Wednesday, July 02, 2008


My first week of summer break (aka unemployment) is going great. The only downside is that the bad air quality of last week really caught up to me in the form of a hacking cough and a sore throat. The air is better now but it will probably take me a few more days to get over this. Kinda sucks because I feel motivated to do some hard training but my body won't allow it. I am sticking to my schedule but have been taking the pace very easy. I'm thinking of not participating in the 4th of July 5k as well. That's really an excuse though, albeit a good one, because the truth is that I know I won't run a blazing fast time and I don't see the point in paying $30 to prove I'm not in peak running shape. Especially since I already did pay the $65 or whatever for next weekend's half marathon, which I suspect will prove the same point.

Here's my slow but fun workouts for this week so far:

Monday noon: swim
2600 y/1:10:30
Master's with Zach (he took Monday and Tuesday off this week)

Monday afternoon: bike
15.5 miles/1:02:45/14.8 MPH
Cut this ride short because my throat hurt

Tuesday all day: bike
50.1 miles/3:44:50/13.3 MPH
Giant loop from Dublin through Castro Valley, then north past Lake Chabot and up to Moraga, then back home via Danville Blvd. Lots of climbing, gorgeous route, fun fun fun. Stopped for lunch in Danville. Here's a couple pictures:

Wednesday am: run
10.0 miles/1:34:29/9:27 average pace
throat feeling a little better, and legs feel great, but took it really easy anyway

Wednesday noon: swim
2800 y/1:00:00

One thing I've discovered is that swimming for an hour at noon gets me wicked tan. I gob on the sunscreen but I tan very easily anyway. I never burn, just get toasty brown. I kinda hate it, because usually I get a farmer's tan from running clothes. Swimsuit tan I can deal with. Plus, it goes well with my whole summer break thing.

Well I suppose I should do some chores, it's only fair since Zach is working all day. I should probably also look for a job. Yawn. Perhaps I will do those things after a nice nap.


*aron* said...

oh no i hope you feel better soon :( i HATE when you want to work hard and stupid sickness makes it so you cant. tuesday sounds like such an awesome day!! you guys covered A LOT of ground! ohhhh so jealous of the tanning, exercising, sleeping, etc :)

Arcane said...

Glad to see that the first week of the summer of Jen is going well. You can always swim topless to even out the tan... :)

KK said...

NICE that Zack took two days off to spend with you.

Sorry to read that the air quality isn't improving much, and I hope your throat gets better. Despite those buzzkills, you did get some major midweek workouts in! I can't seem to ever get off the computer/out of bed before 4pm which makes for very short weeekday workouts. I think I need you to move here to help motivate me (P.S. yes, I know how obnoxious I am, just thought I could get these comments in while there's still a chance you look for a job out here).

Good luck on the job front. I think you should put the URL of your blog on your resume. Once people see your killer work ethic, you will be hard sought after!

Gotta Run said...

did you ever think that you would bike 50 plus miles rather than drive it in a car??

Great job on the workouts and the tan :)

Nitmos said...

Many races...many, many days. Skip that 5k and get better and hit another some time along the way.

Michael said...

Hey Jen, thanks for checking in on me during the move...3,128 miles later, and we're settled in DC! Hope you're feeling better...and hope you had a GREAT nap!

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice week! So, did you do the 5K?

Bob Gentile said...

Read the post below about the next Jennifer adventure on the career front--WOO HOO ... Good attitude, enjoy ur summer workouts & Tan...I get tan really quick also, feeling kinda white lately so going to beach it a few days this week :-)

Train on my friend!

ncrunner12 said...

You are going to get in some sick shape on your "summer vacation." Awesome job, keep it up.