Tuesday, July 05, 2011

4th of July Super Weekend

Weekends like this remind me why I live here. We put up with months of grey, rainy weather for these glorious summer days. Portland really shines and there is just so much to do. We definitely took full advantage of the beautiful weather and the extra long weekend! Here are some highlights and lots of pictures:

Friday I got off work early and went for a summeriffic walkabout (um, hike) in Washington Park with Amy. We visited the Aboriteium and the International Rose Garden with great views of Mt Hood. After that, we went to my house and sat in the garden there drinking lemonade and relaxing in the sun. We met Alisa for a nice swim in the local outdoor pool and I swam 1000 yards! Yay swimming 2 Fridays in a row! Zach met us after and I ran home alongside him as he rode his bike. It was my day off running , but it's just about a mile home so no big deal.

rose garden july

swimming july

Saturday we had our long trail run. We drove up to Forest Park and ran on the Wildwood. I did 14 miles in about 2 1/2 hours and felt great. So beautiful - it went by really fast! It was the perfect place to run on a hot day. This finished off the week of running for me with 33.6 miles total: one 6 mile run with my new speedy running buddy on the waterfront (low 8's pace), one easy solo 5.1 miler, one fast-paced 7.5 mile trail run with Zach, one mile run home from the pool, and then the 14 mile trail run. Good week of running!

(no pictures from the trail, refer to the  millions I’ve posted before)

We stopped at the farmer’s market, and then spent the rest of the day doing stuff around the house and then having friends over for a dinner party. I got my sofa delivered finally (I ordered it 3 (!!!) months ago) and hung up some purdy new artwork. Zach cooked some amazing food- veal osso bucco and parmesan orzo and sausage stuffed-shrimp and almond tortes and wine pairings for everything. Ah. Mazing. 

PSU Farmer's market:

farmers market july


Sofa and art:




 DSC_0061 DSC_0065 DSC_0068


Sunday we slept in, walked to breakfast, and then to the farmers market. We spent a few hours on some more fun crafty/decorating/gardening stuff around the house and I took a long nap. Finally we got out of the house and drove up to Sauvie Island for a bike ride! I've only been on my road bike once this year for a couple miles so this was my first real ride in months. We did 18 miles and it was just so fun and gorgeous up there. I even saw a bald eagle! USA! After the ride we stopped at one of the little farms and picked a bunch of strawberries and bought some veggies at their market. Back home we bbq'd and ate the veggies and watched a movie on our comfy new couch.

Sauvie Island:

  sauvie is 2 sauvie is 3 sauvie is 4 sauvie is 5 sauvie is 6

sauvie is 1sauvie is 7 sauvie is 8

sauvie is 10sauvie is 9

Monday - fourth of july! I lit some sparklers in the morning, my favorite. We lounged around and I sat in the sun reading all morning. I finished up my craft projects and made a pie from the berries we'd picked and some rhubarb we bought at the farmers market. We went to a bbq at Amy's where we at tons (tons) of great food and lit fireworks and drank beer and all that. It was a late night but the perfect end to the holiday weekend.

Crafts: painted frames for Paris photos

 DSC_0072 DSC_0073 DSC_0093


Painted old Paris map/poster onto canvas (idea from HERE):

 DSC_0080 DSC_0082 DSC_0085


Pie project (baking a pie in your bikini is so 4th of July):

 DSC_0110 DSC_0111



4th of july2

That's it! Whew! I am looking forward to lots more weekends like this. I love summer. I love my house. I love Portland! I want to bottle this feeling and sprinkle it on the winter weekends when I need it. I wish it worked that way…

Back to reality now, a busy week at work but at least a short one. Have a great week, thanks for reading.

July 5


Cate said...

I grew up in Portland and I totally agree - summers there are the best in the WORLD (even if they're late to arrive and you pay for them all year long with horrible weather). I definitely get homesick most in the summer!

savvyfitchica said...

Wow, your weekend sounded PERFECT! I remember picking strawberries when I was a kid & miss it! Your pie looked yummy, your new couch looks comfy, and I'm uber jealous of all your artwork!

Amy said...

Such a great weekend! YAY! The pie was awesome.

I need to run 12-14 miles Friday & was planning on Wildwood, too. I'm hoping for a shadier run than last weekend's!

I love Portland! WOO!

kristen said...

Spectacular weekend! I was feeling the beautiful weather love here too. Everything is extra special up here :)

Alisa said...

I LOVE what you did with your pairs pictures and that map! LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Can't wait to see it in person.

Yay for sauvie island riding, fun times.

Sounds like an amazing weekend.