Blvd in Mission Beach. Easy to remember! Go there!):

Blackberry pancakes at the Mission (the most photogenic of many dishes ordered)

Zach and Boomer:

My gorgeous husband:
One of many naps taken in the days following the race:

Thanksgiving Day 5k- This is hilarious. The starting line contains: Serious runner with Breath Right strip on his nose, a woman dressed as Santa's sexy helper, a 7 year old girl, and a BLIND PERSON. Amazingly, none were killed.

Zach on his way to a 21:00 5k finish. Not bad considering he's ran maybe 20 miles in the last 2 months:

The whole fam in the beer garden after the 5k (yes, I had beer even though I didn't race!):

Thanksgiving nap. Really unflattering but hilarious. Zach likes to take pictures of me sleeping (weird, I know):

Thanksgiving table:


Me and our friend Jonathan at Thanksgiving. I want to show this pic because not only is Jonathan awesome (one of many triathletes at the dinner table!), but because I'm wearing the necklace Alisa got me. It has three little round charms that say "IMAZ" "140.3" and "11.22.09" I love it!! Thanks Alisa. :)

This is cool- Melanie and her dog Dillon do sport sheep herding. It's so cool! This is a place in Northern San Diego county where they practice. The dog is a Kelpie and comes from a cattle ranch on Montana. It's very good at it. So is Melanie!


The whole fam wine tasting in San Diego county. If we look a little rough, it's because we've been herding sheep (or watching sheep get herded, also a dirty job):

Back in Portland!
Ironman celebration party with the whole Portland gang! I only got some random photos- there were lots more people that we didn't get pics of. It was so fun!

Me, Dana, and Deana:

Sarah and Emily:

Anne and Shawn:

Neat photo album:

The framed photo collage everyone in chipped on. I believe Emily did the actual artwork. I should post a close up- it's the IronJen logo (ha!) and a collage of pics from the day. The lower spot is for my race bib. Awesome!!!!

Mother's! Yummy:

A little running in Forest Park 2 weeks post-race. VERY cold out - about 30 degrees!

I separated this section out because it is pretty gross. I don't know why I think people might want to see this but I have pictures and am going to share. It's been fascinating to watch my wounds heal. They are really close to being healed- just some scabs hanging on in the middle of the deepest scrapes (knee and right hand). Those last pictures I just took a few minutes ago.

So you've been warned! There is nothing after this so if you don't want to see some gross wounds, just stop here!


You may remember this is how my knee looked right after the race. I didn't get any good hand pictures that night:

The morning after. I had showered and Melanie cut off some excess skin that was hanging off my left hand. This picture makes me feel sick:

Oozing knee (2 days post race):

Trying to scab up (5 days post race):

Knee is getting there. Just a little scab left (2 weeks and 2 days post race):

Right hand almost healed:

Left hand healed:

And since you put up with that grossness, here is a nice palate cleanser to take with you.

Merry Christmas.


Colleen said...

Looks like you've had a great couple of weeks since the race. And I'm glad that everything is healing. I fell this past September while running and I swear we had the EXACT same scrapes (although I hit my chin too... lovely). Enjoy your post Ironman downtime a little. You deserve it!

the gazelle said...

I'm glad you're mostly all healed up. I'm sorry I didn't get to come to your party, but am hoping I can see you again soon!

Jo Lynn said...

The pictures of you are quite funny, I must say.

This may shock you - I had NO idea Zach was your HUSBAND!! I thought he was a BF or fiance'. WTF? How could I not know this? ;)

aron said...

love them all!!!

chris likes to take pics of me while i sleep too... hmm what is with them?

also my sleeping is off and i didnt even do an IM! gah.

glad you are doing so great and very happy :)

Anonymous said...

You seem to be handling the recovery period in the best way possible. Looks like you have GREAT friends to share it with!

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures. I didn't realize your hands got so banged up too. You are one tough cookie!

Kim said...

i love your napping photos!! i dont know how you sleep in such positions! looks like you have been enjoying EVERY minute after IM - hope the wounds are healing and you are relishing in the fact that you are a friggin IRONMAN!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Cute cat :)

John said...

I love all the pics, but the nap ones most of all!

Thanks for sharing your IM experiences, Jen - it's been great to read all about it.

Can't wait to hear what the New Year has in store for you guys.

teacherwoman said...

Great photos! Thanks for sharing! You have an awesome couple of weeks!

Lotusphx said...

I'm glad you got to "settle in" by decorating for xmas!!! My favorite time and I know you guys deck the halls pretty good :) (And also Shmookums pretty good too!!) Make sure that xmas music channel is blaring and maybe go down to the local whole foods for a little spontaneous hustle when you get bored!! Happy Post-Ironman!

Beth said...

All the pictures are great (ok, maybe the oozing knee isn't great, but the healing is interesting). You make me want to be in San Diego in the sunshine!

Sean Lemecha said...

Hey Jen - it's been really awesome being able to read along through your amazing ironman journey. You're a fantastic writer and are brutally honest about everything you experienced and went through which is so incredibly inspiring for those of us newer to the sport/lifestyle of triathlon...ing.

From what I've heard/read, the sickness after the race is pretty common, but don't let that tarnish your memories of this AMAZING accomplishment!!!

You can proudly call yourself an ironman for the rest of your life!

Amy said...

I feel like I have so much to comment on I can't even remember.

Loved the pics (even of the scabs, thanks for posting, seriously).

Loved the frame thingy Emily made and everyone chipped in on! Definitely post a close up of it.

I've been to Mother's, sooooooo yummy!

Your trip to SD looked wonderful and the sleeping pictures cracked me up.

Hope you're still enjoying the downtime (I know I am).

Marathon Maritza said...

Yayyyyy I love all the pics, including your absolutely disgusting, oozy ones! (gross)

Sounds like you are having some fun times post-IM and I'm glad you are recovering so well. Also am glad to see you drinking in all the pics because you deserve it!

I love that hodge-podge at that 5k starting line...hilarious! Did you notice the kid that looked bored out of his mind on the left side? HAHAHAHAHA

Love and miss you!

Alisa said...

I think all husbands take pictures of their sleeping wives!

So glad you're mostly healed, what brutual road rash.

Can't wait to do some yoga with you. I need to do more of it but can't seem to get in a good habit. I have several videos you can borrow if you want. We could have a yoga party in my (or your) living room =).

Love all your pictures and I can't wait to hear more of your post IM thoughts.

Dragonfly on the Water said...

Love all the pics & really enjoyed our time with you. Mothers was yummy and the hike in Forest Park was refreshing.

KK said...

Isn't the title of this post "Coookie Time Pictures?" I was expecting to see festive sugary treats and all I got was a bloody, festering wound. Thanks.

Kidding. You have such a supportive crew in your life-you are one lucky girl (even if one of them takes pictures of you sleeping...) I am so happy for you that this whole thing is over and that your life is back to normal. I felt the same way this fall and enjoyed every single minute of it. Then I fucked it all up and signed up for IM. I will now live vicariously through you and your MUCH deserved down time :)

P.s. we went down to the finish after Amy's race too-it is such an emotional, inspiring place.

Congrats, again!

Ewen said...

Merry Christmas to you and Zach too Jen.

Thanks for sharing the photos. The necklace was a thoughtful gift, and something I'm sure you'll treasure. Also the framed collage - you have some amazing friends.

Enjoy the next few weeks. Thanks for the tip about 'The Mission' - will keep it in mind if I ever get back to San Diego :)

kristen said...

There are really no words girl. Your an amazingly inspiring woman.

I am so proud of you and feel so blessed to have followed you along on this journey.

Enjoy the glory!

Petraruns said...

Sorry it has taken me so long to comment - what a great post and I'm so thrilled to hear that you're healing up and resting up and enjoying the holiday season. Good timing on the IM - what a way to let your hair down. I'm doubting the wisdom of starting training in December ;). Let us know what's next soon? XX