Saturday, February 13, 2010

Week One Done!

I'm sitting in the seattle airport eating Valentine's chocolate and waiting for my flight to Helena. Today's travel plans meant I had to get up early to get my long run in. That task was made slightly more difficult by last night's activities- we went out for a celebratory drink with Deana and a bunch of people to toast her awesome new job! We got home pretty early but were woken up by a fire alarm at 11:30. It took a while to get let back in because there actually was a small fire- spooky! Anyway, finally got to sleep and got up at 7:00 this morning to run.

First, last night's run

5.3 miles/55:05/10:24 average pace
Easy run along the waterfront with Deana hearing all about her sweet new job

Ok now I'm on the plane- I'll have to finish this later.

Hi, I'm back! I'm now sitting in my parents living room watching the Olympics with my mom and grandma. Yay! I'm going to make this really quick so I can make the most of my family time. :)

So this morning Zach and I got out early for this run. He was only doing like 10 miles and I had 13, but with 8 of those miles at Goal Marathon Pace. This is a new change in the Pfitz plan so I've never done a goal pace run this early in training. I think it's great though because I'll get to compare how that pace feels as my training goes on.

Today, the pace felt great. My goal was to run 8:20-8:25 and I nailed it. It felt great- really comfortable. Not easy, but comfortable. Here's the summary:

13.0 miles/1:52:16/8:38 average pace

1.5 mile warm up in 13:57 (9:18 average pace)

8 miles MP in 1:07:17 (8:25 average pace!!)

3.5 miles cool down in 31:02 (8:52 average pace)

TOTAL miles for week one of marathon training: 35.3 miles

Well I better wrap it up! It is pretty cold here but the sidewalks are pretty clear so I might actually get to run!

Oooh there's a mogul skier on right now from Bozeman, MT! Heather McPhie. Sweet!

Um, I can't figure out how to spell check on my blackberry so excuse my errors!

Have a great weekend gang! Thanks for stopping by!


Petraruns said...

Nice week one - and nailing race pace straightaway! Good going girl. Have a great time in MT - enjoy your time with everyone and soak up the family. Lots of love, Petra

teacherwoman said...

Looks like a great week 1 of marathon training! Keep it up! :)

aron said...

nice job on week one girlie :) hope you are having a great visit home!!

Ewen said...

Glad you're enjoying some home-time and not missing out on running, or the Winter Olympics. Go Australia! A silver medal already and hardly any snow to be found down here ;)

Good long run. It'll be great to see the MP bits become easier over the coming weeks.

Alisa said...

I can't believe you wrote a blogpost from your bberry! I couldn't imagine writing out a whole blog post on a phone, even my sweet iphone =).

Great job on the long run--I knew you could do it. You're going to take this training my storm.

Awesome too that Deana got a new job!!! New jobs are the best.

Marathon Maritza said...

Yay for week one done! Good job being Pfitz's wh0re again!

♥ that guy!