Wednesday, December 05, 2012


So, over a month since my past post! Yikes. No posts in November- that might be a first. Needless to say, I’ve been busy. But also rather unmotivated to post. Of course, I have a million cute pictures (wait for it) but I post those often on facebook and that seems to satisfy my need to overshare baby photos.

I’m squeezing this in during the late stages of naptime so time is very limited. Some quick points-

Penelope is fantastic. She’s adorable, happy, and developing so fast. It’s a joy to be her mother. Her smiles are the best. She’s even working on an awesome little giggle. Motherhood is very challenging at times, and I am still struggling with many aspects of this new life. In particular, the lack of routine (she’s on as much of a “schedule” as you can expect of a 4 month old baby, but still). Every day is different. Every night for that matter! It is trying. But overall, we’re great.

I am officially a stay-at-home mom. I resigned from my job officially and am feeling good about the decision. I never had a doubt this is what I would do. It’s hard work, but way better than my unfulfilling office job. And with child care being so expensive, it was a no brainer for me. Money is tight, but we’re making it work. We do tons of fun stuff to fill our days- story time, hanging out with friends, meet Zach for lunch, play at home, plus all the errands and chores and daily baby responsibilities. Good stuff.

I’m struggling to fit running in. It sucks. I was feeling good about my volume and frequency (casual schedule, short runs) but then I started a "training program” (very loose term) for a half marathon in January and now I’m feeling way stressed out. I thought I wanted the structure but turns out I hate it. The weirdest part is that I don’t really care… I’m not as into running as before. I still love it, and need it, and plan on doing it as often as possible, but it’s just not as important to me right now. This surprises me. I thought I’d want to jump right into a big race but not so much. I’m just going with it for now.

We’re really looking forward to Penny’s first Christmas. Everything is so special with this little baby, it is just so fun. I’m extremely grateful for her, and for Zach, and for everything in my life.

Finally, I am letting myself off the hook for updating this blog. I am not interested in giving it up, but I can’t promise I will update on any regular basis. (clearly) I know it’s fine, but I want to get it in writing so I can officially feel relieved of the obligation. I do miss writing here, but I just can’t swing it. I’ll do what I can!

This part is easy. Pictures!

IMG_4446 IMG_4234 IMG_4382 IMG_4397

Fetching our Christmas tree last weekend:

 DSC_0462 DSC_0482

Family Picture2

For those of you who are still subscribed and read, Thank You!! :) Merry Christmas!


Susan - Nurse on the Run said...

I still get excited when I see your posts in my reader, so please update when you can! I always see you as a down to Earth person and your perspective/outlook on training/life is something I like to hear...first with the Ironman and now with family life. And that little one is so, so cute.

Ewen said...

Thanks for the update Jen. She's really getting a personality now. Good choice with the stay at home mum. My sister-in-law stayed home with her kids until they went to school. They're great kids. Anyway, merry Christmas to you and the family and a happy 2012!

KK said...

I really understand and empathisize with everything you wrote about in this post. The cliche is true: motherhood is challenging, bu so worth it. And I too share your ambivalence for running these days. I love getting out with her in the jog stroller, but when it comes time for formal training, I'd rather sit around and play with her than lace up the ol' shoes. I guess running/competing has taken a backseat to what's truly important :). Funny how that happens.

She is gorgeous, Jen and I can see what a joy she is. She radiates in all the pictures you post. Congrats and Merry Christmas!!!