Friday, June 11, 2010


  Summer may finally be here in Portland… after a record-breaking rainy spring, we may finally be getting sunshine. Just to summarize the source of all the complaining- it has rained 52 of the last 67 days and June is already the second wettest on record. This is a lot, even for a city known for it’s rain!

But, the good stuff is on the way. With forecasts in the 80’s for the weekend, Portlanders are going to be one happy bunch. Especially this Portlander, because my bestestest friend Inga arrives in just a few hours for the weekend! We’ve been best friends for our whole lives, since kindergarden. She’s an incredible person- funny, warm, creative, kind, and beautiful. I freaking love her. I can’t wait to spend the weekend with her and Deana and Dana and Zach. We always have such a good time together!! Of course there will be lots of photos.

Speaking of photos, here are a bunch from Portland’s International Test Rose Garden. Zach and I went up there Monday afternoon during a break in the rain. Portland is know as the Rose City and we’re in the middle of the Rose Festival, so I just had to get up there and see the gardens in full bloom. Plus we wanted to play with our sweet new camera!

Before the pics, let me quick update my workouts for the week:

8.0 miles/1:11:25/8:56 average pace
Pretty sure I included this in my last post...

Tuesday: bike
12 miles with Alisa on the Springwater Trail. This was her first ride back after a nasty crash last week and she did great. She was a bit nervous but we took it easy and by the end I think her confidence was way up. She’s awesome.

4.5 miles/35:48/7:57 average pace
Waterfront loop at a quick pace. My first mile was 8:20 and my last mile was 7:39 or something. It was hard!

3.0 miles/no watch
Super quick run through Northwest. Didn’t wear my watch or anything but tried to keep the pace really easy. I was going to go to yoga but ended up at happy hour instead… I need to get back on the yoga train.

I have that Helvetia Half Marathon tomorrow (Saturday) and have pretty low expectations for it. It’s going to be warm and I think it’s pretty hilly, so we’ll see. I’ll post a race report by Monday!

Ok, picture time. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend everyone! :)



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Kim said...

good luck tomorrow jen!

you look so pretty - and the flower photos are phenomenal. portland is beautiful!

Alisa said...

Love that dress!!!!!!!

Yay for SUNSHINE, dude, I am SOOOOOO ready!

Good luck tomorrow I know you'll do great. Wear your sunscreen and bring lots of water.

Amy - the gazelle said...

see you soon! have you been to the rose garden in NoPo? It's also beautiful!

I am so ready for the 10 day forecast. See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I need to make my way up to the Rose Gardens! I figured with the rain the roses were ruined.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and Good Luck tomorrow...... Give Inga, Dena and Dana hugs from us..... Love, M&D In MONTANA

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Wow all those roses are beautiful!!!

It's been raining up here in B.C. for the last month too :( I hate it!

KK said...

"I was going to go to yoga but ended up at happy hour instead." Frickin awesome. Words to live by. Drinking does just as much wonder for the soul as yoga, if not more.

Have fun with your friends!

Marilyn @ Lipgloss and Spandex said...

Good luck tomorrow! Helvetia was my first half marathon, last year.

I love the Rose Garden. I was there last week or the week before, and the roses weren't in bloom yet (crappy Pacific Northwest weather!)

Ewen said...

I like the red and white one, and I like how you can get a narrow depth of field with your new camera - my digital sucks in that regard.

Have fun in the half. After all that rain, you're bound to have a long, hot, dry summer :) Funny, there has been record rainfall in the outback this year. The wildflowers are supposed to be spectacular.